Hearing Voices

By Matt Hartman

Hearing Voices - Issue #79





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Hearing Voices

August 23 · Issue #79 · View online

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“HEARING VOICES: A daylong conference at Betaworks Studios”
“But also it’s still a weekly-ish email newsletter. And also we’ll be speaking at the Hearing Voices summit!”
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Hey everyone,
This is an extra special edition of Hearing Voices because I’m announcing HearingVoicesCon! Well, sort of. We’re going to do a summit on Audio 3.0 at Betaworks in NYC on Sept 27th. The summit will be called HearingVoices. You can use this link to get a ticket, but when you do, use the code IMASUBSCRIBER20
Ok now on to…
What's Up In Voice
> Read about whether we’re at peak podcast (NYTimes)
> Add Your Voice to The Robot Choir: this is for sure my favorite voice demo of the week, partly because the visualization is cool. You click the button and then sing or talk to the “Robot Choir.” Your sound will be incorporated in to their performance at the Helsinki Festival. Pretty cool.
> Try Messy if you’re a podcaster - “The All-in-One Podcasting Solution for Businesses, Brands, & Everyone Ready to Share Their Voice”
> Listen to cointalk’s dusussion on’ decentralized playlists
> Check out Wave, the new Music-focused device that’s “making meditation cooler than ever” (maybe).
> Check out the POC Audio Directory – “This website is a growing directory of almost 500 people of color who work in audio around the world.” Also their terms of service are amazing, and include a commitment to pay employees a living wage. Thanks @benjaminjackson for directing me to this.
> Check out Nao: voice-based social networking for mental health “"anonymous social platform for reducing your stress.” Thinking a lot about this lately. And speaking of which, I’m mildly obsessed with…
> Try Curable: a voice and conversational/text-based approach to curing chronic pain.
> A tweet from the third Podcast Movement:
Justine & Olivia
🎵 32% of rookies listen to podcasts most often on Spotify or Pandora vs. 22% of veterans
🗞️43% of rookies listen to daily news podcasts vs. 30% of veterans
🎧41% of rookies listen to full podcast vs. 71% of veterans
👩53% of rookies are female vs. 37% of veterans

What's Up In Synthetic Reality
Okay so only one thing this week and it’s kind of audio since it’s a podcast:
> Listen to “Will Deepfakes Ruin The World?”
I said this at the top of the newsletter, but come to:
RENDER: Hearing Voices
That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!
Matt Hrt.mn
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