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ICON Newsletter #37 - China Government Mentioned ICON. BEWARE OF SCAMS!

ICON Newsletter #37 - China Government Mentioned ICON. BEWARE OF SCAMS!
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Key Highlights:
  • 61.0% of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019, and up vs. last week.
  • Active weekly wallet activity fell off a bit, but Active monthly wallet activity has grown nearly 5%. As mentioned, we believe this will increase as many new use-cases for $ICX go live in the coming months.
  • ICONFi, a new crypto staking-and-earn service, is gaining strong momentum with over $20M in capital commitment in one week.
  • Craft Network, a new NFT marketplace, is coming to ICON.
  • DAOcolors, a new game on ICONbet, has officially launched.
  • POSTECH University announces a new gift certificate dApp to be used by their administration office.
  • FutureICX rebrands to EPICX
  • Hotbit Korea lists $ICX
  • ICON Foundation joins as Orbit Bridge Validator
  • ICON Tech Development Roadmap Updated for November
  • i_rep officially lowered to 10,000 with P-Rep approval
Dear ICONists,
Recently, we’ve been notified that ICON was mentioned all over the news in China. Here is the link to one of the articles.
Shanghai branch of the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center made an official statement regarding the risks associated with digital currencies.
“…the risks of digital currencies still require attention. Digital currency trading modes such as ICON and SKO are extremely hot, causing risks such as fraud and project runaways.”
We’ve learned that the ICON project is becoming very popular in China which has resulted in countless scam websites such as this one ( to pop up. We’re writing about this topic for a couple of reasons:
  1. We’ve been contacted by many media reporters asking if ICON is a scam. No, ICON is not a scam. We believe ICON has become one of the most popular projects in China due to our strong track record over the years. We need help from our Chinese community members to help straighten any misinformation that may be out there. Please report any links to misinformation about the ICON project if you see any.
  2. It feels like 2017 all over again with so many scam websites popping up. We want our community to be aware that the ICON Foundation never asks you to send crypto or for your private information. Please report any scam sites if you see any.
Please stay safe! Beware of scams. Let’s help our community members stay informed.
Thank you,
The ICON Team

ICONFi surpasses $20M+ in capital commitment
The ICON community is very excited about the upcoming launch of ICONFi. In just one week, ICONFi has surpassed $20 million in capital commitment. This is super IMPRESSIVE!
ICONFi is currently running a Launch Promotion providing 20% APY on BTC, ETH, and USDT deposits for 7 days. Only pre-sign ups are eligible. Check it out on
ICONFi - Make Crypto Simple
NFT Marketplace Craft Network coming to ICON
According to @2infiniti, one of Craft Network developers:
NFTs represent unique ownership of digital or physical assets that are distinguishable and non-fungible. A diverse universe of assets can be represented by NFTs, including physical properties and virtual assets.
Craft Network is a DAO based NFT ecosystem. We also want the community to own this, so this will be a DAO. As token holders, the community will get to decide development decisions, funding allocation, and to feature stupid NFT memes or Picassos, the choice is in community’s hands.
What’s next for NFTs? “Create a new vending machine for every bottle of Mountain Dew” This is IRC-3 in its current form & it isn’t scalable. We want a standard that allows minting of new tokens, fungible or non-fungible, using the same smart contract. Let’s build that! #IRC30
Staky | ICON P-Rep (ex Sharpn)
👋 Hello ICONist,

We're glad to unveil our upcoming project in collaboration with @IcxStation 🚀 will be an NFT marketplace running on $ICX allowing you to trade&mint NFT such as artworks, domains, and more!

💎 It will use a native ICX token: $CFT
DAOcolors game launched on ICONbet
According to ICON Pinas, Colors is one of the most popular games in the Philippines. Now here’s the world’s (unconfirmed) first crypto version of the game DAOcolors on ICONbet.
DAOcolors is a very simple game to learn. It’s so easy that it’s probably faster to learn by playing than us trying to explain the game with words.
As a reminder, please play responsibly and abide by the laws of your local jurisdiction.
DAOcolors is now available to play on!!! 🚀🚀🚀

- The DAOcolors' devs have also decided to donate 10% of the profits from DAOcolors for an entire week to help those in the Philippines who were affected by the hurricane ❤️
New ICON dApp coming to POSTECH University
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is one of the top-ranked universities in Korea, Asia, and the world. POSTECH has been an early supporter of the ICON public blockchain project including issuing college diplomas with #BROOF.
POSTECH’s Crypto-blockchain Research Center has joined the ICON Network as a P-Rep. And, they are also working on a new dApp to be used by the university.
We’re incredibly grateful to have such strong support from POSTECH. We hope the ICON community can show some love for the university in return for your vote.
Crypto-blockchain Research Center at POSTECH University has joined the ICON Network as a P-Rep. They plan to launch a gift certificate DAPP used by the university administration.

More REAL WORLD use cases coming to ICON.
FutureICX is now EPICX
FutureICX team announced that the trading game is rebranding to EPICX. Along with the rebranding, they also announced new exciting features to be added including a dividend system using a new ICON-based token and social interaction pages.
Read the full announcement here.
Hey guys! Long time no see! Although we have experienced a few difficulties lately, we are back on track with a lot of exciting stuff coming in the next two months!

Check out our new progress report for an update of what we have been working on!
ICON Daily Transactions vs. Peers
Everstake’s @marcfcee summarizes ICON network’s daily transactions vs. Tezos and Cosmos. This is to point out that ICON’s transactions are comparable to other in the industry.
Of course, there’s much room to improve. As more projects continue to launch and gain traction on ICON (some mentioned above and every couple weeks in this newsletter), the numbers can only grow from here.
Marc Cee ⚡️ | Everstake P-Rep
Why is network activity relevant?

An active network is a healthy network is a valuable network. 🌐

The more people use it, the more it is worth – the more it is worth, the more people use it. 🤓

$ICX #ICONProject
ICON Foundation joins as Orbit Bridge Validator
ICON Foundation has decided to join as a Bridge Validator for Orbit Chain. We’ve been working closely with the the team behind Orbit Chain for some time now and we believe this is the logical next step to bring the two projects even closer. We’ll share what we’ve been working on very soon!
Welcoming New Orbit Bridge Validator: ICON | by OrbitChain | Orbit Chain | Nov, 2020 | Medium
Hotbit Korea lists $ICX
Global exchanges continue to list $ICX. The latest is Hotbit Korea. We believe this is an indication that $ICX continues be in demand in South Korea.
#ICX will be listed on HOTBIT KOREA #KRW market on Dec 3th at 3PM.

#ICX aims to provide a #hybrid #blockchain platform where disparate blockchains can share value and data seamlessly.

#hotbitkorea #ICX #icon
ICON Tech Development Roadmap Update
We’re getting ready to finish off the year strong with Revision 12 update on Testnet. Revision 12 will be the final update prior to ICON 2.0 migration, which is in progress in parallel. ICON 2.0 migration is coming along very smoothly. Stay tuned for more updates on the migration process.
In addition, the much awaited Contributed Proposal System (CPS) is expected to launch soon.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — November 2020 | by ICON Foundation
Lower Inflation Rate APPROVED!
ICON Main P-Reps have approved to lower i_rep to 10,000 which was proposed by the ICX Station P-rep team. This results in creating less new $ICX supply in the network for the future.
ICX Station
ICX Station has just proposed to lower i_rep to the minimum of 10,000. Please submit your vote prior to the end of the term.
Contribution Proposal System (CPS) almost here!
The much-awaited Contribution Proposal System (CPS) is almost here! CPS may be one of the greatest experiments in the crypto/blockchain industry. The CPS is part of the ICON Republic DAO Governance. The CPS manages funds from block rewards through grants to worthy projects. Can P-Reps work together to fund projects that will drive growth for the ICON Ecosystem? We’ll wait and see.
Scott Smiley
I love the #ICONProject community. Never have I been part of a community with so much passion, and the upcoming Contribution Proposal System presents the opportunity to harness and focus that passion on initiatives that benefit us all.

ICONPLUS announces ICON Q&As
Have questions about what’s happening in the ICON ecosystem? Send your questions to the ICONPLUS team and they’ll find the answers.
This is a very interactive and professional way to get the community involved with the ICON project. We hope this continues to shed light on the amazing things going on in our ecosystem!
We are pleased to announce our new regular segment:

#ICON Q&As! 🥳

Send us a DM if you would like your #ICX question to be featured on the ICONPLUS channel! ✍️

ICON DAO continues to get Vietnam University students involved with ICON
ICON DAO - P-Rep For ICON Network
We love seeing pictures of our hardworking Vietnam National University students.

One of our proudest accomplishments for #ICONProject to date. Moulding young bright engineering minds to become future ICON developers.
$icx #ICONSpartans #ICONists
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