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ICON Newsletter #24 - Ranked Top 25 Project Based on Fundamentals

Greetings ICONists, It was another good week for the ICON project. We saw the global commission rate
ICON Newsletter #24 - Ranked Top 25 Project Based on Fundamentals
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Greetings ICONists,
It was another good week for the ICON project. We saw the global commission rate drop substantially, the amount of circulating supply staked increase, wallets with balances tick higher, and several other noteworthy announcements.
We’re almost halfway through what has been an eventful year not only in the world but specifically for the ICON project. We continue to make progress against our goals with BTP and LFT2 and are looking forward to hitting many more milestones as we make our way through the balance of 2020.
Key Stats

Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

Top 25 Project - Based on Fundamentals
This month, ICON ($ICX) was named a Top 25 by Flipside Crypto using their novel Fundamental Analysis tool (FCAS) based on user activity, developer behavior, and asset maturity. Members of the FCAS 25 are reevaluated each month and must be ranked within the top 25 for at least 40 days to qualify. This is a great accomplishment but let’s continue climbing the ranks!

ICON Releases New Blockchain Interoperability Protocol
South Korea’s largest public blockchain, ICON, recently released its Blockchain Transmission Protocol, which enables interoperability between blockchains. This means distinct networks can now transfer cryptocurrencies and data to each other.
Blockchain solutions to date have been formed around smaller siloed ecosystems. Enabling them to speak to each other is crucial for the deployment of the technology in tackling real world use cases. This new release is likely to grow ICON’s network exponentially, as new blockchains use the technology to grow as well.

Flipside Crypto
🥇Top 25 projects in crypto this month - based on fundamentals.

Welcome to the FCAS 25 @holochain @LBRYio & @helloiconworld!
Flipside Crypto (FCAS) Grade
Flipside Crypto (FCAS) Grade
Changes to P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program
We recently decided to open up the P-Rep delegation application process for the community to see. Going forward, P-Reps applying for delegation will do so on our forum at We think this will provide more transparency for P-Reps and the community alike. And look forward to seeing re-submissions for June!
UPDATE: P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program - Hello ICON World - Medium
ICON Hyperhack coming soon!
Markus | ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep
Preregister for @ICONHyperhack!


🗓️Registration & Submissions: June 19th ~ August 19th

💸 $20,000 USD
🪙 Added consideration for ICON grant up to $50,000 (independent review)
🚀 Acceleration from @Hyperconnector_

ICON Hyperhack is a 2-month online ICON hackathon hosted by ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep that will begin registrations and submissions on June 19th on Devpost.
The hackathon is open to all individuals, both technical or non-technical, as finding a teammate or partner is as easy as clicking a button on Devpost. Since the hackathon and its prizes are entirely online, there are no limitations for anyone.
ICON plans to provide support to teams that show promise to enable them to grow into main or side ventures.
MyID update
Many in the ICON community have asked about the timing of ICONLOOP’s MyID launch.
We touched base with Henry Lee, Head of Strategy at ICONLOOP, this week who provided an update:
The MyID app is in beta and the next important milestone will be integration with our banking partners over the next couple months
As a reminder, the banking partners in the MyID Alliance act as the issuers of the MyID verifiable claims. So integration into these banks is critical to the success of the MyID identity product. In simple terms, Banks are the issuers of the KYC’d digital identities through ICONLOOP’s MyID product.
Below shows the flow of the MyID product.
MyID Flow
MyID Flow
Download MyIconWallet App
As you may be aware, MyIconWallet Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android are now available. It’s a wonderful wallet. Go check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
Why is this significant? ICON Network is where many different developers come together to built new things for the community. As more diverse developer teams contribute, we believe the ICON Network becomes more valuable. MyIconWallet is the first wallet application built by the community (not ICON Foundation), more specifically, the ReliantNode P-Rep team.
They told us that Ledger support will be added within 3-4 weeks. This is something even ICONex Mobile App doesn’t support at the moment. We’re looking forward to this!
For more information on how to use MyIconWallet, read the article below.
Stake, Vote, and Transact With MyIconWallet - Stakin - Medium
Other ICON Ecosystem Highlights
Blockchain at Berkeley
Our meetup with ICON @helloiconworld will be starting shortly! Make sure to register if you haven't already, it's going to be a good one! Register:
Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies in 2020 - Karlo Abart - Medium
Scott Smiley
Please join this new telegram channel dedicated to all P-Rep updates. We're experimenting with pushing all P-Rep updates to one place and keeping the discussion channels for discussion.

#Governance #ICONProject #DAO $ICX
UPDATE to the P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program. After discussions, we have decided to move the application process from google forms to our forum to increase transparency. Please re-submit applications by June 19th and see article below for more details!
ICONbet Community P-Rep
Holy Moly! We are OVER 10,000!!! That's right, today's JACKPOT is over 10,000 ICX right now. How high will it go?! Still 5 hours remaining!! Will someone win it tonight or will it continue to grow?? $ICX #Icon #JACKPOT #DAOlottery #ICONbet
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