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Hearing Voices - Issue #72, or "Happy Meal Time Travel"


Hearing Voices

May 3 · Issue #72 · View online

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“Alexa, open happy meal challenge”
– You, to your Alexa device
“Alexa, do you subscribe to Hearing Voices? No? You Should!”
- You, to your friend Alexa? Who is interested in audio & voice interfaces?
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Another busy week in voice, let's get to it!
> Try the Alexa Skill Happy Meal Time Travel Challenge. It’s produced by Gimlet Media and if it’s half as good as Chompers, it’s worth trying. Update: I’m sitting next to my Alexa so just tried it. It’s a true or false game, but closer to two truths and a lie, where they tell you stories from throughout time and you say whether the story is true or false. It’s kind of awesome. Let me know what you think!
> read $100m podcast startup Luminary’s Botched Launch is Nothing New - If you’re following along the Luminary Launch saga, Digg just chimed in. Despite its title, which I thought would be positive towards Luminary that these stumbles happen to all startups, it focuses mainly on how Luminary doesn’t include show notes, proxies the podcast so hosts can’t see their actual download #s, etc. More disclosures: I’m not a journalist so don’t usually do disclosures, but if I were to, I’d mention Betaworks was an investor in Anchor and Gimlet (both acquired by Spotify) and Digg, who published this story. Basically we’re involved in some way with everyone in this story except for Joe Rogan and Luminary. Actually, full disclosure, I downloaded the luminary app. Also, I should disclosed I have not listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Okay, I think that’s it. Curious for everyone’s thoughts on Luminary now that we’re a week out of the launch. Have you tried it? Like it?
> listen to Mark Zuckerberg’s podcast interview w/Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harare (Another disclosure, I haven’t listened to it yet, it doesn’t seem to open in my browser. Does it work in yours?)
> Try Voiceflow, the new WSYWYG tool for building voice apps that just announced $3.5m of funding
> Read You’ve Heard of the Open Office Plan, Get Ready for the Voice Office Plan - The notion of a voice-first office plan is an interesting concept. Not sure I can fully imagine it / that it’s worth reorganizing an office entirely around voice interfaces, but I could imagine that for some industries/jobs this could make sense.
That’s it, have a great weekend!
– Matt
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