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ICON Newsletter #38 - Best of 2020 Edition

ICON Newsletter #38 - Best of 2020 Edition
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Key Highlights:
  • 61.2% of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019, and up again vs. last week.
  • Active weekly wallet activity was up week over week and monthly active wallet activity is up 18% vs. November. We expect these numbers to increase significantly over the next few months.
  • Unifi Protocol Integrates $ICX allowing ICONist to participate in the existing Unifi token economy
  • ICON is integrated into Orbit Bridge, developed by Ozys and the Orbit Chain, adding ETH assets to the ICON ecosystem
  • @helloiconworld included in the early batch of @Gemini‘s new Cryptopedia initiative (education portal)
  • JACKPOT HIT on @IconbetP! Over 450k $ICX (close to $200k USD) to the winner(s) of this massive HISTORY making JACKPOT!
  • Atomic Wallet launches staking for $ICX
  • ICON Pinas and Reliant Node launch 'Have a #MarvelousChristmas’ event!
Dear ICONists,
This is the last newsletter of 2020, and as we approach the holidays and the end of the year, we thought it would be good to take a look back at all of the accomplishments and reflect on the ICON ecosystem highlights throughout the year. Below are just a few, but it is clear that we have set the stage for foundational growth into the year ahead! Happy holidays, and see you again in 2021!
  • In the first ever newsletter we noted that: Korean citizens can easily download an app to purchase tokenized GOLD, which is powered by ICON’s private blockchain technology. We noted that Korea Gold Exchange desires to connect CENgold to ICON’s public blockchain. But, there are regulatory hurdles to overcome, in which we are are waiting and working to resolve. See more here.
  • A few weeks later: One of Korea’s top universities, POSTECH, issued #broof for diplomas and Saramin, Korea’s #1 HR recruiting company, signed a MoU with ICONLOOP to begin using #broof to verify and authenticate work and education certificates such as POSTECH diplomas. We had extremely positive feedback including national media coverage! See more here.
  • ICONLOOP makes headlines with Coindesk articles highlighting the increased scope of MyID and an update on blockchain-based voting with the Seoul Metro Government.
  • ICONLOOP continued to make national news in Korea. MTN covered #broof & VisitMe as blockchain services are seeing more and more interest due to COVID-19. 
  • ICON officially unveiled Loop Fault Tolerance 2.0 (LFT2), a new consensus algorithm that improves the performance of blockchains, after 3 years of research and development. LFT2 white paper is published on Github.
  • A revised IISS proposal passes through a Public Representative Vote, improving incentives for ecosystem stakeholders. See more here.
  • ICON Launches P-Rep Delegation Program to incentivize hardworking Public Representatives.
  • ICON releases Contribution Proposal System paper and partners with Ibriz for development and integration!
  • BTP 1.0, our interoperability technology, technical release launches. We detail this release here.
  • K-Growth Investment Corporation, one of Korea’s most prestigious funds, announced that it’s investing in ICONLOOP. ICONLOOP successfully raised of 6 billion KRW in a bridge round from some of the most well respected and influential investors in Korea including K-Growth and Kiwoom Investments!
  • ICON ($ICX) was named a Top 25 project by Flipside Crypto using their novel Fundamental Analysis tool (FCAS) based on user activity, developer behavior, and asset maturity.
  • ICONLOOP team announced two major MyID integrations. The first was a partnership with the Jeju Island government, Korea’s #1 tourist destination, to track and monitor COVID-19 cases. Jeju Island welcomes over 15 million tourists annually and every visitor will be required download the Zzeung app for certification and verification purposes.
  • The team also announced the first commercialized blockchain based KYC credential with Shinhan Bank, one of the largest banks in Korea.
  • ICONLOOP signed an agreement with SaraminHR to build a blockchain-based HR recruitment ecosystem. SaraminHR announced three (3) new features that utilizes the ICON public network to prevent credential forgery in the job recruitment and staffing industry.
  • ICON 2.o: BATANG is announced and will come standard with interoperability features to support and power cross-chain DeFi solutions (Mid-2021).
  • ZenSports, ICONbet, Project Nebula, STIN, BalancedDAO, OMM, ICONswap, ICONPOOL, Craft.Network, Lossless Lottery, FutureICX and many other projects make meaningful progress!
  • ICONFi accumulates over $25 million in indicated interest in its staking and saving product (release is expected in January 2021).
  • Lastly, there were many new exciting projects and integrations including: Orbit Chain, Conflux, REN, and others! We expect this trend to continue especially as BTP ramps up in 2021!
Thank you,
The ICON Team

Gemini's New Cryptopedia Initiative
$ICX was apart of one of the early batches of crypto projects listed on Gemini’s new education portal. These ICON educational materials encompass ICON’s technological innovation, and the efforts of the many ecosystem participants driving the utility of the ICON network.
This initiative has been underway since the first week of November when Tyler from Gemini reached out. We hope you enjoy the content and steer interested ICONists here!
It's an honor for @helloiconworld to be included in the early batch of @Gemini's new Cryptopedia initiative. Crypto education has always been one of our top priorities. Thank you @tyler for personally reaching out to me and letting us be a part of this.
$ETH assets coming to ICON
We are excited to announce that the Ozys P-Rep team is integrating ICON into the Orbit Bridge, a Proof of Authority interoperability protocol based out of South Korea. The Orbit Bridge integration has already been completed on ICON’s test net, with main net integration coming very soon.
The Ozys P-Rep team worked quickly and efficiently to integrate ICON into the Orbit Bridge and we look forward to continuing to work together toward the success of both projects.
This integration brings more value to the ICON Network, specifically the DeFi ecosystem. By integrating with Orbit Bridge, we will bring these assets to the ICON Network:
More assets in the ecosystem creates more opportunity for all of the builders on our network. For example, Open Money Market (OMM) plans to add some of these assets!
Omm Finance
More tokens on the ICON network soon! Does this mean more tokens can be listed on @ommfinance? Yes!

Which asset would you like to see on @ommfinance from this list? OMM token holders will get to decide!
We expect this trend to continue as we continue to add more bridges to our network including the launch of BTP in the summary! Be sure to check out Scott Smiley’s great thread on BTP below.
Scott Smiley
BTP is a unique and novel interoperability solution, and when we launch ICON 2.0 it's going to be a game-changer for our network.

$ICX #ICONProject
Ricky Dodds
More bridges and collaborations among protocols will continue to drive the economic expansion of the broader ecosystem. We're excited about this integration and expect many more in the coming year.

There will be many blockchains, but we're all on the same team 🤝
The Fintech Times
ICON Network Expands Its DeFi Ecosystem via Orbit Bridge Integration Ricky Dodds, Strategy and Communications Lead @helloiconworld tells us why he is excited.
Unifi Integrates $ICX
uTrade, the trading platform built using Unifi Protocol smart contracts, is now live on ICON!
Recall, the Unifi Protocol received a development grant from the ICON Foundation in recognition of the value it will bring to the blockchain as the first DeFi platform on ICON. Having already successfully launched on 5 other blockchains including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, the Unifi roadmap includes launching on ICON next, with more blockchains in development.
Unifi Protocol
Another blockchain joins the #Unifi community!

#uTrade is now live on @helloiconworld 🎉

Start trading and earn bonus $SEED rewards.
Start depositing liquidity and mine $UP

Other ecosystem highlights
ICONbet Community P-Rep
BOOM!!!! JACKPOT HIT!!! Over 450k icx (Close to $200k usd) to the winner(s) of this massive HISTORY making JACKPOT!!!!! #icx $icx #icon @ICONbetofficial @minhokim @helloiconworld @benny_options @davidgokhshtein #HISTORY
Wendy O Longs Electricity Dollars
Today on @The_O_Show_ I sat down with @AgilePeter to talk entrepreneurship, @emritio, his love for @helloiconworld and @PREP_ICONPLUS

Catch the full interview here for some great insider info!
Project Nebula
📢Weekend #NFT giveaway #2

The next one up is a Rare Gas Giant called Erdhenne -

RT and follow @ProjectNebula_ and @ICONForge to win Erdhenne to your collection!
#PlanetGiveaway #ICON $ICX
Welcome to @ICONFiWorld!

The All-in-One Digital Assets Platform for everyone!

➡️Earn 3.5% up to 10% interest on top of your Savings
➡️Supporting #ETH, #BTC, #ICX & #USDT
➡️Simplified $ICX Staking & Auto Restaking

Launch set for Dec 2020

20% fixed term APY for early birds! 🥳
ICONists, We are excited to announce that Contribution Proposal System for @helloiconworld is almost ready. Currently, it's in final testing phase on testnet. We are grateful to the ICON team for selecting iBriz as one of the developers for this project. Here's the sneek peek:
The family keeps growing! 🤗

Starting Monday, Decemeber 14, 2020, daily $SEED rewards will be distributed on @helloiconworld

The rewards structure will be just a little bit different, so make sure to check out this article which covers everything.
Now #ICON staking is available on iOS & Android! 🔥

We have Atomic's P-Rep with 500K+ delegated $ICX to support @helloiconworld! You can vote for our validator or for any other.

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