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Hearing Voices - Issue #67


Hearing Voices

February 22 · Issue #67 · View online

This week's news about voice computing apps, delivered directly to your inbox.

“As a content-obsessed millennial, I have made podcasts part of my daily routine for years.” – Rachel Holliday Smith, NYTimes
“As an audio-obsessed millennial (or gen X-er or gen Z-er), you have made this newsletter part of your daily routine for years. Thank you.” – Me, Hearing Voices

*Lots* of news in voice, and not just that my 5-min daily podcast TLDRdaily is back (ps subscribe on Apple, Anchor, Breaker, or Pocketcasts or use this RSS link:
What's Up In Voice
> Try SoundBranch, which bills itself as voice-based team communication app.
> Read Subscription platform Substack adds podcast support (TechCrunch). I haven’t tired yet but looks / sounds interesting.
> Try saying “Ok Google, turn on interpreter mode.” Google launched interpreter mode at a bunch of hotels. But you can also try it on any Google Assistant enabled device.
> Check out CuteCircuit’s new Sound Shirt, which turns sounds into haptic sensations. Pretty wild.
> Developers, watch this video on the Alexa Presentation Language (which lets developers build multimodal skills w/visual elements e.g., images, slide shows, & customize the output for different devices)
> Not that you need this, but NYTimes wrote A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Podcasts
> Listen to the 5-min podcast Congressional Investigations 101. You know I love short-form podcasts and this one comes in at exactly 5 minutes. The guest in this episode is Barry Hartman, no relation. Just kidding, he’s my dad.
What's Up In Synth
> This is super cool: the first analysis of vocal emotional bursts (think “ooh”) and what emotions they correlate to. Really interesting data set. Gasp! First audio map of oohs, aahs and uh-ohs spans 24 emotions
> Academics, Skim this paper on Speech & Language Processing
> Peter Rojas will be speaking at Voice of the Car Summit in SF
Tweet of the week:
Tweet Of The Week
Tom Hadfield
ME: "I spy with my little eye ... the thing that we use to tell the time."

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!
– Matt
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