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Hearing Voices - Issue #45, or "show me my best selfies"

"Yeah, happy subscriber."- Andrew Mason, Groupon founder turned voice developer, about this newslette

Hearing Voices

April 6 · Issue #45 · View online
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“Yeah, happy subscriber.”
- Andrew Mason, Groupon founder turned voice developer, about this newsletter!
“Can I put that in my newsletter?”
- Me.

Fun stuff this week, especially in the developer section.
To Try:
> SelfMonk - This is the first truly Airpods-First app that I’ve come across. It’s a meditation app with no loading, “just ask Siri for selfmonk and start meditating” (thanks Jared Newman for pointing me to this one).
Custom Voice Commands - An iOS app that I’m still trying out. It’s a cool experiment in combining visual and voice UIs:  “show me random photos” “show me the latest news videos” or commands from your own data such as “show me my best selfies” or “show me vacation photos from March 2018.”
Descript - So I finally used Descript, Andrew Mason’s new audio editing software, to edit a real podcast. It’s amazing. I used it to edit a podcast I recorded with him, which I’ll include next week (figuring out where to put it to share with you all). Probably my favorite feature is that if you don’t upgrade to Descript Standard (the paid version), it still lets you use it, but randomly inserts goat noises into your audio. Not into the production version, just slightly annoying enough to remind you the software is probably worth paying for. If you do try it, use my referral code and we’ll both get 100 free minutes of transcription:

For Devz:
Alexa Skills Challenge: Life Hacks: Build Alexa skills to make everyday tasks faster, easier and more delightful. Up to $250,000 in prizes! - Devpost
Mycroft- the Open Source Voice Assistant (software, not just the hardware), is now in beta. The new release has improvements to the context of requests – like the ability to ask follow-up questions which includes pronouns that could refer back to the initial question. Excited to check it out.
> - A decentralized ecosystem for Language AI

How Alexa is influencing the next generations of kids - parents regulate their kids’ internet time. How should they think about voice assistant time? 
Have a great weekend!
- Matt
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