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ICON Newsletter #28 - Where does $ICX go in this Bull Market?

ICON Newsletter #28 - Where does $ICX go in this Bull Market?
By ICON Newsletter • Issue #28 • View online
Key Highlights:
  • 55.6% of circulating supply is staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019
  • Less than 250 million of ICX available in the market, the lowest amount ever NEW RECORD!
  • Approved 9 grants in July: these ranged from service integrations, public relations, DApp development, developer tools and analytics
Dear ICONists,
It’s amazing to look back and see the growth of the ICON project since 2017. And when you think about where ICON is now vs. the prior bull market cycle, you can’t help but get excited. Especially with a number of exiting things in the pipeline.
July came and went quickly, but that’s not to say we didn’t make it count. Our transactions increased by 13%, and volume rose 63%. $ICX price also went up 14%. And we continue to make significant progress vs. our goals that we set out at the beginning of the year.

Another great month for #ICONproject this July 🚀

▶️ 14% Price Increase
▶️ 12% more Transactions
▶️ 114% more Transaction Fees

For more stats and charts 📈 visit
To recap, since our last newsletter, we announced our partnership with Band Protocol - a leading oracle solution, we released our monthly ICON Development Roadmap Update and hosted two (2) meet-ups (one virtual and one in-person at our Seoul HQ). It was also our busiest month of grant approvals - approving 9 projects.
All that was great. Although, that’s just what you saw through our official announcement channels. What’s even more exciting to me is the stuff going on behind the scenes - which we hope to share with you very soon. In the meantime, be patient, and check out all the other activities going on in our community.
For example, be sure to check out FutureICX, an $ICX prediction market, which recently launched. We were happy to help support this project via our grant program and are excited to help support many more like this in the future.
We've been supporting growth of ICON ecosystem w Community Grant Program. FutureICX project was first approved on 2/27/20 and we're happy to see final report + product + bringing new transactions to the network. Thank you @nblaze4 @IconMidos @sharpntech
If you have an idea or are in need of resources to pursue an $ICX related initiative, please submit your request here for consideration.
Min Kim, Foundation Council Member
July Technology Roadmap Update
Governance Feature Updates
ICON Team released a new update to the Euljiro, Yeouido, and Pagoda Testnets. These feature updates include:
  • Staking from SCORE
  • P-Rep private key dualization
  • Multiple unstaking periods
  • Increased number of delegations
SCORE Audit Tool
The team also released an audit system tool for developers to use before deploying SCORE on the network to simplify the process.
IRC-3 Token Standard
Additionally, we released a non-fungible token (NFT) standard. IRC-3 covers the broad features of NFT use cases, including ownership representation of digital or physical assets, and consignment to third party operators for token transfers.
Check out the full details of the release below.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — July 2020 | by ICON Foundation
Updates to the P-Rep Delegation Program
Last week, we announced that going forward we will be combining the grant program and the P-Rep delegation program.
What does this mean?
  • Anyone approved for a grant will be eligible to receive 1M ICX delegation for the duration of the grant
  • If you are working on multiple grants at the same time, you will be eligible to combine delegation up to 3x (e.g. the maximum you can earn is 3M ICX delegation if you are working on three separate grants)
  • If the grant worker does not have a node, we will encourage them to set one up in order to get delegation
  • This will begin on August 10th at the end of the current delegation program
  • For people already working on grants, they will receive it retroactively
We feel this change best accomplishes the goal of aligning incentives (i.e. rewards) with contribution. Additionally, it provides the greatest transparency to the community and is the simplest design to manage. It also encourages more applications for grants, which we think is a big positive for the network and its continued growth.
We look forward to seeing the results of these changes and as always will be looking to make improvements over time.
Band Protocol Integration and Partnership
We are excited to announce our strategic partnership and successful integration with @BandProtocol! Learn more about the integration and what it means for the #ICONProject in this short blog post
ICON is collaborating with Band Protocol to support various leading decentralized applications with customizable decentralized oracles, ensuring resistance to manipulation and the highest security guarantee for end-users.
ICON’s extensive ecosystem combined with Band Protocol’s scalable oracles bridging the highest quality off-chain data sources will allow truly reliable and decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, prediction, betting and lottery to be built.
Band Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain data oracle that connects smart contracts with scalable real-time external data, providing the tools for developers to specify and connect to any external data source or API with custom aggregation methods. They are backed by world-class investors such as Sequoia Capital and the top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.
We are extremely excited about this partnership and are currently exploring more ways to align our respective communities and interests going forward. In addition, we’ve learned that the Band team is a huge fan of ICON which makes this partnership even more exciting!
ICON Hosts Two High Quality Meet-ups
Last week we hosted two great meet-ups. The first was a virtual event moderated by data analytics company, Messari, and included representatives from MakerDAO and Tezos. The topic of discussion focused on governance and what it means in blockchain projects. Check it out here and follow Daeki Lee for more thoughts on ICON’s governance and ecosystem activities.
Governance - What it Means to Blockchain Projects
Governance - What it Means to Blockchain Projects
The second meet-up was held onsite at our Seoul HQ where we hosted MakerDAO and Chainlink. See the awesome thread below (by Marcus) for more details.
1/ Here's the breakdown/thoughts of the meetup at ICON's HQ in Seoul between ICON @Helloiconworld, Chainlink @Chainlink & Maker @MakerDAO.

There's a lot of details that go beyond the scope of Twitter but it was a great meetup packed with a LOT of good info from all 3 parties.
Presenters from ICON, MakerDAO and Chainlink
Presenters from ICON, MakerDAO and Chainlink
Other Community Highlights
Icon Pilipinas (P-Rep)
Icon Pilipinas has partnered up w/ @Coinkeeperworld to help promote, market and grow #ICONProject awareness 😎

We are happy to share that ICON is featured in today's news on TEAMCORE website.

Please check it out and stay tuned for more announcements 😊
Oddgems 🏝️🤘
I'd like to bring people's attention to #ICON's MyID which is South Korea's first & only FSC approved identification service!

With major giants highly involved, this could be a major boost for @helloiconworld 💯

Here's a brief article on #MyID

You can now buy #ICX on Changelly with USD/EUR/GBP + 45 other fiats via our partner @SimplexCC!💥 To celebrate, we are holding a joint giveaway with @helloiconworld.
Read the terms below to find out how you can win 250 $ICX 👇
Sharpn | ICON P-Rep
👨‍💻 Calling all ICON devs!

A new course is coming soon on 🎉

This new course will be aiming intermediate SCORE developers and will open up an almost infinite field of possibilities for them. 🚀

Try to guess the theme of this course 😊 $ICX #ICONproject
Here's the news coverage of the recent meetup between ICON x Chainlink x Maker from Blockmedia @with_blockmedia in Korean. Great to see media coverage of it! Thanks to @SimSulKim for sharing.
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