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ICON Newsletter #25 - We've hit 100 Million Transactions! What's Next?

Greetings ICONists! We've hit a big milestone this past week. ICON network has surpassed 100 million
ICON Newsletter #25 - We've hit 100 Million Transactions! What's Next?
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Greetings ICONists!
We’ve hit a big milestone this past week. ICON network has surpassed 100 million transactions. Congratulation! This is a meaningful accomplishment by our community. It took almost 2.5 years since we launched our mainnet on January 2018. As our network continues to grow, our next 100 million will surely come sooner.
How can I say this with such confidence? This is because we’re now starting to see what we’ve been waiting for - meaningful collaboration between P-Reps to raise the quality bar and to focus on growth. We’ll show some of these collaborations in this week’s newsletter.

Key Highlights:
  • 100 million total network transactions since January 2018, nearly 2.5 years. We’ve averaged 142,000 daily transactions in the past week.
  • ~54.5% of circulating supply staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. ~13.9% annual staking reward
  • Another +2.6% weekly growth in balanced wallets. Over 292,ooo wallets now have an ICX balance
  • Main P-Reps lowered the global commission rate to ~17.5% down from ~17.9% last week
  • Atomic Wallet integrates ICON $ICX and announces that staking is coming soon
  • ICONation and ReliantNode teams collaborate to improve ICONSwap, our first DEX on ICON
  • Sharpn team teases FutureICX is close to being launched by the end of this month
  • ICONLOOP’s MyID Alliance grows to 65 members
  • ICONLOOP unveils VisitMe electronic guestbook service that helps track down COVID19 infection
  • Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) launches 2020 Blockchain Technology and Industry Policy Forum at ICONLOOP HQ
Lastly, we decided to change the newsletter release schedule from weekly to once every 2 weeks so that we can provide our readers with more impactful content. We know our community enjoys these newsletters as we consistently see an impressive open rate of ~20%, so we do care about improving the quality. We appreciate all your support.  

Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

ICON $ICX now on Atomic Wallet
ICON $ICX continues to be integrated with more wallets and exchanges. As you may be aware, Atomic Wallet is a recipient of ICON Foundation’s Community Grant Program. We’re excited to provide our community with more options to hold and stake $ICX.
Also check out MyIconWallet, which is another great alternative to ICONex.
⚡️Welcome, @helloiconworld, interconnected blockchain network! Secure #ICON with private keys and exchange anonymously in Atomic. $ICX staking is coming soon! 🔥

ICONSwap is getting a FACELIFT
We’re pleased to officially announce that we’re collaborating with @ICONationTeam to design & build a brand new, fresh interface for ICONswap. It will also work seamlessly with MyIconWallet!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the new design in the coming weeks. 🔥

#ICONproject $ICX
Talking about MyIconWallet, we recently got this exciting news from the Reliant Node team (or perhaps, ICONbet team is responsible for breaking the news on Twitter). If you haven’t used ICONSwap, click here to see how it looks like today. Below is a mock up of what’s to come.
We hope ICONSwap can become one of the top applications that generates many transactions in the future.
FutureICX is almost here
As our release is approaching fast (end of the month), we will start giving you regular updates on the completed FutureICX functionalities as they are ready!

Today we finished the setup of all prediction options, giving each user the option to play according to their own style!
FutureICX is a trading related price prediction game of skill where the players can place a wager for a custom amount on what a certain crypto pair’s price would be at pre-determined future moment of time and are aiming to be as close as possible to the actual outcome.
According to the Sharpn team, the game is set to launch end of the month. If you can’t wait like us, you can visit the website to see how everything is coming along.
FutureICX is another recipient of ICON Foundation’s Community Grant Program. But, more importantly, we love how the ICONation team stepped in to help fund the project as well. We hope to see more top P-Reps help fund each other on meaningful projects.
@ICONationTeam is proud to announce the first round of funding for @FutureIcx is complete.

Growing #ICONProject's ecosystem together!!!
DAOlottery Jackpot continue to grow
ICONbet Community P-Rep
No Jackpot winner yet! We start over 17,200 ICX today! Can we get to 20k this weekend?! The Jackpot is now worth over $5,500!! That's a heck of a win! Don't miss you chance for only 5 ICX! That's all a ticket costs. #JACKPOT #ICONbet #ICON #DAOlottery
Don’t have the time or skills to play casino games? Well, ICONbet’s most recent DAOlottery game is simple and has the highest prize money.
The actual point of this is not to promote ICONbet or DAOlottery. We want to highlight that Piconbello P-Rep team has integated Tipicon for ICONbet to help promote the launch. Another great example of team collaborating to help ecosystem growth. You can read more about the promo in the Medium blog post via link below.
We have concluded the first week's promotion of Tipicon Iconbet integration. Check @IconbetP, they'll announce the winners soon. We will have our second promotion for the remaining three weeks. For details:
#ICONproject $ICX
Tipicon Iconbet Promo - Piconbello - Medium
$ICX in the Wild
We’re seeing a lot of photos of merchants showing to accept $ICX as a form of payment. This is very cool.
And yes, we’ve also heard skepticisms if this is real because it’s just a piece of paper in the photo. We can’t confirm. You be the judge (or investigator)!
Hermes ICON-Greece
Some say : bread and water, we say bread and #ICON. Thank you Mylos bakery for joining our network of partners. #ICXadoption.
MyID Alliance adds 6 New Members
Here we go. ICONLOOP announces 6 new additions to the MyID Alliance. It’s also good to see a familiar face - Webloc. Markus from ICON Hyperconnect team provides a breakdown of MyID Alliance News on Twitter:
AhnLab is a GIANT & Korea’s leading software security company with 50%+ market share. Practically every Korean has heard of AhnLab as its founder is an ex presidential candidate & one of Korea’s most prominent politicians today. The fact that AhnLab, a pioneer of the Korean software security industry, has chosen ICONLOOP’s MyID Alliance speaks volumes about the tech and utility of ICON’s blockchain based DID.
NHN KCP is another industry giant. It’s a market leader in the payment sector that shifts between positions 1 & 2 in terms of market share. The payment sector is a field that would have vast applications for blockchain DID.
Korea Trade Network (KTNET) is a South Korean paperless (electronic) trade service provider. It’s been designated as the National Paperless Trade Infrastructure Operator by the Korean Government and affects US$5.57 Billion annually in trade and services.
Markus | ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep
The fact that AhnLab, a pioneer of the Korean software security industry, has chosen ICONLOOP's @helloiconworld MyID Alliance speaks volumes about the tech and utility of ICON's blockchain based DID. /2
The Iconist P-Rep team also wrote an article to provide more information on AhnLab. Read via link below.
Antivirus Software Giant AhnLab Among MyID Alliance’s New Partners | The Iconist
VisitMe helps track down COVID19
Demand for visitor check-in and tracking is on the rise in Korea due to COVID-19. We hear ICONLOOP’s VisitMe team has been busy providing the technology to make the country safer. Check out the photos below.
ICONLOOP launched CSR campaign to overcome COVID19 today.
The service is a VisitMe electronic guestbook service that records visitors for tracking COVID19 infection.
The service is being used in convenience stores, cafes, and hospitals in Seoul.

link :
KISA launches Policy Forum at ICONLOOP HQ
ICONLOOP HQ continues to be the hub for Korea’s major blockchain initiatives. This is just the latest event, and an important one for MyID.
Markus | ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep
JUST IN: 🇰🇷 At ICON's HQ, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), part of the Ministry of Science & ICT, just launched the "2020 Blockchain Technology and Industry Policy Forum."

This is a government backed forum focused on expanding Blockchain & DID. #ICX @Helloiconworld /1
DID services like MyID continues to be one of the hottest topics in Korea. Most recently, customer accounts of Toss, a popular money transfer service, were hacked. Unlike current ID systems, MyID uses DID technology, which means companies need not store personal data. Read more about the recent hack and the benefits of MyID solution via the link below.
DID and MyID: Securing Your Data in the Contact-Free Fintech Era | The Iconist
In Case Your Missed It...
Markus | ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep
Preregister for @ICONHyperhack!


🗓️Registration & Submissions: June 19th ~ August 19th

💸 $20,000 USD
🪙 Added consideration for ICON grant up to $50,000 (independent review)
🚀 Acceleration from @Hyperconnector_

UPDATE to the P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program. After discussions, we have decided to move the application process from google forms to our forum to increase transparency. Please re-submit applications by June 19th and see article below for more details!
Flipside Crypto
🥇Top 25 projects in crypto this month - based on fundamentals.

Welcome to the FCAS 25 @holochain @LBRYio & @helloiconworld!
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