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Hearing Voices - Issue #44, or "The YCombinator edition"

"Discover our family of amazing ASMRtists!"- An actual sentence, from the app Tingles. Apparently I w

Hearing Voices

March 23 · Issue #44 · View online
This week's news about voice computing apps, delivered directly to your inbox.

“Discover our family of amazing ASMRtists!”
- An actual sentence, from the app Tingles. Apparently I was behind the 8-ball on this category.
“A Simple Matt Retweet.”
- What ASMR might stand for? Could try it with this one.

Happy Friday. I just got back from YCombinator demo day and there were *FIVE* voice/audio-focused products demo-ing. We live in exciting times. Here’s what’s up in voice:
To Try: 
> Voicery – Speech synthesis API. It sounds pretty good and it’s interesting to note they built this product in a couple of months. The nuance her is that they’re not concatenating speech but synthesizing (creating) it from the sound waves themselves (from scratch). They just finished YCombinator.
> Volley – A media/gaming company focused on Alexa. Interesting strategy of bringing together a collection of Alexa skills and cross-promoting. Alexa developers know that payments for top skills won’t last forever, so presumably the long-term business model here will look more more like a game (in-app purchases / freemium) or some kind of ad network. One of their most popular skills is the Song Quiz, a name-that-tune-like app…check it out. They also just finished YCombinator. 
> Storyline – Software for building interactive Alexa skills (“without coding”). I’ve tried the product and it’s pretty intuitive. You basically make a decision tree depending on people’s answers. One cool thing I didn’t know was possible is that they let you log in with your Amazon developer credentials and can automatically upload the data you need to get your skill running. Almost like Facebook Connect but for your developer data. Also just finished YCombinator.
> Tingles – Okay so I didn’t know this was a thing, but apparently ASMR is an acronym that stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" — “those whispered, pleasant-sounding videos that give listeners a sense of low-level euphoria.” There’s a whole rabbit hole of content here. Probably the most surprising/amazing thing is that they have a section called “featured artists.” 
> The Podcast App - exactly what it sounds like. Apparently popular on android since there’s no native app so people open up the Google Play store and type, you guessed it, “Podcast App”
Graph of the week:
Right now, people are basically just listening to music
Right now, people are basically just listening to music
That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!
- Matt
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