The Shock of the Now

By Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator

The Shock of the Now - Issue #40



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Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Afternoon All,
I hope you’re all well and welcome to Issue 40 of The Shock of the Now.
This issue’s Featured Exhibition is Eva Gold’s solo exhibition ‘The Last Cowboys’ at Ginny on Frederick. London art audiences have been spoilt recently with Eva’s inclusion in group exhibitions at Moarain House (‘SEX’, early this year) and Nicolleti Contemporary (‘not before it has forgotten you’, open until Sunday), and this solo exhibition offers the chance to witness her singular vision at work!
There are also eight weekly Recommended Exhibitions and two fresh Artist Opportunities.
I hope you enjoy Issue 40, and if so do forward it along! As always any questions, comments or feedback are welcome, so feel free to get in touch.
All the best, and speak soon, H x

Featured Exhibition: Eva Gold - 'The Last Cowboys' Solo Exhibition - Ginny on Frederick
‘The Last Cowboys’ at once continues Eva Gold‘s questioning of that all-American archetype’s inherent contradictions, and introduces another subcultural staple that exists at a comparably contested cultural crossroads, the leather jacket. A shiny steel Stetson and latex lasso (the latter complete with hoop earrings retrieved from the defiled floors of nightclub toilets), exhibited recently at Moarain House, exemplify that heteronormative icon of mythic masculinity’s increased cooption by the queer community. The Marlboro Man cigarette mascot that once ruggedly rode Richard Prince’s repurposed promotional posters has made way for Brokeback Mountain’s homosexuality sheep-herders, Tom of Finland’s erotic illustrations or Jim French’s fetishised photography and contemporary musicians such as Orville Peck, the queer country singer whose cowboy caricature aids his anonymity, and Lil Nas X, whose all pink ensemble at the 2020 Grammy Awards mixed cowpoke couture with buckled bondage-wear. Meanwhile, the leather jacket, a firm favourite of greasers, biker gangs, mobsters and metalheads, is already imbued with notions of performative power dynamics and mock-machismo, as well as established associations with the leather bar scene, sexual kink and leather fetishism. 
Gold regularly returns to subject matter and materials that conjure connotations to kink, fetish-wear and BDSM practices, and the manual manipulation reacquired to render from rubber roofing membrane the replica leather jackets that line Ginny on Frederick, the painful painstaking stitching of such a stubborn unmalleable medium, simulates self-imposed masochism. Attention to olfactory elements is too indicative of the artist’s practice, and so the pungent smell of rubber permeates the space, tapping into our strongest sense-memory as it pervades each visitor’s nostrils with a scent profile where smoke, sex and sweat seem to coalesce.
Many of Gold’s artworks are figurative yet figure-less, with bodies conspicuous by their absence. Here the huddle of well-hung jackets imply a missing mass of men, perhaps paying a visit to the male-only sex club sketched by Gold in a drawing currently on display at Nicolleti Contemporary. That small tiled space bears an uncanny resemblance to Ginny on Frederick’s former sandwich shop, which also evokes changing rooms and public toilets, historically sites of communal, anonymous sexual encounters.
Such subterranean sex clubs and subversive sexual practices, increasingly condemned due to the society’s continued sanitisation of sexual subcultures, are suggested by the two illuminated lightboxes that bathe the gallery in an alluring, almost lustful, Gatsby-esque green glow. One advertises being open ‘24 Hours’, a statement true of Gold’s exhibition that is indeed viewable at all hours via the gallery’s glass frontage, duly duping late-night revellers with empty promises of illicit adventure.
Recommended Exhibitions Opening This Week:
Michael Dean - ‘Jungle is Massive’ Solo Exhibition - Herald St, Bethnal Green (12th May - 2nd July, opening Wednesday 11th May, 6:30-8:30pm)
Herald St presents Michael Dean‘s latest solo exhibition 'Jungle is Massive’, as well as ‘Bear Threads in Ffffucksake Major’, a string quartet by the artist for London Gallery Weekend East End Day (Sunday 15th May, 3pm).
Ufuoma Essi - ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ Solo Exhibition + Anousha Payne & Laila Tara H - ‘Tangled toes, twisted ears’ Two-Person Exhibition - Public Gallery, Liverpool Street (11th May - 11th June, opening Wednesday 11th, 6-8pm)
Public Gallery is pleased to present ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, a solo exhibition by London based artist Ufuoma Essi and ‘Tangled toes, twisted ears’, a duo exhibition by London based artists Anousha Payne and Laila Tara H (above).
Displayed across three large scale projections Essi’s experimental film - from which the exhibition takes its name - works with appropriated video footage to explore the relationship between Black women’s collective experience with music, history, and the act of reclamation.
Through a new body of work created in dialogue, both Anousha Payne and Laila Tara H explore the act of storytelling. Dissecting the linear narratives to which their practices and characters have been bound, they in turn reveal an unrestricted freedom of identity.
Siggi Sekira - ‘Parties to cover the silence’ Solo Exhibition - South Parade, Deptford (12th May - 18th June, opening Thursday 12th May, 5-8pm)
South Parade is pleased to present ‘Parties to cover the silence’, a solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures and works on paper by Ukrainian born, Vienna based artist, Siggi Sekira. Known for her work with ceramics and coloured pencil drawings; they create the shared ground of her interior and external world. This creative space draws on her childhood, Ukrainian mythology, the 1900 Wiener Werkstatte movement (Vienna Workshop), Soviet avant-garde, and the spread of Western pop-culture after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Sandra Poulson - ‘Economy of the Dust’ Solo Exhibition - V.O Curations, Mayfair (12th May - 30th June, opening Thursday 12th May, 6-8pm)
V.O Curations present Sandra Poulson‘s solo exhibition 'Economy of the Dust’. Developed during her residency at V.O Curations, the exhibition will present a series of new works, which draw from the artist’s personal experience of growing up in Luanda — speaking to the social and economic landscape of the city, and reflecting upon its accidental gifts. 
Nour el Saleh - ‘Underfoot’ Solo Exhibition + Lonnie Holley - The Growth of Communication Solo Exhibition - Edel Assanti, Fitzrovia (13th May - 2nd July, opening Thursday 12th May, 6-8pm, performance 7:30pm)
Edel Assanti is pleased to present ‘Underfoot’, a solo exhibition by Nour el Saleh (above), and ‘The Growth of Communication’, Lonnie Holley’s first exhibition with the gallery.
Holley’s interdisciplinary practice encompasses sculpture, painting, photography, filmmaking, performance and music. Holley’s found mediums are imbued with cultural and artistic metaphor, combined into sculptures that commemorate and give narrative to places, people and events. ‘The Growth of Communication’ consists primarily of works made over the course of Holley’s recent trips to the UK, sourcing and salvaging materials and inspiration from his travels across the country. The works were assembled in Suffolk during the artist’s residency there in February, at which time he concurrently produced a commission with Artangel, performing and filming on Orford Ness.
‘Underfoot’ contemplates life in the extremities deep below or high above ground level. Strategically eluding the notions of heaven and hell, the artist imaginatively tunnels hypothetical ecosystems that could exist at those magnitudes. El Saleh’s terrains seethe with hyper interconnectivity. Bodies, animal and human, indiscriminately meld into each other and are inseparable from the land they inhabit. In these dramatic ‘nonscapes’, where land burns and skies are livid, el Saleh draws on the genre of epic religious imagery traditionally employed to illustrate transcendent worlds of retribution or emancipation.
Natalia González Martín - ‘A change (would do you good)’ Solo Exhibition - Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham (13th May - 25th June, opening Friday 13th May, 2-8pm)
Hannah Barry Gallery‘s presents Natalia González Martín’s solo exhibition 'A change (would do you good)’, which examines the enduring power and symbolism of mythology through a reading and reimagination of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, bringing together ancient and contemporary worlds, mythic stories with popular culture and subtle imprints of her own personal experience.
Brian Dawn Chalkley - ‘The Pictorial Space of Poetic Horror’ Solo Exhibition - Lungley Gallery, Fitzrovia (13th May - 11th June, opening Friday 13th May, 11am-8pm)
Lungley Gallery presents Brian Dawn Chalkley‘s latest solo exhibition 'The Pictorial Space of Poetic Horror’, the inaugural exhibition at the gallery’s new 53 Great Portland Street location.
Artist Opportunities:
Each year, The Swiss Church in London hosts a 3-month arts residency as part of their annual art programme. Artists, collectives, curators, performers, and musicians of all artistic disciplines based in the UK are encouraged to apply. The residency is open to everyone of all backgrounds, faiths, genders and sexualities. The Swiss Church is looking for a socially inclusive project which relates to one or more aspect/s of the church, whether it be the value in the community, ideas surrounding faith, migration, social and political issues or even the unique architecture of their building. The Swiss Church in London runs the Artist in Residency programme as an avenue to support artists and curators by providing them with the rare opportunity to work and showcase their work in central London. The chosen applicant(s) for the residency will receive a stipend of £1,500 to support their project. The Residency will run from August to October 2022.
Film London and Arts Council England present The FLAMIN Fellowship, a major scheme for early-career artist filmmakers living in England. Part of Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), the Fellowship aims to support the most exciting, innovative and challenging moving image practices from filmmakers at the early stages of their careers, with development and funding for new work. The FLAMIN Fellowship offers a unique opportunity in developing professional artistic practice with a series of monthly workshops, which cover key areas including selling artwork, film festival strategy, writing funding applications, archiving your work, sound design, insurance, copyright and sustaining a practice.
Submissions are now open for the Village Books curated SCREW Gallery billboard. There is no theme. One image will be chosen, but applicants are welcome to submit up to 1-5 images of any medium of image-based artwork (photography, illustration, video stills, painting, collage etc) in portrait format to be displayed on the side of the gallery in Summer 2022. The selected artist will be paid an £80 fee for their participation, with all printing costs covered by Village/SCREW. The banner size is double A0 so a ratio of 1.414:1 however can be accommodated with a border or a tigger crop if the artist allows. Email all submissions as low-res jpegs with the heading ‘SCREW billboard submission’ to This programme is supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council 
Applications are now open for a new residency programme developed in collaboration with Jerwood Arts and defined to support three early-career visual artists over a period of 18-months. The programme offers studio space in central London, a bursary and project budget to develop a new work to be presented in the Somerset House programme. In addition, artists will receive support and mentoring from the artist community along with wider Somerset House Studios residency benefits, all focused towards developing a sustainable professional practice for the long term. The opportunity is open to early-career visual artists within the first five years of their practice, with a focus on artists who are pushing bold ideas, engaging with urgent issues and pioneering new technologies.
Open School East are seeking applications from emerging artists, makers, producers, researchers and writers of all generations to join the tenth year of Open School East’s independent, self-directed and outward-facing development programme. As an organisation committed to anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ rights and neuro-inclusion, they particularly welcome applications from individuals who identify with this ethos. The Associates Programme is a free development programme offering a critical, informal and non-competitive environment in which to develop your practice and expand your networks. The programme is run according to principles of collaboration, experimentation and openness, and welcomes those who engage with these notions in different ways. The Associates Programme runs for a year and is principally self-directed, creating platforms to experiment and meet long-lasting collaborators and peers.
OUTPOST is delighted to announce the selector of the 2022 Members Show is artist and filmmaker Amartey Golding. Choosing to work within mediums that he is not traditionally trained in, Golding’s work incorporates wig making, ballet and the making of chain mail. Born and raised Rastafarian, Amartey uses the personal context and introspective process to explore the contradictory fabric of the human condition. Facilitated by OUTPOST, Golding will be seeking to showcase the diversity of work contained within the Members’ archive. To be selected you must be an OUTPOST Member. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 26 August to Sunday 9 October 2022.
A Space For Art and The Hari Hotel present The Hari Art Prize. The award will be open to all applicants who are self-taught or have graduated in the last two years (2020-2022) from UK art colleges from 4 April until 30 May 2022. A shortlist of artists will be chosen by A Space For Art and an elite panel of judges. Artwork from the shortlisted artists will be showcased at the hotel in an exclusive exhibition from 1 September 2022 until February 2023. The overall winner will be awarded a £10,000 cash grant, generously donated by Dr. Aron Harilela. The two runners up will receive the opportunity to become the next Artists in Residence based at The Hari from January to February 2023, followed by an exhibition of their work at the London hotel. All three finalists will have their work exhibited at The Hari’s newest hotel in Hong Kong.
An open call for projects by Black and People of Colour artists from Lewisham that will be selected by a jury and supported by the festival financially and curatorially. Launched in 2019, Supported is intended to widen access to participation in the festival by providing funding, production, and curatorial support to successful applicants. Applications from people based outside of our local borough will also be considered, provided they can demonstrate how their work will resonate with our geographical context.
Entry is now open for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2022. Open to all, it is the leading international competition and celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary photography. The winner of the competition will receive £15,000. In addition, the judges, at their discretion, will award cash prizes to one or more of the shortlisted photographers. The prize winners and exhibition selection are judged on an equal and anonymous basis. In 2021 the exhibition was held at Cromwell Place and featured a total of 54 portraits from 25 artists.
In 2022, the Points International Artist Residency Programme will expand and officially launch a new artist residency in both Wales and London, UK. The new residency space in Wales is due to open in 2022 and is located on the grounds of a seventeenth-century Troy House estate in Monmouthshire. The extensive riverside land will be preserved and transformed to provide exhibition space, artist studios/homes and a Troy House Art research centre, to create a unique ecological environment that encourages diverse, multidisciplinary and experimental contemporary art-making as well as to support artists from around the world to develop their work and research at this location. Points International Artist Residency will invite two international artists for a 1-3 months residency (September - December 2022). The residency will help the artist to develop professionally and build networks as well as provide a supportive environment for research and production. During the residency, Points will organise regular visits and networking events with art world professionals, inviting audiences to discover and access the artists’ studios to foster a greater public engagement as well. The artist-in-residence will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the Foundation’s London space. Points will provide a living allowance of £600 per month, international travel expenses up to £500 and each resident artist will receive a fee of up to £800 for the project (depending on the artist’s final project proposal).
FIELDNOTES is inviting submissions for its fourth issue. They are seeking non-conforming submissions: ideas in transition, poetry in translation, collaborations and conversations, works between genres, between fiction and theory, between text and image, new poetic modes and things-in-progress. FIELDNOTES believe creative work should be paid for and contributors selected from the Open Call will be paid a fee (between £100-£200) for original content not published elsewhere (online or in print). 
V.O Residencies provide emerging and lesser represented artists with the time and space to research and develop new work. The 2022 V.O Residency Programme will host six artists across three sessions, inviting practitioners to experiment and create new work in an open and supportive environment. Residents are provided with free studio space, critical and practical support, the opportunity to present a solo exhibition, and access to useful resources and a broad network of individuals and organisations. V.O aims to bring together diverse voices and encourages applicants from all backgrounds. The V.O Residency Programme is focused on promoting artistic exchange, socially-focused discourse and knowledge production.
V.O Residencies are open to artists in their first five years of professional practice and with less than three solo exhibitions. Each resident is invited to present a solo exhibition or project at V.O Gallery, and will have the possibility of producing a publication or print project related to the work they have developed while in residence.
Exeter Contemporary Open is an annual open submission exhibition, established in 2006 and hosted by Exeter Phoenix, a busy, multi-artform venue and contemporary art space situated in Exeter’s historic city centre. The exhibition aims to provide an important national platform for contemporary visual art with an emphasis on supporting emerging talent alongside more established artists. The exhibition is open to contemporary visual artists working in any media including painting, sculpture, photography, print, drawing, video, mixed and digital media. Each of the artists selected for the exhibition will be eligible for one of several cash prizes: The £1,000 Overall Award, £500 Additional Award and £200 Audience Choice Award – as voted for by visitors over the course of the exhibition. 
The Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University is seeking to appoint two contemporary practitioners to the Stanley Picker Fellowships in Design & Fine Art 2022. Each Fellowship provides up to £16,000 and valuable access to the extensive material workshops, technical resources and expertise within Kingston School of Art and the wider University departments, to support a practice-based, innovative research project that will result in an exhibition of international standing at the Stanley Picker Gallery.
Visions in the Nunnery is the Nunnery Gallery’s renowned showcase of moving image, digital and performance art. The biennial open call is an opportunity to be part of one of the most varied and exciting presentations of moving image in London. Each year they invite lead artists, celebrated for their innovation in the digital field, to head and inspire the exhibition programmes. This year Patrick Goddard and Emily Speed will be leading Visions 2022. Each will be exhibiting work as part of the show, and their thematic ideas will guide the selection process and set the tone for the wider exhibition. 
The Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that administers intellectual property rights on behalf of visual artists. ACS is offering an artist the chance to win £4,500 to contribute to the cost of an artist’s studio in the UK. If you are a UK or EEA national and are an undergraduate or postgraduate university student on an accredited art course who is about to graduate, or if you have graduated from a university accredited art course within the last four years, and you work in pictures, collage, painting, sculpture, tapestry, ceramics, glassware or photography, then you are eligible to apply for the prize.
Mass Correspondence Course is an innovative distance-learning programme of online mentoring facilitated through critical, supportive written reviews by a dedicated mentor. The course is aimed at sculptors based anywhere in the world and at any stage in their career who want to develop or reinvigorate their work, whether recently graduated from art school or those without any formal arts education. 
Turps Correspondence Course is an innovative programme of online mentoring facilitated through critical, supportive written reviews delivered by a dedicated mentor. The course is aimed at painters who want to develop or reinvigorate their work, whether recently graduated from art school, mid-career or those without any formal arts education. The course is designed and structured to be delivered entirely online so that painters, based anywhere in the world and at any stage in their career, can participate and receive informed, critical feedback from a mentor who is a practising painter selected by Turps. There are 5 review points throughout the year when you will be required to upload images of your work and a short statement or ‘letter’ to your mentor. Your mentor will then review what has been uploaded and write their response. It is a very different type of feedback from more conventional face-to-face tutorials but we believe this is what makes the correspondence course such an appealing and sought after professional development course.
FLAMIN Animations is a commissioning programme for early-career black-identifying artist animators living in the UK. Run by Film London and Arts Council England, the programme aims to support artist animators as they take their first steps into a career working with the moving image, with development support and funding for a new work. Launched in 2021, the inaugural round of commissions saw four new 1-3 minute animations made and showcased at London’s Picturehouse Central.
Drawing Room invites proposals that examine critical issues around contemporary drawing. They offer postgraduate students and scholars the chance to field test and peer-review research, and to network and engage with a wider community of academics and specialists. They are now inviting proposals of a high quality that reflect a strong research focus. Proposals should include a summary of your research, outline the key questions it raises and how these will be addressed by your project. Proposals must have an explicit connection to drawing, and discuss why the medium of drawing specifically has been utilised in your research. Selected papers will be presented at the next Drawing Research Forum in September 2022.
The Fringe is a celebration of the area’s art scene, bringing together artists, community groups and students. Over the course of the festival, the Fringe will take over Deptford, placing art in unexpected locations, rooted into the fabric of everyday lives. This year, Deptford X are encouraging Fringe artists to congregate their projects as close as possible to Deptford High Street, creating a hub for a vibrant range of activities for the much-anticipated return of the festival. It will extend across indoor and outdoor spaces motivated by the statement ‘We’re Here for Art’. We are also interested in Fringe projects related to gardening practices seeking to work with a community space. Deptford X is a festival for all and we particularly welcome participation by artists from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and by artists with disabilities.
Personal Projects:
I recently wrote the accompanying text for Luisa Me‘s latest solo exhibition 'The Crane at the Bottom of the Sea’, which opened last night at Roman Road in Bethnal Green, and runs until July 15th.
“Both in the way Luisa Me operates, with one singular artistic practice and vision albeit as a duo, and in their artworks, which whilst firmly figurative are employed to address their cross-disciplinary contemplations and considerations, the pair blur the boundaries between conceptual, representational and narrative art. Displaying an equal interest in the histories and hypotheses that underpin each painting as to the aesthetic or materialistic decision making, they support each subsequent body of work with a deep investigation of their shared ideals and ideas, as well as an intellectual examination of eclectic art historical, literary and cinematic references.”
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Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator

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