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Hearing Voices - Issue #73, or "AI death metal"


Hearing Voices

May 10 · Issue #73 · View online

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“Most nets we trained…would destabilise and fall apart. This one was special though.” – music technologists CJ Carr, on the AI death-metal algorithm he created
“Most newsletters destabilize and fall apart. Hearing Voices is special though (Right?!).” - Me
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> Read about Podfund‘s launch. This is one of the more interesting newcomers to the podcast industry. Today, if you want to finance your podcast, you either pre-sell ads (which typically means you’ve already got an audience), or you pitch your show to a WNYC or NPR or more recently Spotify or Luminary. Or you can join one of the new podcasting-focused media companies (e.g., Gimlet, Wondery) as an employee and start a show from within. Podfund offers a completely new model – they will invest enough to get a high quality podcast off the ground (they say that’s $25-$50k), and “in exchange, [Podfund] will receive anywhere from 7 to 15 percent of a show’s revenue for between three and five years.” Pretty interesting model that I haven’t seen where else.
> Check out Boomy, it lets you create AI-generated music. This is a category where we’re now seeing lots of activity. Including one youtube channel that provides an endless stream of AI death-metal.
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