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ICON Newsletter #13 - New Roadmap Update + Interoperability + MyID

Key Highlights ICON Foundation released March Roadmap Update including LFT2 and interoperability upda
ICON Newsletter #13 - New Roadmap Update + Interoperability + MyID
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Key Highlights
ICYMI: In last week’s newsletter, we discussed the importance of voting for P-Reps who are growing the network, either through on-chain or off-chain efforts. We also highlighted that areas where we need to improve the ICON ecosystem. ICON project extends beyond what the core team is doing in Korea such as #broof, MyID, and VisitMe etc. Organic community activity is necessary in order to power the project to the next level.
CORRECTION: Layah Heilpern, a well-respected journalist, joins ICONPLUS P-Rep team (Check out her Video on twitter). We previously incorrectly wrote that she joined Interblock team.
Let’s keep pushing one another to reach our goals!

Stay safe and thank you,
Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council

The first quarter is in the books!
We had a great start to 2020 showing strong improvements in ecosystem growth including: active wallets, staking %, transactions and community. Additionally, we saw a marked increase in mentions not only on social media, but also in top tier publications and across national media in Korea. We expect to keep this momentum to continue throughout the remainder of 2020 but we’re happy to see our efforts noticed by the market right now.
Ricky Dodds
It's great to see $ICX hold up despite the recent volatility and uncertainty in the market. In fact, in Q1 it's one of the best-performing assets in the space (at +87%) outperforming traditional equities by over 100%

$ICX was highlighted as 2nd best performer in Q1 of coins with market value over $100 million.
ICO Analytics
TOP 15 best performing crypto assets in Q1 2020. The assets with market cap $100M+ USD are included in this cart.
$hbar $icx $lsk $bsv $okb $dash $cro $btg $leo $link $ht $xtz $rep $ftt $nem
March Roadmap update
March was another busy month for the core team. We released the IISS 3.0 framework and continued to research its implementation and the respective timing. We also continued to make progress on interchain and our blockchain transmission protocol (BTP). Lastly, we announced that we’ll be releasing our next generation LFT 2.0 consensus algorithm in the coming days!
Our NEXT-GENERATION LFT2 Consensus Algorithm is finally being unveiled to the world after 3 years of research.

📃 LFT2 White Paper
📘 Full Audit Report from KAIST University team
BTP 1.0: Our interoperability technology
BTP 1.0 is the interchain technology allowing the transfer of value and information between private loopchains and our public chain. We are excited to announce that the core team is currently preparing a draft IIP (ICON Improvement Proposal) for BTP 1.0.
  • In the IIP, we will release the overall structure of the BTP technology to the community.
  • We will also be including a demonstration video.
MyID continues to pull away from the pack
Last week, the MyID Alliance added 5 new partners to its MyID consortium, bringing the total number to 57! Highlighting this week’s additions was Bithumb Exchange, one of Korea’s premier crypto exchanges.
“This collaboration with the MyID Alliance will be applied to ID services for employees initially & later to asset management & other services for increased efficiency & privacy.” - Bithumb
Other additions are S-1 Corporation (a Samsung Group subsidiary, security solution provider with a ~$3B market cap, and ~$2B in revenue), Suprema, Arom IT, and TEEware.
MyID highlights:
  • Regulatory support: the only digital identity solution given the regulatory sandbox for use in the broader financial services industry.
  • Technical maturity: loopchain was built from scratch by the ICONLOOP team and has been in use by many enterprise clients over the past several years. Other ID alliances have limited experience building blockchain solutions.
  • Business scope and potential user base: MyID will be able to act as a KYC identity and be used to open financial accounts. Additionally, it can store other ‘life accrued’ data such as work experience, certifications, and even health care data to utilize with other third-party verifiers. No other ID alliance has this broad of a business scope or potential user base.
For more details on MyID check out Newsletter #9: MyID vs. Competition.
In case you missed it:
We announced a new initiative to provide monthly grant updates to keep the community informed of the initiatives ICON Foundation is funding with its Representative rewards.
  • Foundation is committed to reinvesting 100% of its Representative rewards into the ecosystem.
  • Each month, we’ll take a closer look at the Foundation approved grants, their respective progress against expectations, and updates to periodic reporting status.
Below is the March update!
ICON Monthly Grant Recap — March 2020 - Hello ICON World - Medium
ICON, deconstructed - Hello ICON World - Medium
ICX Station Partners with ICON Hyperconnect to launch ICX Station Seoul Launchpad
We are very pleased to announce that @Brad_Laurie has become an ICONPLUS ambassador!

Blockchain Brad is a well respected Blockchain and Crypto Educator and we look forward to the work we will do together to strengthen and grow ICONPLUS and the #ICON Network!

Welcome Brad!
Brad Laurie
I have known the @helloiconworld team since they started & I'm keen to support #ICONPLUS as they endeavour to educate about #ICON, #blockchain and #crypto more generally. For those wondering, this isn't one of those 'lucrative ambassador deals', it's about education & support. 🙏
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