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ICON Newsletter #33 - Three Years And Going Strong!

ICON Newsletter #33 - Three Years And Going Strong!
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Key Highlights:
  • 60%+ of the circulating supply is staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. We have now officially surpassed the 60% milestone, and we believe that this upward trend continues to show long-term confidence in $ICX.
  • The latest ICON Tech Roadmap Update is released. For those of you who may not be aware, we publish an update every month.
  • ZenSports, one of the first ICON DApps, adds $ICX to its sports betting platform.
  • Omm Finance, a new DeFi project on ICON, is announced by ICX Station, iBriz, and Parrot9 P-Rep teams.
  • ICONSwap launches a new website with a new look. This is a collaboration between Reliant Node and ICONation P-Rep teams.
  • ICONLOOP’s VisitMe continues to thrive, surpassing 200,000 users.

The $ICX non circulating supply has been decreasing by the day and once #ICON's transactions start picking up you can only imagine what it will do to the price! 🚀📈
Dear ICONists,
3Q 2020 is officially in the books. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve this quarter. Crypto is arguably one of the most brutally fast-paced, dynamic industries today. The volatility, unpredictability, and the monumental risks associated with cutting-edge technology and regulation are a few of the reasons why we truly appreciate everyone that is involved with the ICON project. The ICON public blockchain network continues to improve day by day, and everyone from our core team to the P-Reps and the community is what makes ICON a unique project.
As mentioned above and for a while now, more and more people have been staking $ICX every week. We believe this shows our community’s strong faith and support for the ICON network for the long term. In addition, we’re proud that the community is working together to spread votes more and more. The below chart shows the analysis by the Transcranial Solutions P-Rep team. We absolutely love this trend, but it’s not enough. WE NEED MORE VOTE SPREADING.
Transcranial Solutions || P-Rep for ICON (ICX)
#ICONinNumbers #13 (week 38-2020)

📊 Votes & Voters

🌐 ICON Network
🔺 1,268,310 votes (+0.41%)
🔺 105 voters (+0.86%)

⚒️ P-Reps
👑 @IconbetP gained the most votes
👑 @IHyperconnect gained the most voters

#ICONProject $ICX #ICONSpartans
Yes, the ICON team along with other P-Reps are continuing to discuss solutions to the vote stagnancy problem. This is an extremely difficult challenge and we’re all working on it. In the meantime, we need our community to educate the importance of vote spreading to each other, so please help get the word around. Again, WE NEED MORE VOTE SPREADING.
Good trend. Vote LESS of @helloiconworld and other top 20 P-Reps (esp. top 10). Vote MORE for those outside of top 20.
ICON’s on-chain governance system is one of the best in our industry today. We continue to put a bulk of our resources into governance features and designs. With ICON 2.0 and our unique community, it’s going to be even better in the near future. We’ll continue to make improvements with governance because it’s what sustains, secures, and drives growth for the network in the long run. At ICON, we’re all about increasing the long-term value of our network.
Scott Smiley
Attention Main P-Reps and ICONists interested in governance - I'll be adding new topics of discussion to the forum as we get closer to ICON 2.0 Batang.

First topic of discussion - Solution to offline Sub P-Reps

#ICONProject #Governance $ICX
After 3 years ($ICX token sale was at the end of Sep 2017, remember?), ICON is still here and alive. We’re still growing and improving. And the best is yet to come.
Keep Calm and Stake ICON,
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member
Latest ICON Roadmap Update
At the end of every month, the ICON team publishes an update of our tech progress and roadmap. We encourage our community to read this update along with all previous updates. The ICON network has made significant progress this year and will continue to do so.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — September 2020 | ICON Foundation
Ricky Dodds talks ICON 2.0: BATANG
ICON 2.0: BATANG has been hands down the most important tech news for the ICON network. Although we’ve had multiple follow-ups on this news, we’ll continue to spread the word and answer questions because it’s that important of a topic. Our very own Ricky Dodds, Head of Strategy and Communications, shares his view on ICON 2.0 in his interview with E-Crypto News.
The Launch Of The ICON 2.0 Blockchain | E-Crypto News
Place bets on ZenSports with $ICX
We knew this was coming sooner or later. Now it’s official. Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry and it continues to grow, especially with recent ease in regulation in the U.S. Remember to bet legally and responsibly.
Quick programming update - we'll be adding $ICX betting into ZenSports on October 13th, not the 6th. We're spending some extra time on it to make it super special and perfect for the @helloiconworld community. 😊👍
Announcing Omm Finance, a new DeFi Project
ICX Station, iBriz, and Parrot9 P-Rep teams are at it again with another collaboration. This time, they are building Omm Finance, which stands for “Open Money Market”.
Omm Finance
We are excited to announce the Omm protocol, a money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, earn interest, and own a share of the protocol. CeFi frontend and DeFi backend is coming soon to the ICON network.

Read more about this $ICX DeFi project:
For more information, you can visit the website ( and read the Whitepaper.
ICONSwap gets a new website and a facelift
Thanks to the collaboration of Reliant Node and ICONation P-Rep teams, ICONSwap has a new website and a new look. More digital assets are coming to the ICON network and we’re thankful to see continuous improvements to ICONSwap.
Check it out (
We're pleased to announce the launch of a brand new ICONswap interface! A collaboration between @ReliantNode & @ICONationTeam. 🥳 Fully accessible on the go via our MyIconWallet App.

Check it out:

#ICONproject $ICX
ICYMI: Scott Smiley talks BalanceDAO
BalancedDAO ( is another DeFi project in the works built on the ICON network. Scott Smiley gives a great overview of this project at REIMAGINE 2020 Digital Conference.
REIMAGINE 2020 v3.0 - Scott Smiley - Balanced - DeFi coming to ICON
REIMAGINE 2020 v3.0 - Scott Smiley - Balanced - DeFi coming to ICON
ICONLOOP's VisitMe hits 200K Users
A few weeks ago, ICONLOOP announced that their flagship product VisitMe hit 100,000 users. This week, they announced surpassing 200,000 users in 1,000 different sites.
On Twitter, Markus Jun from ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep team shares his experience using VisitMe app inside Korea’s Paul Bassett café. It’s worth checking out.
Markus | P-Rep ICON Hyperconnect
MyID @Helloiconworld Updates. $ICX

✅VisitMe has hit 200,000 users in 1000 different sites.

✅Jeju Governor: "We look to expand VisitMe usage across Jeju in general."

✅Jeju Govt has mandated 100+ tourist attractions & restaurants to track tourists & residents via VisitMe.
Shinhan launches 'MyID' marketing campaign
A few weeks ago, ICONLOOP and Shinhan Bank launched Korea’s first blockchain-based financial KYC Compliance Certification Service. We’re now starting to see Shinhan Bank push sign ups for this new service with a new marketing campaign. We hear unofficial numbers are already in the thousands.
Ricky Dodds
More news from Shinhan Bank 🇰🇷 and the DID authentication app 'True' - MyID and $ICX

ICONLOOP is hosting an event to commemorate the launch of the service. The first 10,000 to sign up will receive a $SBUX gift card!

For more info pls see below:
Markus Jun from the ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep team is helping to spread the word on ICONLOOP’s formal partnership with the City of Pohang, POSCO (Korea’s largest steel manufacturer POSCO), and POSTECH University. We absolutely love how the ICON Hyperconnect team continues to go above and beyond and talk about the ICON ecosystem with the media in addition to all the self-generated contents - blogs, tweets, etc. Amazing effort!
Markus | P-Rep ICON Hyperconnect
Great coverage regarding the recent MoU between Pohang City, POSCO & POSTECH to build out a DID ecosystem based on @helloiconworld ICONLOOP's MyID from @Braindrainomar & @Crowdfundinside once again. 💯

ICONPLUS P-Rep team has put together a 1-pager summary on ICONLOOP’s partnership with Danal. We’re obviously super excited about this partnership and expect to see Danal participate in the ICON ecosystem in the future.
Recently, Danal's virtual asset payment service Paycoin signed a strategic partnership with ICONLOOP to share know-how, achieve synergy and explore future opportunities and use-cases.

We laid it all out for you in one easy to read onepager!

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