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ICON Newsletter #18 - Binance.US AMA, Roadmap Update, P-Rep Delegation Program & More

Key Highlights 47.4% of circulating supply staked vs. 38.4% at the end of 2019. 30.6% of the total su
ICON Newsletter #18 - Binance.US AMA, Roadmap Update, P-Rep Delegation Program & More
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Key Highlights

Dear ICONists,
It was another busy week of news flow and activity around the ICON project. Last week, we were happy to participate in a Binance.US AMA - one of the best AMAs on their platform to date. Additionally, we were showcased on Nugget’s News - one of the leading crypto news sources - with over 82k subscribers.
As we promised, we’re continuing to broaden our exposure and reach. We’re excited about the progress thus far in 2020 and look forward to more opportunities to improve. Also last week, we launched a new P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program to reward and incentivize teams that we believe should be recognized for their efforts. We also published the April Tech Roadmap as we’ve been doing at the end of every month to show our progress.
All in all, the team continues to fire on all cylinders and we’re looking forward to more exciting news in the weeks ahead.
Let’s keep the momentum going!
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member

Binance.US AMA recap
Min Kim and Ricky Dodds participated in a highly visible AMA session with the Binance.US community last week. It was a great turnout and we had over 300 questions asked ranging from introductory questions to detailed status updates of MyID and other initiatives. ICYMI: you can read the full transcript here. It’s loaded with great info and should be a good reference for anyone looking for the latest details on the project! Many thanks to P-Rep team ICONation for putting it together!
Binance.US AMA with Min Kim & Ricky Dodds - ICONation - Medium
If you prefer video format, P-Rep Mineable put together this summary as well.
The Best of ICON's ICX AMA with Binance US | iconTV
The Best of ICON's ICX AMA with Binance US | iconTV
Circling back on enterprise usage of $ICX
Two of the main questions we get when talking about ICONLOOP’s identity product suite are 1) who is using it and 2) does it require $ICX. Currently, #broof and VisitMe run on the public chain. Thus, each time the product is used it requires $ICX.
MyID will primarily run on private chain to start. But we expect use cases on public chain with our interoperability technology (BTP). Expect more details on BTP in the coming weeks.
First, let’s dive into #broof.
#broof recap and adoption
Whenever a #broof certificate is issued, we invoke two transactions on the public blockchain (using $ICX). One transaction to store the image of the certificate on the blockchain and the other to verify that no changes have been made to the content. Below are some examples: POSTECH issuing diplomas and ARTnGUIDE issuing art authenticity certifications.
In POSTECH’s case, their wallet ID was “whitelisted” so you know that it’s the only authenticate issuer of this certificate.
Here is an example of the #broof diploma
Sample diploma issued on #broof
Sample diploma issued on #broof
Graduates were given a transaction that corresponds to a copy of their digital diploma. Click the transaction above to see the example.
It is a similar case for ARTnGUIDE. Their wallet ID is “whitelisted”. That way, you know that it’s the only authenticate issuer of this certificate.
Below is a sample certification for artwork:
ARTnGUIDE Certification
ARTnGUIDE Certification
And the corresponding transaction using $ICX
The above are just a few examples of usage. Now that we’ve onboarded more issuers of #broof certificates and verifiers of #broof, like Saramin, we expect a lot of activity to come. Remember, Saramin is the overwhelming number one player in the job recruitment market. With its enormous user base and the cost synergies created by our #broof product, we expect our collaboration to drive real-world adoption of the ICON Project and our digital ID product suite.
VisitMe update
ICONLOOP continues to see good progress with the VisitMe product with interest from enterprises growing every week. We plan to provide a closer look at VisitMe and $ICX usage in a standalone newsletter later this month.
April roadmap update
It was a busy month of development for the ICON project. April was highlighted by the release of LFT2 and the approval of the IISS 3.0 proposal. We also made solid progress on BTP. Check out this and more details in our April roadmap release.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — April 2020 - Hello ICON World - Medium
P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program
In other exciting news, we launched a new pilot program to incentivize P-Rep teams to grow our ecosystem. We encourage already contributing teams and newcomers to apply. We’ll review applications this week and look forward to supporting our first batch of P-Reps. Be sure to submit by May 6th.
More details about the program can be found here.
Public Representative Delegation Pilot Program - Hello ICON World - Medium
Other ecosystem highlights
Alex Saunders 🇦🇺👨‍🔬
In today's video I sat down with @minhokim from @helloiconworld to discuss the resurgence of crypto in #SouthKorea, get an update on the progress of the Icon network, $ICX staking & real world applications running on Icon. Enjoy! 🇰🇷🖥️🌐
South Korea's Largest Crypto Unveils New Consensus Algorithm, LFT2 Simply Explained
South Korea's Largest Crypto Unveils New Consensus Algorithm, LFT2 Simply Explained
ICON Europe initiative will have a webinar on the 20th of May. Presenters will be @block42_company @StakinOfficial @everstake_pool @iconsolidation and will also have Q&A session at the end.
Pre-register here:

$ICX #ICX #ICONproject #ICONEurope
Markus | ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep
"Blockchain technology empowers unstoppable networks, & its accelerators should facilitate unstoppable progress.

Just as anyone can access bitcoin, anyone should be able to receive acceleration."

Launch of our online accelerator: @Hyperconnector_

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