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By Matt Hartman

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Hearing Voices - Issue #82, or "TLDR Daily is back!"

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Hearing Voices - Issue #81, Ooops! Confirming: Sept 27th is the correct date

Did someone forward this to you? Subscribe at HearingVoices.xyz "Most importantly, they do not get lost easily."— Hearing Voices Summit attendee, on the new Airpods Pro"Most importantly, share this newsletter with friends" — Hearing Voices Newsletter curator,…


Hearing Voices - Issue #80, or "Voice Phishing"

Did someone forward you this email? Subscribe at hearingvoices.xyz"Criminals used artificial intelligence-based software to impersonate a chief executive’s voice and demand a fraudulent transfer of $243,000" - WSJ"Readers used artificial intelligence-based so…


Hearing Voices - Issue #79

"HEARING VOICES: A daylong conference at Betaworks Studios" - This website"But also it's still a weekly-ish email newsletter. And also we'll be speaking at the Hearing Voices summit!"- This newsletterDid someone forward this to you? Subscribe at HearingVoices…


Hearing Voices - Issue #78

"How do you discover new skills for your smart speaker? 'Other' says 7% of respondents." -- NPR Smart Audio Report"How do you discover new skills for your smart speaker? 'HearingVoices.xyz' says somewhere between 0% and 7% of respondents." -- Hearing Voices, …


Hearing Voices - Issue #77, or "The Third Wave of Audio"

Did someone forward you this email? Subscribe at hearingvoices.xyz"Almond, alert me when the price of Bitcoin is below $3600" - example use from virtual assistant Almond's website. They put that example up on their site in Feb 2019 when Bitcoin was hovering r…


Hearing Voices - Issue #76, or massive VCs are thinking about the Podcast space

Did someone forward you this newsletter? You can subscribe at hearing voices.xyz"For the rest of us, these [generative music] apps offer a pleasing surrender to the algorithms—ones that shape the world to our desires and ask nothing in return." - Wired Magazi…


Hearing Voices - Issue #75

"When Alexa runs your home, Amazon tracks you in more ways than you might want." - The Washington Post"Share our data (this newsletter) with your friends!" - Me (I know I said this week's quote would be better than last week's. I am aware that I have not ke…


Hearing Voices - Issue #74

"[h]ow do we define the 'podcast' industry and how does it relate to markets such as the “pay-for-knowledge” sector, which is seeing explosive growth in China?" – Pandaily"How do we define 'amazing voice-focused newsletter' that doesn't even require paying fo…


Hearing Voices - Issue #73, or "AI death metal"

"Most nets we trained...would destabilise and fall apart. This one was special though." -- music technologists CJ Carr, on the AI death-metal algorithm he created"Most newsletters destabilize and fall apart. Hearing Voices is special though (Right?!)." - MeDi…


Hearing Voices - Issue #72, or "Happy Meal Time Travel"

"Alexa, open happy meal challenge" – You, to your Alexa device"Alexa, do you subscribe to Hearing Voices? No? You Should!" - You, to your friend Alexa? Who is interested in audio & voice interfaces?Did someone forward you this email? Subscribe at HearingV…


Hearing Voices - Issue #71, or "Illuminating Luminary"

Did someone forward this to you? Thank them! Then subscribe at hearingvoices.xyz " [The New York Times] will “look forward” to working with Luminary to distribute its other podcasts." - The Verge"Hearing Voices will "look forward" to you forwarding this emai…


Hearing Voices - Issue #70, or "Podcasts about Podcasting

"It sounds a little funny and different, but how do you play a game with your voice?" — Ryan Hoover, on the TLDRdaily podcast"It sounds a little funny and different, but how do you automatically share this newsletter with all your friends using your voice?"—J…


Hearing Voices - Issue #69, or Performative Workaholism

Performative workaholism: a term introduced to me by Margot Boyer-Dry of Lorem Ipsum (and sometimes of the NYTimes) in her episode of TLDR Daily about why people are pretending to love work.Performative newsletter forwardism: a term I'm introducing to make it…


Hearing Voices - Issue #68, or "The Great Podcasting Rush Has Only Begun"

"No matter what subject you’re interested in, however weird or niche, you can find a podcast about it, or probably a few” — Lane Brown, New York Magazine’s culture editor"No matter what subject you’re interested in, however weird or niche, you can find an aud…


Hearing Voices - Issue #67

"As a content-obsessed millennial, I have made podcasts part of my daily routine for years." – Rachel Holliday Smith, NYTimes"As an audio-obsessed millennial (or gen X-er or gen Z-er), you have made this newsletter part of your daily routine for years. Thank …


Hearing Voices - Issue #66, or "Spotify. It's not just for music anymore."

"[In Spotify, t]here was no 15-second skip. In spite of that, we saw a lot of users listening to podcasts. It was kind of unexpected and we didn’t really understand why." -- Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström, in Techcrunch"It's because Podcast…


Hearing Voices - Issue #65, or "How Can You Pick Just One...NLP Idea of 2018"

"Today, we're living in the Golden Age of Podcasts." - CBS News"Today, we're living in the Golden Age of Podcast Newsletters." - MeBS News


Hearing Voices - Issue #64, or "Woow there are some weird games out there"

"BeatBot...turns your typically dry computer-speak into sick beats." - Nicole He, in her medium post below."Hearing Voices turns your typically dry email into...sick beats?" - Me, phoning it in, per usual. Happy New Year.


Hearing Voices - Issue #63, or "get it?"

"We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us." –Friedrich Nietzsche"We often refuse to forward newsletters merely because we're not sure if the recipient will think it's spammy and d…