The Shock of the Now

By Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator

Weekly Featured Exhibitions, Recommended Exhibitions & Artist Opportunities

Weekly Featured Exhibitions, Recommended Exhibitions & Artist Opportunities

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The Shock of the Now - Issue #52

'Introducing: Nuno Gil, Dene Leigh, Lydia Makin and Ioana Maria Sisea' Group Exhibition - rosenfeld, Fitzrovia (3rd August - 8th October, opening Wednesday 3rd August, 6:30-8:30)Gallery rosenfeld presents four emerging artists: Nuno Gil (above), Dene Leigh, L…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #51

Following hot on the heels of 'First Light', our recent two-person outing at Collective Ending HQ of Lewis Brander and Sonya Derviz, Lewis' eponymous debut solo exhibition takes as its point of departure the two smallest works from that previous show, Heatwav…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #50

Last weekend I made a slightly mistimed pilgrimage back to my hometown of Bristol, and had to avoid the annual influx of nautical nuts and weekend revellers at the city's Harbour Festival in order to catch the fleeting final moments of Tanoa Sasraku's solo ex…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #49

Upon enrolling at the Royal Academy Schools in 2017, Harminder Judge's aim was to initiate an art-making practice more akin to a dutiful daily spiritual practice, one economically sustainable and without any unnecessary engagement with the wider art world at …


The Shock of the Now - Issue #48

Georgia Dickie allows her art practice to be led by the availability and variety of found objects or discarded debris that she saves from the streets of her hometime Toronto, Canada. It is unsurprising, therefore, that with the scope of such scavenging restri…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #47

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Matilda, with her oversized aureate ears and fierce fringe, welcomes viewers to complete the composition with the addition of their own visage. Emblematic of an interdisciplinary practice that encompasses monumental murals, immersi…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #46

Kira Freije's maudlin metal mannequins make ready for an imminent meteor strike, awaiting that world-ending event, an approaching apocalypse. Barefoot figures cower, slump in surrender or sport pious poses, praying to an omnipotent higher power for salvation,…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #45

Dust is particularly prevalent in Sandra Poulson's native Luanda. Sand too, due in part to the Angolan capital's coastal, Sub-Saharan setting, as well as the debated deliberate underdevelopment of the country during its colonial conquest and period as an over…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #44

Change is afoot at Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham, as Natalia González Martín presents the latest in a long lineage of artistic interpretations of Ovid's magnus opus, The Metamorphoses. The lengthy Latin narrative poem, that traces a brief history of the Gre…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #43

I spent much of the third lockdown with the weighty logistical load of organising, alongside Billy Fraser, the exhibition Old Friends, New Friends, a forty artist extravaganza at Collective Ending HQ that sought to celebrate and spotlight a selection of artis…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #42

In The Crane at the Bottom of the Sea Luisa Me present feelings and findings from their exploration into our ever-expanding cityscapes, supposed urban utopianism and the sun's role as an omnipresent deity that oversees our search for community and human conne…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #41

Modular trichromatic murals set the stage for 'Song to the Siren', where Rafał Zajko transports the viewer to a Modernist mission control in keeping with his ongoing exploration into the innate queerness of science-fiction and the artistic possibilities of sc…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #40

'The Last Cowboys' at once continues Eva Gold's questioning of that all-American archetype's inherent contradictions, and introduces another subcultural staple that exists at a comparably contested cultural crossroads, the leather jacket. A shiny steel Stetso…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #39

A portrait of Dora Maar, painted by Emma Fineman during her residency at Porthmeor Studio in those uncertain early stages of the pandemic, portrays Picasso's one-time partner and muse sitting sorrowfully, staring directly ahead flanked by a window frame and w…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #38

Back in pre-pandemic 2019, I visited the Royal Academy Schools' customary Premiums interim exhibition, a chance to peek behind the curtain and glimpse artists at the halfway mark of their postgraduate study. Alongside firm favourites such as Harminder Judge, …


The Shock of the Now - Issue #37

It is perhaps both a blessing and a curse that Flo Brooks' studio overlooks the local recreation ground, that verdant pinnacle of liminal communal space, accessible to the public but kept a watchful eye over by police or park services and controlled, sometime…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #36

Book Six of Ovid's Metamorphoses, the epic poem and mainstay of Greek mythology, tells the tale of Arachne, a young shepherd's daughter with a keen interest in weaving who, after being challenged to a contest by Athena, the goddess of wisdom and crafts, was d…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #35

Having successfully navigated both airport security and customs with three suitcases full of artwork in tow - despite raising suspicions and requiring inspections of certain sculptures - Collective Ending arrived in Milan to take part in co_atto, an alternati…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #34

On the 6th August 1988, the first in a three-part exhibition series of students and recent alumni from Goldsmiths art school opened to little fanfare in a semi-derelict London Port Authority building at Surrey Docks. Spearheaded by Damien Hirst, then an unkno…


The Shock of the Now - Issue #33

At Niru Ratnam in Soho, Courage The Cowardly Dog puts on his signature frightened frown in one of Vilte Fuller's vignettes. An enduring cultural icon of the late 90s and early 00s, Courage's animated origin story - orphaned as a puppy and adopted by an elderl…