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The Shock of the Now - Issue #23

Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Evening All,
Happy New Year! I hope you’re all well, well-rested and welcome to Issue 23 of The Shock of the Now.
This issue’s Featured Exhibition is curatorial extraordinaire Jeanette Gunnarsson’s latest group exhibition ‘Peter Piper Pigged a Pickled Pepper’ at Fitzrovia, featuring an eclectic mix of exciting emerging artists.
There are also 10 weekly Recommended Exhibitions and nine fresh Artist Opportunities.
I hope you enjoy Issue 23, and if so do forward it along! As always any questions, comments or feedback are welcome, so feel free to get in touch.
All the best, and speak soon, H x

Featured Exhibition: 'Peter Piper Pigged a Pickled Pepper' Group Exhibition - Fitzrovia Gallery
Paraphrasing the well-known alliterative tongue-twister, ‘Peter Piper Pigged a Pickled Pepper’ presents a selection of uncanny artworks that appear as if from ever-so-slightly adjusted realities or somewhat distorted dimensions, each imbued with an ethereal unease or an endearing ‘offness’. Curator Jeanette Gunnarsson recently relocated to Scandinavia and has clearly spent ample time scouring Sweden for the best contemporary talent it has to offer, exhibited here alongside firm Shock of the Now favourite India Nielsen, all bathed in muted hues of viridescent or violet light.
Tove Dreiman‘s purple polyester persona casts a spindly skeletal shadow against the minty cloth curtain from which it emerges. Grounded in a practice of automated drawing, Dreiman translates each stream of consciousness scribble into soft sculptures and textile tablets that retain that improvisational, emotive essence of the original dynamic doodles. In an accompanying wall-based panel, a similar sylph-like silhouette nestles on a pillow of pastel pistachio. Elsewhere, Matti Sumari’s slag metal sculptural interventions occupy the oft-overlooked nooks and crannies of the Central London gallery space. Aluminium drink cans have been recycled and recast as peculiar pewter pickles that cling to protruding corners or form functionless handles for otherwise fictitious doors. 
Heaped piles of messy bedding evoke childhood pillow forts or post-coital chaos in Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski’s digitally manipulated photography. Not dissimilar to scenes produced by Google’s infamous DeepDream programme - that invariably incorporated feline or canine likenesses into its computer-generated compositions - here striped sheets form some semblance of cats and kittens, duvet dinosaurs populated pillowed terrain and soiled bedsheets sprout the snouts or curled tails of playful piggies. In part influenced by the viral Name One Thing meme, an unsettling illusory image rumoured to replicate the optical symptoms of a stroke, Alakoski transports the viewer to the point of lucid, semi-self-aware dreaming, as if tucked up under the bedcovers depicted. Finally, in Nielsen’s newest paintings, alien encounters, translucent celestial slugs and snails, spectral sloganed spirits and a bold baroque butterfly whose wings beat I’m A Fucking Weapon are all set against romantic yet melancholic backdrops of rainbows, teardrops and cosmic constellations.
Recommended Exhibitions Opening This Week:
‘Premiums Interim 1’ Group Exhibition - The Royal Academy of Arts, Mayfair (13th January - 10th February)
The Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal Academy Schools present ‘Premiums Interim 1’ featuring Motunrayo Akinola, Max Boyla, Daniel Davies, Rachel Hobkirk (above) and Oliver Tirré.
‘Salon’ Group Exhibition - Guts Gallery at The Sunday Painter, Vauxhall (13th January - 12th February, opening Thursday 13th January, 6:30-pm)
Sophie Ruigrok - ‘today I feel relevant and alive’ Solo Exhibition - The Sunday Painter, Vauxhall (13th January - 12th February, opening Thursday 13th January, 6:30-pm)
The Sunday Painter presents Sophie Ruigrok‘s debut solo exhibition 'today I feel relevant and alive’, accompanied by a text from Rachael Allen.
‘Systems We Have’ Group Exhibition - New Art Projects, Hackney (13th January - 19th February, opening Thursday 13th, 6-9pm)
New Art Projects presents ‘Systems We Have’, a group exhibition curated by Hsi-Nong Huang taking its title from Eve Meltzer’s investigation into conceptual art’s relation to structuralist theory. The works included represent a series of interactions between language, identity, process, materials, space, objects the physical and the made. Featuring Mitch Vowles, India Stanbra, Amba Sayal-Bennett (above), Janek Nixon, Rachel Mortlock, Maria Mahfooz, Benjamin Fitton and Huang.
‘CACOTOPIA 06’ Group Exhibition - Annka Kultys, Bethnal Green (15th January - 12th February, opening Friday 14th January, 6-8pm)
Annka Kultys presents ‘CACOTOPIA 06’, the sixth edition of its annual survey of leading emerging artists within the contemporary art space, featuring Kate Bickmore (above), Alice Bucknell, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Kim Booker, Shir Cohen, László von Dohnányi, Cecilia Fiona, Lydia Pettit, Leon Pozniakow, Catherine Repko, Ai-Da Robot and Elsa Rouy.
‘The Reality in Whytch You Create’ Group Exhibition - Studio West, Ladbroke Grove (14th January - 17th February, opening Friday 14th January, 4-6pm)
Studio West presents ‘The Reality in Whytch You Create’, their first group exhibition featuring by five emerging London based artists Salome Wu (above), Lydia Makin, Sholto Blissett, Anna Woodward and Alfie Rouy.
Daisy Parris - ‘I see you in everyone I love’ Solo Exhibition - Sim Smith, Camberwell (15th January - 12th February)
Sim Smith presents Daisy Parris‘ latest solo exhibition 'I see you in everyone I love’.
Tom Worsfold - ‘Good Fats’ Solo Exhibition - Ginny on Frederick, Farringdon (15th January - 19th February, opening Saturday 15th January, 5-8pm)
Ginny on Frederick presents Tom Worsfold‘s latest solo exhibition 'Good Fats’, accompanied by a text from Louis Wise.
Hannah Lees - ‘[Index]’ Solo Exhibition - Brockley Gardens, Brockley (15th January - 19th February, opening Saturday 15th January, 12-6pm)
Brockley Gardens present Hannah Lees‘ latest solo exhibition ’[Index]‘, for which Lees has developed an ambitious new addition to the cast-plaster works series “Tablets” (2011-ongoing). These works comprise beachcombed findings from riverbanks and various beaches from around the world.
Louis Morlæ - ‘Machinochrome Dreams’ Solo Exhibition - Moarain House, Bethnal Green (15th January - 20th February, opening Saturday 15th January, 2-6pm)
Moarain House presents Louis Morlæ‘s latest solo exhibition 'Machinochrome Dreams’.
Artist Opportunities:
Baesianz and Hate Zine are offering one-month long residences in February and March for artists of Asian heritage at SET Studios in Woolwich, London. This residency is suitable for all creative practices including painting, filmmaking, sculpting, illustrating, writing, curating and digital designing in a 150sq ft x 100sq ft space. The residency can be used to research a project, complete an existing one or work on something new. The residency will include mentorship from the Baesianz community and a feature on our platform.
The Elephant Trust was created in 1975 by Roland Penrose and Lee Miller with a view to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts in the United Kingdom. The Trustees’ main objective is to support new work. Grants have usually been limited to £2,000, but with the addition of the Shelagh Wakely Bequest some larger grants of up to £5,000 may be awarded. Priority is given to artists in the fine arts and small organisations and galleries who should submit well argued, imaginative proposals for making or producing new work or exhibitions.
Oitij-jo Collective are now welcoming submissions from artists to participate in a physical exhibition. All disciplines are welcome, of no particular theme. Applicants must be 18+ to enter. To apply, please send a link or pdf to your portfolio of work preferably with dimensions of each piece with a written statement about your practice up to 150 words to
S1 Artspace is partnering with Chatsworth House Trust to provide an ambitious residency and exhibition opportunity. The residency will take place from April – May 2022, and a subsequent exhibition will be presented across both S1’s gallery and sculpture park from July – October 2022. Selected by panel via an international open call, S1 welcomes artists, collectives and creative practitioners to submit applications for consideration.
Between February 2022 and January 2024, SPACE Colchester will be awarding 4 emerging visual artists, who are under-represented in the art world, free studio space to help progress their practice. As well as a rent-free studio for 6 months, the opportunity will also include £250 towards materials and support to develop new ideas and experimentation.
In addition, the awardees will each receive individual 1-2-1 mentoring; a place on SPACE’s CPSP: Peer-to-Peer feedback sessions; advice on documenting the progress of their work in preparation for an online showcase at the end of their residency. 
The Studio Award is for emerging and re-emerging artists, working or living in Colchester or the surrounding areas and who have taken part in SPACE’s Creative Practitioner Support Programme. The Studio Award is aimed at opening up access to the world of art, specifically for individuals whose ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic background may have affected their career advancement.
SPACE invites artists to submit a proposal for a new project to be made in dialogue with older people based in Ilford. The commission will include activities with which older people can engage and will inform a commissioned solo exhibition as part of SPACE’s exhibition programme. This community-focused project is suitable for an artist with experience developing participatory and socially engaged art projects with older people. The commission will result in an exhibition at SPACE Ilford gallery, based in Redbridge Town Hall.
Brewers Towner International is an exhibition that will take place at Towner Eastbourne in 2022, featuring both British and International artists. Additionally, the Brewers Towner Award of £10,000 will be awarded to one of the exhibiting artists. Submissions from artists working in all media, including – but not restricted to – painting, drawing, print, sculpture, sound, performance, photography, film and installation are welcome. There is no cost to enter, and all exhibiting artists will receive a fee of £350.  
This year Towner invites submissions that explore the theme of SANCTUARY; which can be interpreted as a physical space, a place offering safe haven, asylum or refuge; it can be understood as an area or environment where endangered species are protected, diverse ecosystems flourish and wildlife is preserved; it can also suggest a space of the imagination, a meditative mental space of solace and respite from the exterior world.  
Somerset House Studios and the UAL Creative Computing Institute launch the PATH-AI residency programme, commissioning artists to create new works critically engaging with intercultural ideas of privacy, agency, and trust in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) and other data-driven technologies. Three artists will be supported to develop new works within a 6-month remote residency programme, with final works presented by Somerset House in 2022. The programme is aimed at artists interested in exploring the international landscape for AI ethics, governance, and regulation.
Applications are invited from artists in any international location and from any discipline, with an interest in exploring the interrelated values of privacy, agency, and trust in human-AI ecosystems across different cultural contexts. Engaging with the findings of the PATH-AI interim report as a starting point, it is anticipated that artists will already be considering these themes in their existing work. Artists will be supported to develop their project, to be published online within the Somerset House programme. Where artworks are not designed to live primarily online, the process and outcomes will be documented, and the resulting film shared as a project outcome.
Locust Projects, Miami, invites local and international artists to apply for the opportunity to create ambitious, large-scale new work in their 400 sq ft Project Room. Locust Projects provides selected artists with curatorial guidance, production budget, artist WAGE fee, documentation, and an opportunity to stay in the Locust Projects residency house located a block away.
Existing work is not accepted for Open Calls. Proposals for new, installation-based work that has never been presented before should specifically be designed for their Project Room. Artists addressing social justice issues including race, identity, gender parity, basic needs, climate change, environmental advocacy, and more, through their projects are encouraged.
Locust Projects provides selected artists with curatorial guidance, a $3500 production budget, a $1500 artist fee and accommodation in a private room at the Locust Projects Residency. International artists will receive $350 towards roundtrip flights and ground transport and a $30 per diem stipend.
New Contemporaries welcomes submissions from emerging and early career artists who are final year students, recent graduates and postgraduate students from UK art schools and alternative learning programmes. They are committed to inclusion and equal opportunities and encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, ages, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and from those who identify as having a disability.
Being selected for New Contemporaries programme includes: Exhibiting as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022 in Hull at Humber Street Gallery and Ferens Art Gallery, opening in September, and South London Gallery, which will open in December; Participating in New Contemporaries Bridget Riley Artists’ Development Programme; Contributing to our Digital Programme; Being eligible, as NC alumni, for Studio Bursaries, Residencies, Fellowships, Scholarships and other opportunities.
Hotel Generation mentors the next generation of UK digital artists during the critical early stages of establishing a career in the arts, providing four young artists from UK cities with curatorial guidance to create an exhibition proposal for arebyte’s gallery space in London. In addition to assistance with proposal writing, progressing ideas and budgeting, the programme offers industry support through creative software training, as well as marketing and fundraising workshops. Hotel Generation culminates in a fully funded solo show as part of arebyte Gallery programme for the winning candidate selected by a panel of judges. The other participants get the opportunity to develop an online work based on their exhibition proposal, shown as part of arebyte on Screen programme.
Selection Criteria: You are aged 28 or under; You make work using digital media; You are based in the UK but outside of London; If you have an art degree (not required), it has to be from a university located outside of London.
V.O Residencies provide emerging and lesser represented artists with the time and space to research and develop new work. The 2022 V.O Residency Programme will host six artists across three sessions, inviting practitioners to experiment and create new work in an open and supportive environment. Residents are provided with free studio space, critical and practical support, the opportunity to present a solo exhibition, and access to useful resources and a broad network of individuals and organisations. V.O aims to bring together diverse voices and encourages applicants from all backgrounds. The V.O Residency Programme is focused on promoting artistic exchange, socially-focused discourse and knowledge production.
V.O Residencies are open to artists in their first five years of professional practice and with less than three solo exhibitions. Each resident is invited to present a solo exhibition or project at V.O Gallery, and will have the possibility of producing a publication or print project related to the work they have developed while in residence.
Applications are now open for The Drawing Year, Royal Drawing School’s one-year postgraduate-level course offering up to thirty students the opportunity to focus on drawing from observation. There are no tuition fees – all students are awarded a full scholarship and receive a free personal studio space (SPACE studios, Hackney) from which they can continue to work on the development of their practice alongside taught courses. The programme is taught by a distinguished faculty of over 75 practicing artists offering in-depth quality tuition. Royal Drawing School sees drawing both as an end in itself and in relation to other areas of practice.
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Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator
Hector Campbell - Art Historian, Writer & Curator

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