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Hearing Voices - Issue #69, or Performative Workaholism


Hearing Voices

April 5 · Issue #69 · View online

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Performative workaholism: a term introduced to me by Margot Boyer-Dry of Lorem Ipsum (and sometimes of the NYTimes) in her episode of TLDR Daily about why people are pretending to love work.
Performative newsletter forwardism: a term I’m introducing to make it clear that it’s totally cool for you to forward this newsletter even if you’re just pretending to love it. Seriously totally fine. Go for it.

What's Up In Voice
> read about how Warner Music Group signed an Algorithm to a Record Deal. ““Our whole idea is making soundscapes that are real-time and adaptive. But [Warner Music Group was] like, ‘Yeah, but can you still make albums?’ So we did it as an experiment.”
> Podcasters, check out Podfan, which lets you set up a single landing page that lets listeners subscribe & support. It’s not launched yet but you can get your URL set up.
> Skim this WeAreSocial piece on user behavior in Europe. The stat I found most interesting (and relevant here) is that 51% of internet users in India search using voice. No idea how they’re defining that but compare to the 40% global average they reference.
> To try: Thanks Sarah McBride for showing me this new podcast listening app, which is literally called Listen To Podcasts. Interesting market positioning:
Listen is the best way to listen to podcasts for professionals who value aesthetics and are multi-tasking while listening. With one hand, you can easily navigate between your library and new releases quickly adding episodes to your queue and re-arranging the order.
As always, the first feature I check is how fast it allows you to listen: the app goes up to 3x speed.
That’s it this week, have a great weekend!
— Matt
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