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ICON Newsletter #31 - Something is Brewing in the ICON Ecosystem

ICON Newsletter #31 - Something is Brewing in the ICON Ecosystem
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Key Highlights:
  • ~59% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. Again, the upward trend continues and we believe it shows long term confidence in $ICX.
  • We’ve surpassed 750K total wallet addresses. We expect these numbers to pick up meaningfully as we move into Q4 with more applications utilizing the ICON network.
  • Korea’s largest job placement platform announced three (3) new features that utilizes the ICON public network.
  • ICONLOOP signs an agreement with Korea’s leading finance and technology solutions provider.
  • ICONbet 2.0 launches with a new website + game + staking feature for TAP token holders.
  • Marvelous ICX Gift Card finally launches with an ICX giveaway promotion.
Dear ICONists,
The third quarter of 2020 is almost in the books and we’ve seen some incredible announcements from ICONLOOP over the past few weeks:
The music won’t stop here for enterprise adoption, but this is a good time to remind our community that ICONLOOP is just one piece of what the ICON project is all about. ICON is also about continuing to push the boundaries of technology. ICON is also about exploring new opportunities that bring value to the network + $ICX holders.

ICON just released "goloop" on GitHub, the implementation base for the ICON 2.0 protocol written in Go.

This is a major release from a development point of view.
Daeki Lee
Can't agree more with this statement. Something is brewing in the ICON ecosystem 🙃
I guess some of our community members have already gotten the hints/message that something is brewing in the ICON ecosystem. Look out for more details in coming weeks.
Min Kim
ICON Foundation Council Member
SaraminHR Integrates DID as Promised
Earlier this year (Feb. 6, 2020), ICONLOOP signed an agreement with SaraminHR to build a Blockchain-based HR recruitment ecosystem. This week, SaraminHR announced three (3) new features that utilizes the ICON public network to prevent credential forgery in the job recruitment and staffing industry. SaraminHR is the largest job placement platform in Korea and we’re incredibly excited to see a meaningful commercial use case in the real world.
ICONPLUS P-Rep team has generously put together a one-pager summary on the announcement below. You can also read the full article via the link below.
The collaboration between ICONLOOP and Saramin is a testament to the HUGE potential of the #ICON Network.

With 3.8M monthly users, the implementation of ICONLOOP's decentralised ID Technology by Korea's number one job platform drives $ICX's real world adoption & DID services 🔥
Korea’s largest job search platform uses blockchain to verify applicants’ credentials
Korea's Popular Café Franchise Uses VisitMe
ICONLOOP’s VisitMe application continues to gain adoption by new businesses in this COVID-19 era. Most recently, one of the most popular café franchises in Korea called Paul Bassett began using VisitMe. Within 2 months, VisitMe has received over 200 merchant applications and signed up 30,000 users. Again, we’re incredibly excited to see a meaningful commercial use case in the real world. 
All of the famous franchise coffee shop 'PaulBassett' stores (about 100 stores) are tracking COVID-19 contact through ICONLOOP's VisitMe.
POSTECH issues more diplomas with BROOF
And, of course, we continue to see more uses of ICONLOOP’s BROOF application. POSTECH University issued more diplomas to its graduates by using BROOF. The authenticity of these certificates are verifiable on ICON’s public blockchain.
On August 29th, POSTECH issued a degree program to 293 graduates such as Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate, and Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT), through the blockchain certificate service '#broof'.
ICONLOOP Partners with Initech
ICONLOOP continues to push aggressively on the business development front, most recently signing a collaboration agreement with Initech, a leading finance and security solutions provider in Korea backed by Korea Telecom(KT) and BC Card. The two firms plan to co-develop commercial authentication products based on ICONLOOP’s Decentralized ID technology.
ICONLOOP's Zzeung is constantly expanding.
ICONLOOP signed a business agreement (MOU) with Initech, a financial security company, to promote private authentication based on decentralized identity verification (DID)
ICONbet 2.0 launches STAKING + DAOlevels
Yes, there are many exciting developments by ICONLOOP, our main ecosystem contributor. However, don’t forget about the other incredible contributors - most notably ICONbet. This sub-community within the larger ICON community continues to impress.
ICONbet continues to be led by non-founding community members and all they’ve been doing is building. First, they just introduced TAP Token staking to improve governance. Second, they launched a new game DAOlevel. ICONbet now has five(5) games with three(3) more coming soon. Lastly, the main site got a facelift and it’s looking slicker than ever.
ICONbet is proud to present ICONbet 2.0!!! 🥳🥳🥳

🔥 DAOlevels available now
🔥 TAP staking available now
🔥 Brand new landing page and layout

Come check it out 😊
Marvelous ICX Gift Card is LIVE
We’ve been waiting for this one. And it’s finally here. Marvelous ICX Gift Card, by Reliant Node P-Rep Team, has launched. The ICON team is already planning to use this product in the near future. We’ll share with you when we do.
They’re doing a fun promotion right now. Check it out!
We’re pleased to announce the launch of Marvelous — Gift cards for ICON! 👏

To celebrate, we’re giving away 250 ICX, plus there will be random giveaways throughout the weeks ahead. Open the image for instructions on how to enter.

#ICONproject $ICX
Preview of Project Nebula's NFT artwork
Project Nebula, a unique game with NFT collectible planets and artwork, appears to be progressing well. The creator, ICON Forge P-Rep, is continuing to build excitement with constant updates. Recently, they teased out custom-made artwork that can be owned and traded.
ICON Forge
Planets aren’t the only the things that you can collect in #ProjectNebula

There is custom-made landscape artwork for each of the 9 planet types - find all the pieces to see the whole panorama. @helloiconworld $ICX #NFT
Preview of WalletX's User Interface
Likewise, WalletX project by ICONTROL P-Rep team appears to be progressing well, too. WalletX is not just another wallet. It’s a fresh new take on creating a simple onboarding experience that can be used by crypto beginners. However, the backend infrastructure is powerful enough to integrate sophisticated features like NFT, STOs, DID, etc.
Project 'WalletX' by ICONTROL team completed 100% of all tasks planned for this period (Phase 1). For Phase 2, core functions (Send, Receive, Inquiry) and block data storage via RDB will be completed.

Check out Progress Report #1:
Abra integrates $ICX
$ICX is now integrated into Abra, one of the oldest and most well known cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges today. Week after week, we see organic growth in the ICON ecosystem. We are proud that many reputable third party services such as Abra continue to consider $ICX as an important player in the crypto industry.
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