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The Shock of the Now - Issue #47

Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Afternoon All,
I hope you’re all well and welcome to Issue 47 of The Shock of the Now.
This issue’s Featured Exhibition is Saelia Aparicio’s latest solo exhibition ‘a sentient space’ at Gallery Fumi in Mayfair, a playful and poignant example of art’s ability to be fun, funny and functional all at once.
There are also eight weekly Recommended Exhibitions and five fresh Artist Opportunities.
I hope you enjoy Issue 47, and if so do forward it along! As always any questions, comments or feedback are welcome, so feel free to get in touch.
All the best, and speak soon, H x

Featured Exhibition: Saelia Aparicio - 'a sentient space' - Gallery FUMI
Mirror, mirror on the wall, Matilda, with her oversized aureate ears and fierce fringe, welcomes viewers to complete the composition with the addition of their own visage. Emblematic of an interdisciplinary practice that encompasses monumental murals, immersive installations and emotive moving-image, Saelia Aparicio presents the perfect marriage of the functional and the sculptural at Gallery FUMI. Accompanied by a mural that wraps the gallery space’s central column and sees the artist’s signature señoras convene in a supportive embrace, each anthropomorphic artwork or objet d'art embodies a sentimental sentience implied by the exhibition’s title, as if blessed with the power of perception and overflowing with felt feelings. The somewhat cartoonish characters, with their inflated facial features and stylised silhouettes, and indicative of Aparicio’s artistic and academic engagement with humanity’s historic attempts to comprehend our chaotic and complex corporeality.
Alongside a chic ash and stone shelving unit made in collaboration with Aparicio’s sister Attua, herself an accomplished artist and designer, and charming clay figurines that cuddle and cradle bulbs hand-blown by Jochen Holz, a specialist in lampworked glassware, a nude figure squats to form a fireplace. She peeks cheekily over one shoulder, perhaps threatening to extinguish the anxious-looking flame, Aidan, by relieving herself (a practice particularly prevalent around festival campfires). 
Aparicio’s caricatured chairs are scattered throughout the space, composed of individual or pairs of women contorted, compressed or concertinaed into a strengthened, cuboid seat. Accidentally initiated after the fortuitous folding of a discarded drawing, the ongoing series could be considered the emancipated antithesis to Allen Jones’ much-maligned female-as-furniture from the 1960s. Still the subject of contemporary critique and debate, those sculptures are, as The Guardian’s Zoe Williams noted, “so influential that almost no image of woman-as-object or woman-as-other-object can be created, even 40 years later, that doesn’t nod to them.”*
Many of Aparacio’s artworks are titled to reflect her family members, close friends and fellow artists, while others acknowledge the artist’s myriad of mythological, pop-cultural or folkloric influences, including Lola Flores, the Spanish singer, actress, bailaora and jewel in the crowd of Andalusian culture; Prometheus and Persephone, Grecian deities of fire and the underworld respectively; and Rapunzel, that fairy tale fair maiden with long golden locks, chaste and cruelly interned to a turret.
A second mirror, Sheela Na Gig, takes its name from those 12th-century carvings, architectural adornments to cathedrals and castles throughout Britain and Ireland, that depict women manually dilating their already exaggerated vulvas. Such yonic statues, previously referenced and reinterpreted by Sarah Lucas, have been the subject of recent feminist reappropriation. Previously thought to ward off evil spirits or warn against lust and lasciviousness, they are now praised for their unapologetic and positive portrayal of female sexuality, as icons of empowerment. Aparicio’s Sheela, therefore, appears wide-armed and open-legged, the resultant reflective void entirely encircled by the gleeful, grinning grotesque. 
*‘Is Allen Jones’s sculpture the most sexist art ever?’, Zoe Williams, The Guardian, 10th November 2014
Recommended Exhibitions Opening This Week:
James Owens - ‘Dreaming of UFOs’ Solo Exhibition - Lychee One, London Fields (29th June - 30th July, opening Wednesday 29th June, 4-8pm)
Lychee One presents James Owens‘ latest solo exhibition 'Dreaming of UFOs’, accompanied by a text from writer/curator Anna Souter.
“Through psychologically charged expressions of emotional states, the artist’s paintings of luminous nocturnal scenes suggest the power of mystery and anticipation. The show’s title draws on Owens’ experiences of following online communities of UFO watchers. In reading accounts of UFO sightings, he has been struck by how the descriptions of encounters are often authentically sincere and enthusiastic; the emotion invested in the narratives could not be invented. Following a path of curious enquiry, Owens has come to see UFOs as symbols of contemporary mythology and as vehicles for storytelling.” - Anna Souter
David Rickard - ‘Landfall’ Solo Exhibition - Copperfield, Southwark (29th June - 6th August, opening Wednesday 19th June, 6-8:30pm)
Copperfield presents ‘Landfall’, David Rickard‘s third solo exhibition with the gallery. The word Landfall refers to the arrival on land from the sea and also the instability of the land itself within a landslide or rockfall. The exhibition brings together new work by Rickard to offer re-readings of our place between fluid boundaries, navigating our shifting status within ocean currents, political turmoil, and quantum waves.
Rene Matić - ‘soul time’ Solo Exhibition - Studio Voltaire, Clapham (30th June - 23th July, opening Thursday 30th July)
House of Voltaire presents Rene Matić, ‘soul time’, a new, immersive installation at Studio Voltaire‘s Project Studio. Matić’s distinct visual language employs dance and music movements such as Northern soul, Ska and 2-Tone as sites to queer and re-imagine the intimacies between West Indian and white working-class culture in Britain. soul time takes its name from the 1966 Northern Soul song by Shirley Ellis – a title that has since been used as an idiom to describe practices of self-preservation and prayer.
‘The London Open 2022’ Group Exhibition - The Whitechapel Gallery, Whitechapel (30th June - 4th September, opening Thursday 30th June)
The Whitechapel Gallery presents ‘The London Open 2022’, their triennial exhibition showcasing the most dynamic talent from across the capital. Discover new work reflecting on topics ranging from the personal to the collective, the cathartic to the poetic, the political to the environmental. Running since 1932, this much-celebrated open submission show features 46 London-based artists working across painting, sculpture, moving image, installation and performance.
The London Open 2022 artists are: Chloe Abrahams, Baff Akoto, Nicole Bachmann, Jordan Baseman, Helen Benigson, Hazel Brill, Gareth Cadwallader, Rory Cahill and George Mackness, Gerard Ortín Castellví, Ami Clarke, William Cobbing, Maria Roy Deulofeu, Sonya Dyer, Eva Fàbregas, Jason File, Beth Fox, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Ian Giles, Patrick Goddard, Sunil Gupta, Eloise Hawser, Henry/Bragg, Sandi Hudson-Francis, Asuf Ishaq, Marija Bozinovska Jones, Julianknxx, Juliana Kasumu, Marianne Keating, Seema Khalique, Dawoon Kim, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Paula Morison, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Janette Parris, Will Pham, Madeleine Pledge, Candida Powell-Williams, Hussina Raja, Mohammed Sami, Inês Neto dos Santos, Peter Spanjer, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Milly Thompson, Ben Yau, Abbas Zahedi, Rafał Zajko (above).
Sholto Blissett - ‘Ship of Fools’ Solo Exhibition - Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham (2nd July - 15th August, opening Friday 1st July, 5-8pm)
Hannah Barry Gallery presents Sholto Blissett‘s solo exhibition 'Ship of Fools’. Growing up in a small village in the south of England surrounded by the ancient sites of Stonehenge and Avebury stone circle, Blissett has always had an interest in the fictions societies create to understand their place in nature. His large-scale imaginary landscapes explore the collapsing division of the human and nonhuman, an increasingly urgent issue in the current climate crisis of the Anthropocene.
Bloat Collective x All Terrain Training - ‘BLO.ATT’ Duo Exhibition - Collective Ending HQ, Deptford (2nd - 23rd July, opening Saturday 2nd July, 5-10pm)
Collective Ending presents BLO.ATT, an exhibition of two collectives BLOAT and ALL TERRAIN TRAINING (ATT). The exhibition will culminate with a closing event on Saturday 23rd July, with a performance between 7-9pm.
Postgraduate Fine Art Degree Show 2022 - Camberwell College of Arts, Camberwell (4th - 7th July, opening Tuesday 5th July, 6-9pm)
Camberwell College of Arts presents their 2022 Postgraduate Fine Art Degree Shows, with exhibiting students from MA Fine Art: Computational Arts, MA Fine Art: Drawing, MA Fine Art: Painting, MA Fine Art: Photography, MA Fine Art: Printmaking & MA Fine Art: Sculpture.
Postgraduate Fine Art Degree Show 2022 - Chelsea College of Arts, Pimlico (5th - 9th July, opening Monday 4th July, 6-9pm)
Chelsea College of Arts presents their 2022 Postgraduate Fine Art Degree Shows, with exhibiting students from MA Fine Art & MA Curating and Collections.
Artist Opportunities:
The Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that administers intellectual property rights on behalf of visual artists. ACS is offering an artist the chance to win £4,500 to contribute to the cost of an artist’s studio in the UK. If you are a UK or EEA national and are an undergraduate or postgraduate university student on an accredited art course who is about to graduate, or if you have graduated from a university accredited art course within the last four years, and you work in pictures, collage, painting, sculpture, tapestry, ceramics, glassware or photography, then you are eligible to apply for the prize.
@Disturbance is an interdisciplinary, experimental artistic residency and development programme that aims at challenging power dynamics offering a platform for new representations of genders, bodies, identities and sexualities. It champions and supports emerging LGBTQIA+ artists to blend physical and digital elements into their work. Each residency ends with a public performance, showcased live from Ugly Duck and online. @Disturbance are looking for 3 performance artists, 3 video artists and 1 digital artist.
Mass Correspondence Course is an innovative distance-learning programme of online mentoring facilitated through critical, supportive written reviews by a dedicated mentor. The course is aimed at sculptors based anywhere in the world and at any stage in their career who want to develop or reinvigorate their work, whether recently graduated from art school or those without any formal arts education. 
Turps Correspondence Course is an innovative programme of online mentoring facilitated through critical, supportive written reviews delivered by a dedicated mentor. The course is aimed at painters who want to develop or reinvigorate their work, whether recently graduated from art school, mid-career or those without any formal arts education. The course is designed and structured to be delivered entirely online so that painters, based anywhere in the world and at any stage in their career, can participate and receive informed, critical feedback from a mentor who is a practising painter selected by Turps. There are 5 review points throughout the year when you will be required to upload images of your work and a short statement or ‘letter’ to your mentor. Your mentor will then review what has been uploaded and write their response. It is a very different type of feedback from more conventional face-to-face tutorials but we believe this is what makes the correspondence course such an appealing and sought after professional development course.
REVIVE and Greenwich Cultural Services are pleased to announce a grant of around € 30,000 for visual artists and creatives, for a commissioned work to be installed by June 2024.
Revive is looking for a freestanding permanent and outdoor piece to occupy and compliment the old Marie Thumas factory. The art piece will be positioned on the front terrace, having a lot of visibility to users, visitors and passers-by, while also becoming part of the identity the project. Therefore, it would be crucial to envision an artwork with a strong presence. While the main goal is to add an artistic element with values that relate to both the project and Revive as a company, the position is open to freedom.
Applications are now open for a new research residency programme developed in a new collaboration between Two Temple Place and curators Eric Thorp and Nicholas Stavri (Thorp Stavri). The research residency has been designed to support 10 early-career visual artists over five days in August 2022. It offers time and space in Two Temple Place, a historically significant heritage building and cultural venue in central London, a bursary and a series of talks underpinned by robust support and mentoring. With a view to developing new creative explorations, the residency is likely to culminate in an exhibition and programme of events slated for spring 2023 at Two Temple Place, and based on the artists’ findings during the residency.
FLAMIN Animations is a commissioning programme for early-career black-identifying artist animators living in the UK. Run by Film London and Arts Council England, the programme aims to support artist animators as they take their first steps into a career working with the moving image, with development support and funding for new work. Launched in 2021, the inaugural round of commissions saw four new 1-3 minute animations made and showcased at London’s Picturehouse Central.
Are you a new writer looking to develop as a critic? Interested in exploring different approaches to writing about art and searching for tips on how to get published? Applications are now open for Frieze New Writers 2022: a free-to-attend, three-day intensive course taking place from Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October, where a group of aspiring writers will have the opportunity to develop their skills with support from the Frieze editorial team and our wider network of art-world professionals.
In a series of workshops, the groups will be given practical advice on how and where to pitch, interview techniques and what makes a great profile or review. Gallery and studio visits will give participants insights into the art world and the people who shape it. The course is open to unpublished writers over the age of 18 from across the UK and Ireland. All participants will have full expenses covered, including travel, food and accommodation.
Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop are now accepting applications for their Solo Residency (15th August - 28th October 2022 with a Solo Residency Exhibition from 3rd - 11th November). By applying, artists are automatically added to their database for future residency programmes.
The gallery is offering one artist access for three months to one of its spectacular 350 ft² (35m²) studio spaces, with both natural and professional lighting. Working above the gallery space, the successful applicant has the opportunity to network with artists, curators, collectors and the wider public whilst visiting ongoing exhibitions and events organised in the gallery. The residency programme also provides guidance and promotion through our channels and network, as well as the Solo Residency Exhibition organised in the studio space upstairs.
Drawing Room invites proposals that examine critical issues around contemporary drawing. They offer postgraduate students and scholars the chance to field test and peer-review research, and to network and engage with a wider community of academics and specialists. They are now inviting proposals of a high quality that reflect a strong research focus. Proposals should include a summary of your research, outline the key questions it raises and how these will be addressed by your project. Proposals must have an explicit connection to drawing, and discuss why the medium of drawing specifically has been utilised in your research. Selected papers will be presented at the next Drawing Research Forum in September 2022.
The Burlington Contemporary Art Writing Prize seeks to discover talented writers on contemporary art. The winner of the Prize receives £1,000, their review is published on Burlington Contemporary and they have the opportunity to publish a review of a future contemporary art exhibition in The Burlington Magazine. 
Entrants must have published no more than six pieces of writing in print or online prior to their submission. This does not include personal blogs and websites. ‘Contemporary’ is defined as art produced since 2000. There is no age limit for applicants. To enter the prize, entrants should submit one unpublished review of a contemporary art exhibition by the specified deadline. The exhibition under review should be current or have closed within the last six months at the date of submission. The review must be no more than 1,000 words in length and accompanied by up to three low-resolution images.
Founded by artist Anna Woodward, collector Sam Senchal and property expert Scott Franklin, Good Eye Projects will host six artists per residency at their studio spaces in Hammersmith. There are currently three residency periods scheduled, including Autumn (12th September - 4th December), Spring (6th February - 7th May) and Summer (15th May -20th). Each residency will culminate in a group exhibition. To apply, send a c. 250-word artist statement; 5 JPEG images of artworks that best represent your practice; a c. 100-word statement on how the residency will benefit you, how you plan to use it and how many days per week you’ll be able to use the studio; and relevant links to your website/Instagram to
The Fringe is a celebration of the area’s art scene, bringing together artists, community groups and students. Over the course of the festival, the Fringe will take over Deptford, placing art in unexpected locations, rooted into the fabric of everyday lives. This year, Deptford X are encouraging Fringe artists to congregate their projects as close as possible to Deptford High Street, creating a hub for a vibrant range of activities for the much-anticipated return of the festival. It will extend across indoor and outdoor spaces motivated by the statement ‘We’re Here for Art’. We are also interested in Fringe projects related to gardening practices seeking to work with a community space. Deptford X is a festival for all and we particularly welcome participation by artists from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and by artists with disabilities.
Arnis Residency is an annual residency programme for contemporary artists on a peninsula in Northern Germany, taking place from 18 September – 03 October 2022. It encourages engagement with the region’s local and remote context in order to encounter a world characterised by connections and flows beyond cities. Arnis Residency offers accommodation, food, sailing trips and swims in the Schlei for the duration of two weeks. Each resident is provided an individual room as well as a space to work in locations suitable to one’s project (a small studio space, a shed, and a sailing boat). Each applicant will have access to a travel allowance of 100€ and a small production stipend of 50€.
PADA is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation based in Barreiro in Lisbon’s South Bay, located within the old Companhia União Fabril (CUF) industrial park. Create in 2018, PADA provides artists a space to develop their practice, interact with other artists, and explore new approaches in a post-industrial environment. The PADA Residency Programme is run in conjunction with the Studio & Gallery Programmes. By providing studios for local artists alongside the residency, we aim to encourage the interaction of national and international artists. Artists-in-Residence benefit from the mutual exchange across art forms and the post-industrial surrounding. The residency periods for 2023 are as follows: 1st February - 28th February, 3rd March - 30th March, 3rd April - 1st May, 4th May - 31st May, 6th June - 4th July, 6th July - 2nd August, 4th August - 31th August, 4th September - 2nd October, 5th October - 1st November and 3rd November - 30th November.
Forma is inviting proposals for Oasis: a socially engaged curatorial project or short cultural programme that will take place at FormaHQ between September 2022 and April 2023. Aimed at individuals and groups who want to develop their creative practice, Oasis is an opportunity to explore research interests and deliver socially engaged activities in collaboration with Forma’s team and our local audiences in London. A fixed bursary of £15,000 is available.
Oasis takes its name from the research and conversations initiated by the lead creatives in the redevelopment of Peveril Gardens and FormaHQ. Led by consultation with local residents and driven by Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri’s vision for a new oasis of nature and culture on the edge of central London, the aim was to transform the underused site into a purposeful and beautiful meeting point for both artists and local residents. This Open Call is for a curatorial or artistic project or cultural programme that embraces Kuri’s vision of an oasis – a safe place where creatives and local residents can take part in cultural activities and enjoy the benefits of our new Peveril Gardens.
Voodoo4u is looking for performers, sound artists, musicians, dancers, DJs or any other creatives who would like to participate in the second official event of Voodoo4u! All the performers during the event will wear customize outfits made by Voodoo and other fashion designers. The event will take place in an art venue in Shoreditch, London on the 8th of October 2022. Please submit your application by sending a proposal/idea of your performance that you would like to present with some visual/sound materials of your previous work to
The East London Art Prize is an all-media art prize designed to showcase the talent of artists working and living in east London, with an accompanying event programme supporting artists’ careers and opportunities. Proudly sponsored by Minerva, the winner receives a career-changing cash prize of £15,000 and a solo exhibition at Bow Arts’ Nunnery Gallery. The runner-up second prize is a year’s studio space with Bow Arts. 
The prize is open to any artist living or working within an ‘E’ postcode, encompassing E1-E20, SE1-SE28 and EC1-EC4. Submitting artists should hold an arts degree, equivalent arts qualification or be able to show demonstrable commitment to their artistic practice. Artist collectives/joint submissions are accepted. All media types are accepted, including (but not limited to!) painting, print, drawing, sculpture, digital, film, audio, ceramics, textiles and performance.
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Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator

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