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Hearing Voices - Issue #74


Hearing Voices

May 17 · Issue #74 · View online

This week's news about voice computing apps, delivered directly to your inbox.

“[h]ow do we define the ‘podcast’ industry and how does it relate to markets such as the “pay-for-knowledge” sector, which is seeing explosive growth in China?”
– Pandaily
“How do we define ‘amazing voice-focused newsletter’ that doesn’t even require paying for knowledge?”
– HearingVoices
“Okay that one was lame, I’ll try harder next issue…”
– Me
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What’s Up In Voice:
> listen to Pandaily’s podcast about podcasting in China
> read the HBR article (“HBR-ticle”?) - Using Smart Speakers to Engage with Your Customers. The most important point of the article, which I think is only glanced over versus focused on, says: “Once the voice experience has been developed, the next step is to make customers aware of the experience to ultimately generate engagement.” This is mainly based on this Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report by & Raine. And note this graph, on engagement from that report:
> read about Breaker + Anchor to share podcasts you’re listening to at Snap Partner Summit. Here’s a screen shot of the breaker interaction in the wild:
If interested, the podcast episode is at
If interested, the podcast episode is at
> Listen to Breaking Ground Episode 4, about Snapchat Stickers (re above) with Leah Culver (breaker CTO & Co-founder)
That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!
– Matt
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