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ICON Newsletter #34 - Get Out and VOTE!

ICON Newsletter #34 - Get Out and VOTE!
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Key Highlights:
  • 60%+ of the circulating supply remains staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. This continues to show long-term confidence in $ICX.
  • Weekly wallet growth remains consistent but we believe this will increase as many new use-cases for $ICX go live in the coming months.
  • ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace announced the launch of funding, betting, and trading in $ICX.
  • BalancedDAO releases 3Q report including releasing smart contracts on testnet.
  • Project Nebula pre-sale starts soon. Follow the project here.
  • ICONLOOP developed MyID ‘Zzeung’ was the #2 financial app and #5 app overall for iOS in Korea within one month of launching.
  • KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) introduced ‘Jeju Relief Code’, a Jeju tourism quarantine system created by ICONLOOP and Jeju.
  • Attention Community! Join in the governance discussions on the forum where we are discussing IISS 3.1 among other important topics regarding the future of the ecosystem.
Greetings ICONists,
Getting out and VOTING is the overwhelming theme around the US these days. So make sure you are doing your part on November 3rd (if you’re in the US) and regularly for the ICON network, as voting for Public Representatives is a key part of our DPoS governance design.

Remember to VOTE! For U.S. elections and ICON P-Reps. Both directly impacts your financial future for better or worse.
Expanding on that point, the release of ICON 2.0 is a chance to simplify our economic and governance designs. With the 2.0 release around the corner, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to build an easier to understand design framework for all of our ecosystem participants. 
Scott Smiley has started the conversation, and we hope to get even more participation from the community as more and more topics arise. The Forum is where your thoughts and ideas, and even your concerns are heard and acted on. And we firmly believe that an engaged community is a strong community. So please take the opportunity to join in! 
Scott Smiley
I have just posted the proposed structure of IISS 3.1, please take a look at this and other topics and leave comments if you are interested in helping shape the future of the #ICONProject!

#Governance $ICX
More to come on this soon. Until next time, stake ICON.
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member
MyID 'Zzeung' Climbing the Charts
ICONLOOP developed Blockchain DID, MyID 'Zzeung' Is #2 financial app and #14 app overall for iOS in Korea within about a month of launching.
The ranking of Zzeung has continuously increased and is currently ranked #5 app overall for iOS in Korea.
Recently, @mincircle6 highlighted the ranking for the Zzeung app in iOS store Korea. If you’re looking for the latest and up-to-date details on ICONLOOPs products, please follow him!
Today, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) introduced 'Jeju Relief Code', a Jeju tourism quarantine system created by ICONLOOP and Jeju.
The Jeju tourism quarantine system is being prepared in earnest.
Zzeung is in the early stages of adoption and we are looking forward to following its progress as more MyID partners roll out use-cases.
And it’s great to see the efforts being showcased by the leading media companies in Korea.
Markus | P-Rep ICON Hyperconnect
ICONLOOP x Jeju featured on KBS. KBS is Korea's largest broadcaster. @Helloiconworld $ICX.
ZenSports launches $ICX support
ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets in any legal markets without the need for a centralized bookmaker, just announced the launch of funding, betting, and trading in $ICX.
ZenSports Launches ICX Funding, Betting, and Trading
This comes after ZenSports recently raised $1.4 million in additional funding from leading Tech investors. Many exciting things for Zensports to come!
BalancedDAO 3Q update
Balanced is excited to share our Q3 progress report!

✅ sICX token contract on testnet
✅ Balance token contract on testnet
✅ ICON Dollar token contract on testnet
✅ Staking Management contract on testnet
✅ Loans contract on testnet

#DeFi $ICX
The proof of concept includes 4 smart contracts deployed on the ICON testnet:
This proof of concept allows developers to test out the process of depositing ICX into the staking management contract to receive sICX, and deposit the sICX into the loans contract to be used as collateral to borrow ICD. You can see the contract code on GitHub.
The team expects all contracts in audit and on testnet by the end of Q4.
Other Ecosystem Highlights
Markus | P-Rep ICON Hyperconnect
ICONLOOP & Kosin Hospital will create a @Helloiconworld MyID ecosystem for Busan Echo Delta Smart City.

This 11.77㎢ project is led by the Busan Govt, K-Water & Busan Metropolitan Corporation (all govt entities).

ICONLOOP is also working with Seoul & Pohang City. $ICX.
Project Nebula
We’re getting close to the end of our planet NFT giveaway!

The penultimate planet to find a new owner is this Rare Gas Giant Nargun which also features collectable art.

Retweet and follow to add this vaporous world to your collection!
#PlanetGiveaway #NFT
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