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ICON Newsletter #29 - Who Staked That 10 MILLION ICX?

ICON Newsletter #29 - Who Staked That 10 MILLION ICX?
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Key Highlights:
  • 57.5% of the circulating supply is staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. The upward trend continues and we believe it shows long term confidence in ICX.
  • Less than 240 million of ICX available in the market, the lowest amount ever NEW RECORD AGAIN!!! Real circulating supply continues to decrease to record lows.
  • One P-Rep almost self-delegated almost 10 MILLION ICX
  • 4 P-reps teams (ICONVIET, ICONDAO, iBriz-ICONOsphere, and Everstake) are competing to build ICON’s Contribution Proposal System.
  • ICON updates IRC-16 Security Token Standards.
  • MYID Alliance adds 5 new members including one of the largest banks in Korea.
  • ICON Hyperhack gains 272 participants.
Dear ICONists,
The last couple of weeks have been “interesting” in the crypto industry to say the least. We’ve witnessed some dramatic runs with DeFi projects, and also, equally epic failures. In the midst of all this craziness, ICON has been quietly gained healthy traction. Yet, the best news is still to come. As our very own Ricky Dodds puts it:

Ricky Dodds
Back on twitter. And the next few months will be 🔥
We’ll keep this week’s intro short and jump right into the good stuff. Our brains need a break once in a while.
Who Staked That 10 MILLION ICX?
NEOPLY has become #7 P-Rep. NEOPLY is an investment arm of Neowiz, a KOSDAQ-listed gaming company in Korea. Read their official announcement via link below.

ICON Foundation, or its affiliates, had no part in this event. This is organic and we love it!
One P-Rep team took the ICON community by surprise and self-delegated almost 10 million ICX. You’ve got that right. Yes, that’s more than $5 MILLION DOLLARS worth of ICX at once. As mentioned above, the ICON Foundation had no part in this event.
We know for a fact that even more larger teams/companies are considering to become ICON P-Reps. Let’s welcome these teams when they do.
NEOPLY Joins ICON P-Rep Announcement | by NEOPLY | NEOPLY | Jul, 2020 | Medium
Who Will Build ICON's CPS?
CPS proposals are due today. TY to all teams that worked hard in putting together a proposal.

This is significant as we continue to have more dev teams (not ICONLOOP) involved w building/managing core components of the ICON Network. #decentralization
Four (4) P-Rep teams have submitted a proposal to build out ICON’s Contribution Proposal System (CPS) - ICONVIET, ICONDAO, iBriz-ICONOsphere, and Everstake. We’d like to thank these teams for all their time and effort in putting together quality proposals. We’re impressed that some even included working demos.
As the ICON network continues to mature, more teams must build and manage the core technology components. The network becomes stronger as we become less dependent on a single entity for development (e.g. ICONLOOP). Also, with more teams contributing to the infrastructure, we can scale much faster. Some have maliciously accused the foundation of avoiding our duty and responsibility, which is false.
The future of ICON is bright because we have highly capable teams like these P-Reps mentioned above. However, they need more votes from you. We’d like to kindly ask our community to vote for these teams that build and create real value for our network.
If you’re interested in learning more about the CPS proposal, please click below.
Request for Proposal: Contribution Proposal System
Why Update Our Security Token Standard?
Be sure to check out our latest Security Token standard update for the #ICONProject and reference implementation in the release below!

Through this, ownership of assets can be issued, represented, tracked, and transferred on our network. Stay tuned $ICX
As the regulation on cryptocurrency becomes clearer, we are now starting to revisit Security Tokens. We’re just going to stop here for now. Hopefully, more to share in the future.
ICON IRC-16 Token Standard. Security Tokens | by ICON Foundation
MYID Alliance Adds 5 More Members
The total number of partners has increased from 68 to 73

Leading bank “NH Bank”, Fire&Marine insurance “Heungkukfire”, Digital saving bank “Welcomebank” and IT Solution company ’Comtrue Technology”, “SupremaID” joined as new partners of MyIDAlliance
This is no surprise. Korea’s largest Decentralized ID (DID) alliance led by ICONLOOP keeps getting bigger every month. Most notably, NH Bank is one of the largest banks in South Korea. We’re excited to see MyID Alliance continue to grow with some of the most reputable organizations.
VisitMe Featured in a COVID-19 Article
ICONLOOP’s VisitMe mobile application continues to attract interest from companies and media alike due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We hear VisitMe users and partners are continuing to grow meaningfully. We hope to share more of these stats in the future.
Oh, and this is a reminder. As mentioned in the article, “VisitMe runs on the ICON blockchain network.”
To read full Cointelegraph article, please click link below.
Reviving Tourism and User Privacy Via Blockchain-Based ID Systems
Other Ecosystem Updates
ICON Hyperhack is featured on Devpost (AGAIN!)
ICON Hyperhack continue to gain strong participation with 272 participants. That is extremely impressive and shows the interest level in building new decentralized applications on ICON.
BlockArrow Capital
The ICON Hyperhack is again featured on the front page of @devpost with 270+ developers signed up! What an incredible job by @markusjayvc to bring value to the @helloiconworld network. We are as proud as ever to be sponsoring this event! $icx $eth $btc
Check out Project Nebula Teaser video and
Progress Report #1
Project Nebula is the first NFT collectible game on the ICON blockchain. The project is coming together nicely and we can’t wait to see it in action in a couple of months. For now, you can go check out the teaser video (link below).
We approved Project Nebula, an ambitious NFT collectible game, by @ICONForge team on 6/22/20 thru our Community Grant Program. 35% has been completed w/ ~2 more months of work remaining. 1st Progress Report can be read via link below. #ICONProject
Project Nebula Teaser
Project Nebula Teaser
New ICON Community by ICONDAO
ICONDAO P-Rep team has launched a new ICON Community Website. There’s a lot of positive energy in there with lots of features to engage with other members.
ICON DAO - P-Rep Candidate
#ICONDAO Community Projects forum is for community members to collaborate on #ICONProject projects

$icx Translation Squad(made of community members) has officially launched their project to translate ALL #ICON KR content & have already begun!

Check out:
WalletX platform to power new type of ICON application
Why is ICON Foundation funding another wallet? Simply put, WalletX is a highly technical platform that goes beyond a wallet. It allows connected dApps to engage users and provide experience like a normal mobile app.
Other great features include fingerprint login, native notification, and simplified wallet addresses. For more information, please click the link below.
[Grant Application] WalletX: Easily manage all your assets in your hand - Grants -
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