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ICON Newsletter #35 - PRE-SALE SOLD OUT!!! Project Nebula's 99 Planet NFTs Fly Off Virtual Shelves

ICON Newsletter #35 - PRE-SALE SOLD OUT!!! Project Nebula's 99 Planet NFTs Fly Off Virtual Shelves
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #35 • View online
Key Highlights:
  • 60.7%+ of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. As mentioned, this continues to show long-term confidence in $ICX.
  • Weekly wallet growth remains consistent and we believe this will soon begin to increase as many new use-cases for $ICX go live in the coming months (some covered in this newsletter).
  • Healthy signs of community activity with Forum Total Posts/Comments noticeably increasing recently (+5% in the past couple of weeks).
  • Project Nebula, a new NFT game, kicks off with a BANG with 99 planet NFTs selling out in 4 minutes. The first planet sells for 5,009 ICX.
  • The STIN – Styrian Gin Distiller’s Cut is finally available to order. Special limited 999 bottles can be verified for authenticity on the ICON network.
  • ICONbet’s DAOlottery jackpot surpasses 100,000 ICX. Wow!
  • New $ICX listing on Exchange.
  • Gangnam Testnet goes live + October Roadmap Update
  • ICONLOOP’s Jeju Island project gets featured on VentureBeat.
  • ICON appears on Korean government’s NIPA Survey.
  • Lots and lots of ICON videos and podcasts.
Greetings ICONists,
I don’t know about you, but it feels like we’re starting to enter a new phase for the ICON project. First, ICONLOOP’s digital identity product ‘Zzeung’ is starting to hit its stride with approximately 50,000 KYC-ed accounts with Shinhan Bank partnership alone in less than a month. And, of course, the Jeju Island project is progressing smoothly towards its official launch this month.
In related news, Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong announced a $5 billion government investment plan focused on developing blockchain and IoT technologies. And, South Korea passed the bill to regulate cryptocurrency in line with FATF standards. The future of crypto and blockchain is looking brighter than ever for South Korea, ICON, and ICONLOOP with clear regulatory guidance.
Most importantly, as mentioned many times before, ICON is no longer solely driven by ICON Foundation or ICONLOOP. The future of ICON depends on the work of P-Reps and other contributors to the network and we’re excited to see this happening today. We’re anticipating new DeFi projects including BalancedDAO and OMM. And, we’re excited to see other projects such as Nebula, STIN, and others launching on the ICON network.
Thank you for your continued support for the ICON project. We’re pleased to have you on this incredible journey with us.
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

Project Nebula planets SOLD OUT!!!
Project Nebula
😱 What just happened ?!

The first 99 planet NFTs were sold out in 4 minutes.

The Legendary Dust Planet Edres auction is still live though -

Next week new planets will be added to the Marketplace ;)
Project Nebula project is yet to be completed. They launched a pre-sale of its NFT planets at the end of October and ALL 99 planet NFTs were sold out in 4 minutes. The very first planet sold for 5009 ICX (~USD$1750)!!! Don’t worry if you missed out because you can still bid for other planets in the Marketplace.
The game is expected to be completed in March 2021. Players can discover and collect unique planets, artifacts, and more in an ever-expanding gameplay universe. We’re all looking forward to this!
If you’d like to support this project, be sure to VOTE for ICON Forge P-Rep team.
STIN now available to order
If you missed out on Elon Musk’s Teslaquila last week, don’t fret. STIN is now available (in select countries) for order on this cool website.
The STIN – Styrian Gin Distiller’s Cut is an exceptional and intense distillate, with a special spicy note and is produced in limited quantities. Only 999 bottles will be available.
STIN uses an Infineon powered contactless crypto-chip which has a uniquely created public-private keypair stored on it. In the labeling process, this chip is implemented carefully by hand on the bottle in a way that can’t be manipulated afterwards.
Due to the signature of the chip, anybody can check the limited edition of 999 bottles on a public blockchain. The list which includes all bottles ever produced is stored securely on the ICON blockchain.
If you’d like to support this project, be sure to VOTE for Block 42 P-Rep team.
STIN distiller's cut is now available!

Only 999 bottles of this limited edition gin were created, the scarcity of the bottles is secured by the ICON network's blockchain technology.

Get yours:

$ICX #ICON @helloiconworld #block42 #SupplyChain
DAOlottery Jackpot surpasses 100,000 ICX
Just within a few months, ICONbet’s DAOlottery Jackpot size has surpassed 100,000 ICX. But, the jackpot has been getting bigger and faster. We bet it’ll hit 200,000 ICX in a couple of weeks unless someone wins it.
ICONbet currently has 6 games (DAObaccarat, DAOlevels, DAOlette, DAOlottery, DAOdice, DAOblackjack) with 3 more games in the pipeline (DAOcolors, DAOwar, DAOholdem). What is impressive is that all this is happening through community contribution only through a DAO governance process.
Please play responsibility and follow gaming and tax laws of your local jurisdiction.
ICONbet Community P-Rep
Over 100,000 icx JACKPOT!!! If you are an icx holder or not you would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity!!! Only 3 icx/ticket (90c usd) for a chance at over $30,000 usd (Over $1.2m usd at ATH)!!🤯🤯🤯 Come play at ICONbet or through Telegram for a chance at HISTORY!! $icx
More awesome projects are cooking...
More P-Reps are cooking something behind the scenes. It looks like Sharpn P-Rep team is rebranding itself and working on something new in the NFT space. Previously, they worked on (education) and FutureICX (prediction market trading game).
Sharpn | ICON P-Rep
👋 Hello ICONist,

We're going to announce a lot of things in the coming weeks!

📌 New contributions plans for $ICX
📌 Total Sharpn rebranding
📌 New product for ICONist!

Stay tuned 🚀#ICONProject
DEMOS P-Rep team appears to be cooking up something around NFTs as well. NFTs are HOTTT on ICON these days with many teams whipping up projects in this space.
If you are a developer interested in NFTs, check our ICON’s IRC3 token standard on Github.
ディブロック - Deblock
DEMOS is pleased to announce the theme for Idea Challenge 2020: NFT. The problem statement will be revealed next week! For information regarding ICON’s NFT standard, IRC-3, please refer to

We know ICON DAO P-Rep team is always hustling to contribute to the ICON network. Check out the team photo below. No, this is not the ICON Foundation or ICONLOOP employees. This photo evidence that ICON has grown beyond the core teams.
ICON DAO team runs Moim forum, a community hub for DAO collaboration and management. Moim is another great way to learn and get involved with ICON.
ICON DAO - P-Rep Candidate
Greetings from the ICONDAO P-Rep Team in Seoul💙

Thank you for your support as we work with @helloiconworld to build a stronger community for #ICONProject.

We are motivated by our voters & have more developments in store for #ICON ➡️
#knowyourprep $icx
ICX Listings continues on new exchanges
ICX is now listed on Exchange. What’s impressive is that ICX continues to organically get listed on new exchanges. We expect to see this trend continue in the near future. Exchange
🎉 We are excited to share the news that @helloiconworld #ICX is getting listed!
Trade $ICX / $BTC and $ICX / $USDT on our exchange! 🎊
Gangnam Testnet is LIVE
We’re another step closer to completing the ICON 2.0: BATANG migration. Gangnam Testnet is powered by Golang version of ICON Blockchain Engine called Goloop.
Gangnam Testnet Opens (ICON 2.0). Java SCORE Guidelines | Oct, 2020 | Medium
October Tech Roadmap update
Check out our full tech roadmap update. Remember that we publish these reports at the end of every month. There’s so much happening behind the scenes, so be sure to check this out.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — October 2020 | Oct, 2020 | Medium
Jeju Island project is featured on VentureBeat
“South Korea’s Jeju Island has begun rolling out a blockchain-based contact tracing system for tourists. Visitors will be required to download a mobile app upon arrival and issued a blockchain-based “credential” to identify themselves when visiting tourist destinations.” 
Check out the full article via link below.
Decentralized identity: The key to the digital era? | VentureBeat
ICON appears on Korean Government Survey
ICON is the largest blockchain project in Korea by market capitalization. ICON is also the only native blockchain technology in Korea built from ground up (not forked). So, it’s great to see some recognition from Korea’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) on its latest blockchain survey.
NIPA Korean gov’t survey sent out to all blockchain projects asks, “Which platform are you using or considering for mainnet?”

1. Ethereum
2. Hyperledger Fabric
3. EOS
4. ICON <= 😎😎😎
5. Self-developed
6. Other

ICON Videos & Podcasts BLITZ
In the past 2 week, ICON’s been crushing it in reaching existing and new audiences. We have seen more videos and podcasts than ever before from both the ICON team and P-Reps. Thank you for all the strong efforts.
Tech Talk Daily
Speaker: Min Kim, the founder of ICON project
Neil C. Hughes
Tech Talks Daily Podcast: @minhokim founder of the ICON Project joins me in a conversation about connecting blockchain to the real world and all things @helloiconworld #Icon $ICX
LunarCRUSH Live
Speakers: Daeki Lee (ICX Station), Scott Smiley (ICX Station), Markus Jun (ICON Hyperconnect), Corey Costa (ICON Midos)
The O Show with Crypto Wendy (ICONPLUS)
Speaker: Ricky Dodds, ICON Project Head of Strategy & Communication
SUPER BULLISH - All you need to know about ICON going global
SUPER BULLISH - All you need to know about ICON going global
The Layah Heilpern Show (ICONPLUS)
Speaker: Henry Lee, ICONLOOP Head of Strategy
Korean Blockchain-based Driving Licenses and Seoul Citizen Card 2022 are coming to ICON!
Korean Blockchain-based Driving Licenses and Seoul Citizen Card 2022 are coming to ICON!
Gokhshtein Unfiltered
Speaker: Corey Costa (Midos)
ICON Pinas: ICX News Ngayon
Speakers: Jenny
ICX News Ngayon Episode 20: ICON Contribution Proposal System (CPS) Is Coming Very Soon!
ICX News Ngayon Episode 20: ICON Contribution Proposal System (CPS) Is Coming Very Soon!
Coming Soon: The Future of Decentralised Finance (ICONPLUS)
Speaker: Daeki Lee (ICX Station)
Date/Time: Nov 16 @12PM EST
Excited to have #ICON Head of Ecosystem @DaekiLee1 as one of our panelists at the Future of #DeFi!

Join us Nov 16 @ 12PM EST on Twitter to learn about DeFi on #ICX & his insights on the DeFi market.

Q&A & LIVE (money) Give-Aways! 🥳

Save the date! ⬇️
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