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ICON Newsletter #36 - ICONFi is Coming & Ecosystem Partnerships!

ICON Newsletter #36 - ICONFi is Coming & Ecosystem Partnerships!
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Key Highlights:
  • 60.7% of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019, and up vs. last week despite strong market performance.
  • Active weekly wallet activity grew 15% and hit levels we haven’t seen since September. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we believe this will increase as many new use-cases for $ICX go live in the coming months.
  • ICON Foundation announced an update to the Grant Program, which is effective starting December 1st.
  • Total P-Reps increased to 137, up from 132 two weeks ago. These additions include Danal Fintech, POSTECH, Band Protocol, Atomic Wallet, and Iconpool.
  • ICON announced a deeper collaboration with Band Protocol to align incentives - see more info below.
  • A network vote to lower i_rep expected this week. Check out the details here.
  • ICONFi, a new crypto staking-and-earn service built for beginners, is coming in December. The platform will, among other features, provide staking and earn support for additional digital assets.
  • Call to the $ICX community: Please join in the governance discussions on the forum where we are discussing IISS 3.1 among other important topics regarding the future of the ICON ecosystem. Better participation = better outcome.
Greetings ICONists,
It’s been a busy two weeks since our last newsletter, and we have many exciting things to recap. First, we added five (5) new P-Reps to our network! We’re now at 137, and we expect this number to grow ahead of the ICON 2.0 release. Additionally to more P-Reps, we’re excited about adding relayer nodes to our architecture and for those to come online in 2021. Second, we announced a deeper collaboration with Band Protocol where we will be running validators on our respective network. Band has been a great partner thus far and is already used by several ICON Dapps. Lastly, we announced a new ICON grant update which we’re excited to launch in tandem with the CPS next month.
There is one thing to note on the new grant format that we would like to address. We’ve seen some confusion on the wording in the initial release that has led some to believe that the Foundation is no longer interested in or focused on community building, education content/materials, branding, marketing, and PR. That’s simply not the case. As always, we are continually looking for ways to improve the growth of our network, and we know those activities drive engagement with our platform and technology and ultimately act as a funnel for adding new stakeholders into our ecosystem. So yes, we will be putting resources into those efforts. We just won’t be accepting public-facing community-based applications for grants for these efforts (like we’ve done up until this point on the forum). We believe the CPS will catalyze these community-driven efforts.
We cover this and many more exciting developments on ICON below!
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

Danal Fintech Joins ICON Ecosystem
We are very excited to welcome Danal Fintech, a subsidiary of Danal, one of Korea’s largest payment companies, to our ecosystem. As part of this announcement, Danal Fintech will integrate $ICX into @payprotocol, its global payments, and remittance app. This will allow Paycoin’s 750,000+ users to pay in $ICX at any of Danal’s 60,000 merchant partners, including @7eleven, @kfc, and @dominos. Additionally, Danal Fintech will join the ICON ecosystem as a P-Rep!
Danal Fintech is joining @helloiconworld network by participating in the #ICON P-Rep. We will support swap between $PCI and $ICX in #Paycoin App, enabling ICX holders to use as payment in more than 60,000 Paycoin merchants.

We look forward for this collaboration!
“With PayPal recently announcing its plans to support crypto, we’re starting to see major acceleration in crypto adoption by payment apps and fintech co.'s in Asia. Now w Paycoin, it’s easier than ever for ppl to buy and spend their ICX at thousands of Danal’s merchant partners."
ICON and Band Protocol Announce Deeper Collaboration
We are excited to announce deeper collaboration with @BandProtocol. Read more below!

#ICX #ICONProject
ICON announced additional collaboration with Band Protocol to operate validator nodes on each other’s networks. With this deeper collaboration, we align ourselves with the long-term success of both of our ecosystems.
“We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Band Protocol. Their secure decentralized technology has been meaningful for our community developers and their team has proven their ability to execute in production environment for many DApps on ICON. We look forward to working together for the long term” - Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member
More P-Rep Additions! You see a TREND??
In addition to Danal Fintech and Band Protocol joining the ICON ecosystem as P-Reps, we also welcomed many others including Iconpool, Atomic Wallet, and POSTECH, Korea’s leading technology university!
Our $ICX P-Rep node is running to accept voters. Very soon #ICON will be available for staking in Atomic! 🚀 @helloiconworld
We are pleased to announce that ICONPOOL has joined as a Community P-rep to participate in the governance of the ICON Ecosystem. 🎉🎉🎇🎉🗳️

Our goal is to help build the defi ecosystem and other dapps on the ICON network. 💵💰

We expect this trend to continue as we expand our growing ecosystem in Korea and abroad.
Re-designing the ICON Foundation Grant Program
The current ICON Community Grant Program will transition to the Contribution Proposal System (CPS), a decentralized on-chain grant program collectively managed by the Public Representatives (“P-Reps”) of the ICON network. Therefore, we will no longer accept new proposals for the ICON Community Grant Program beginning December 1, 2020.
Under the new grant program, the following proposals are considered eligible:
  1. Request-For-Proposal (RFP). From time to time, the ICON Foundation will provide RFPs for anyone to compete for. Or, we may provide RFPs to specific third parties who we believe are best suited for the projects that we would like to pursue.
  2. Rejected CPS Proposals for Infrastructure & Core Development. We strongly believe that more good infrastructure and core development projects will help better position the ICON network for long-term growth. To avoid duplicate grant approval, we would only consider projects that were rejected by the CPS process.
  3. Rejected CPS Proposals with a Business Model. We want to see more existing and new businesses utilize the ICON network. The ICON Foundation would like to help boost some of these initiatives. Again, to avoid duplicate grant approval, we would only consider projects that were rejected by the CPS process.
NOTE: The new ICON Foundation Grant Program will complement the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) to continue funding projects that benefit the ICON Community.
Here is a sneak peak of the CPS which we expect to launch next month provided by Scott Smiley. Check it out below!
Scott Smiley
UI not quite done yet, but getting closer. Can't wait to release the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) to the #ICONProject community. @iconosphereprep has been excellent to work with 💪

#Governance $ICX
ICON Vote gets a revamp
ICX Station
Who is ready to use @ICONvote to proactively communicate with the community? We are very excited to use it for the anticipated CPS!

Comment below with interesting use cases of ICON Vote and the winner with most likes will get 200 $ICX from @IcxStation
ICX Station announced that the ICON Vote revamp has been completed with the support of the Parrot 9 team and a community developer. ICON Vote went through the beta testing phase, collected feedback from community members, and is ready to be utilized by P-reps and community members of the ICON ecosystem for more active governance.
Here are a few major updates since the beta release:
  1. P-reps can create a proposal that is specific to community members who voted for a specific P-rep or general community members who voted for any P-rep with their staked ICX
  2. New About Page
  3. Enhanced user experience/design
And here is an example of the newly revamped ICON Vote in action!
ICONbet Community P-Rep
100% APPROVED!! Our latest P-rep Rewards Proposal has been approved by the ICX holders who have voted for ICONbet P-rep!! Thank you all for participating and we look forward to a great eoy and 2021!!! $icx #icx #icon #vote #Prep #tap #iconbet #rewards
ICONFi is here and more coming soon
ICONFi launches a easy-to-use EARN and STAKING product 
ICONFi launches a simple solution for staking ICON’s cryptocurrency, $ICX, and allows users to earn yields on other assets including BTC, ETH, and USDT.
ICONFi helps crypto newcomers grow their investments with a simple, secure, low-friction service. ICONFi’s features include one-click staking for rewards and automated claiming and re-staking.
ICON Blockchain Network Launches ICONFi, A New Crypto Staking-and-Earn Service Built for Beginners
We are all also anxiously awaiting the arrival of BalancedDAO, OMM, Iconpool and others! Check out Daeki Lee discussing the state of ICON’s Defi in the interview below. It’s definitely worth your time!
Layah Heilpern 🎬
We are LIVE with @Nicholas_Merten, @DaekiLee1, @Mashinsky and @DeFi_Dad to discuss the current state and future of #DeFi! Join us now and learn from our experts. Q&A and lots of give away prices to be won! You sure don't want to miss this!
Additionally, for a general update on ICON, check out this latest live AMA with Min Kim! See below:
Other Ecosystem Highlights
🍾🍾🍾 Congrats to @RickyLeeDodds being selected as one of the “Best Marketers in Blockchain” by @flipsidecrypto.
Sesameseed launches test node on @helloiconworld in preparation for its integration of the $SEED rewards economy.

Learn how you can help during this test phase and accelerate the path to earning #SEED and adding $ICX to its redeem value.
ICONLOOP Consortium&Gangwon-do, Pilot operation of a blockchain-based Gangwon-do chronic disease integrated management platform
MyID Alliance Newsletter (Nov)
Introducing the latest news and new partners of MyID, which is expanding its use to a wide range of applications such as financial identity, Jeju relief code, and an integrated platform for chronic diseases in Gangwon.
If you are curious about ICONLOOP's presentation at the 'Tech B Conference-Daily Blockchain Killer Service 2021' hosted by TechM yesterday?

Check it out now
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