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ICON Newsletter #19 - Binance Korea joins MyID Alliance, Noble Peace Summit 2020, and MORE

Key Highlights 47.7% of circulating supply staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. 30.9% of the total su
ICON Newsletter #19 - Binance Korea joins MyID Alliance, Noble Peace Summit 2020, and MORE
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Key Highlights
  • 47.7% of circulating supply staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. 30.9% of the total supply staked. ~16% annual staking reward
  • +38.0% average monthly growth in wallets from the end of March. 117.7% from the beginning of 2020.
  • ICON network added 2 more P-Rep Candidates. We’re now at 125 total P-rep Candidates
  • Main P-Reps lowered i_rep to 40,808 from 43,861 the previous week. This is a HUGE drop, which we believe is much needed to fight inflation
  • MyID Alliance added 5 more companies, including Binance Korea, and increased total members to 62
  • Sharpn P-Rep team releases a new IRC2 Tutorial on
  • ICON DAO P-Rep team to present ICON project at Nobel Peace Summit 2020
  • ICX Station P-Rep team to present ICON project at Reimagine 2020 Virtual Conference

Dear ICONists,
This past week, a research paper We Know What They’ve Been Put Through: Revisiting High-scalability Blockchain Transactions was published. The findings show “95% of the transactions on EOS were triggered by the airdrop of a currently valueless token; on Tezos, 82% of throughput was used for maintaining consensus; and only 2% of transactions on the XRP ledger lead to value transfers.” Are you surprised? I’m not.
Here I mention the above paper for the following reasons:
  • Take a look behind the numbers. If you’ve played with various tools, DAPPs, and services from various blockchain platforms, it’s not hard to see that we’re all far from mainstream adoption. There is little difference perhaps between CMC rank #3 and #50, if not quite meaningless altogether, at this point in time.
  • ICON continues to dedicate all our energy into genuine blockchain use, not generating meaningless numbers. Our team continues to add real companies into MyID Alliance. We have real organizations using #BROOF and VisitMe. ICX powers these next generation enterprise applications. We still have a long way to go, but we’re not hiding this fact and there is no question about the integrity of our team.
  • Apply above learning to ICON P-Rep Voting. P-Reps are supposed to invest their block rewards toward good projects that add value to the ICON network. There’s a lot of talking and not enough doing. Take a look at the actual contributions and progress. Compare actual quality of P-Rep contributions. Look at,,, ICONSwap, Mineable videos, ICONPlus videos, etc.
In a recent tweet, I wrote:
ICON team has the most at stake in the future of ICON network. We have every reason to make the best decisions to increase its value. We do/say things for LT benefit even if it means ST pain/criticism. LT benefit for us means attracting and incentivizing good P-Rep teams.
There are P-Rep teams that are working HARD. Our goal is to continue improving the system for our best P-Reps.

Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

5 More Companies Join MyID Alliance
The total number of partners has increased from 57to 62

Telecom operators Sejong Telecom, Virtual Asset Exchange Binance KR, Flybit, VirtualAsset AML&Compliance company Uppsala Security, Blockchain-based solution company Blockchain Company joined as new partners of MyIDAlliance
MyID Alliance added 5 more companies including:
Total members have increased to 62. ICONLOOP continues to add prominent companies to Korea’s largest decentralized identity consortium.
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MyID Alliance Newsletter
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BinanceKR Joins Decentralized ID Consortium MyID Alliance | BTCMANAGER
MyID Alliance Gains Five New Growth Partners | The Iconist
IRC2 Tutorial Released by
It’s finally here! Sharpn P-Rep team has been working hard to add new tutorial content to its website.
You can learn how to deploy IRC2 tokens in this tutorial. Take it for a spin, and if you enjoyed it, be sure to support Sharpn team to create more tutorials like this.
Sharpn | ICON P-Rep
You were waiting for it and here it is ! course 2 is online 🔥

Learn how to create $ICX IRC-2 tokens and how to deploy your own non-collateralized stablecoin!


Can't wait to see your creations! #ICONbuilders #LetsBuildICX
ICON Represented at Nobel Peace Summit 2020?
ICON DAO - P-Rep Candidate
We are happy to finally announce our collaboration effort with Nobel Peace Summit to utilize #blockchain services #CryptoBadge and ICON's #Broof🙌

A major contribution our team has been working on + great step towards mass adoption of #ICONProject $icx
ICON DAO team writes:
“It is with great pride that the ICON DAO team is very happy to announce our ambitious collaboration project with The World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates to implement a blockchain-based certification system using our integrated CAN Lab community building tools and ICON Network products.”
This is very exciting. We can’t wait for more updates. Please read the full blog post via the link below.
ICON DAO Pushing Global Recognition of ICON Network: Nobel Peace Summit Use of Blockchain Services.
ICON at Reimagine 2020 Conference
Thanks to an invitation by the Mousebelt P-Rep team, ICON will be represented at Reimagine 2020 Virtual Conference. Daeki Lee, a founder of ICX Station (P-Rep team), will be presenting ICON to the attendees.
If you are interested in attending Reimagine 2020, please click the below link for more information.
ICONex Wallet Video by ICONPLUS P-Rep Team
ICONPLUS team is on FIRE! First, they published a MUST-WATCH interview video with Min Kim which garnered over 1200 Views. Then, they surprised everyone with another amazing ICON Intro video which garnered over 750 views. For this week, here is a new video featuring ICONex. Click below to view.
It’s refreshing to see some quality content and an alternative to Mineable’s iconTV videos.
How to earn a passive income with Crypto? Start staking your #ICX Tokens!
How to earn a passive income with Crypto? Start staking your #ICX Tokens!
More Transparency Reports
How are P-Reps spending their ICX block rewards? More P-Reps are publishing transparency reports to show how they are bringing value to the ICON network. Transparency reports are a self-reporting tool and a good way to build trust with the community.
ICX Station is the most recent P-Rep team to released their report. Click below to view the report.
ICX Station Transparency Report | ICX_Station
ICON AMA for Spanish and Filipino Communities
Here a quick shoutout to ICON Pilipinas and Espanicon P-Rep teams for continuing to be active in international communities where ICON had no presence before. Thank you!
Icon Pilipinas (P-REP)
#ICONists we are excited to let you know that Icon Pilipinas will be participating in a live Q&A session w/ Sir Jeff Caceres of NomadFury this Saturday at 8:00 PM 😊

We will be discussing #ICONProject
5 lucky winners will receive P100 prepaid load 😎

Les recordamos que mañana estaremos haciendo un AMA sobre #ICONProject en el canal de @Binance_Spanish en telegram.

@holaicon y @espanicon estaremos respondiendo tus preguntas y repartiremos 2000 $ICX entre los participantes 👍🎉🎊
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