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Hearing Voices - Issue #43, or "i'll just carry on living my life..."

"I was going to listen to that, but then I just carried on living my life."- Alda Snow, Forgetting Sa

Hearing Voices

March 16 · Issue #43 · View online
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“I was going to listen to that, but then I just carried on living my life.”
- Alda Snow, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
“I was going to forward your newsletter to a friend who just got an Amazon Echo, but then I just carried on living my life.”
- Hopefully not you, hopefully not about this newsletter

To Try:
> Chompers - encourages children to brush their teeth with trivia questions, riddles and stories (more on that below). 
> Great article in Wired about the improbable rise of the daily podcast. I learned about a new Vox podcast, listed below.
> Bose’s new AR headphones are voice heavy. This is cool.
> Alexa, how can podcasters make money from voice assistants?   - Gimlet Media launches its first Alexa skill, Chompers (referenced above). It’s for kids. The interesting part is that it’s sponsored by Oral B and Crest Kids.
The Next Big Threat to Consumer Brands (Yes, Amazon’s Behind It)  makers of the biggest household staples have little control over where Alexa sends consumers. This is behind a WSJ paywall so I guess either you’re already a subscriber, you could subscribe now, or you could carry on living your life ⬇️⬇️⬇️
I was going to listen to that, but then I just carried on living my life.
> Today, Explained - the Vox podcast referred to in the Wired article
> I was on The Syndicate VC podcast, talking about our POV on voice and investing in interface paradigm shifts. 
.Thanks Samira S for suggesting a new section this week, which is…
> Baidu research on Deep Voice
Something Interesting I Learned
I heard Michael Barbaro speak in Austin about how the NYT team conceived of the daily. Two surprising anecdotes:
1: The question the team working on The Daily tried to answer was can you tell a news story with the same type of suspense that Serial had. i.e., use that narrative style to tell stories of global consequence.
2: One example he used of how audio is a fundamentally different storytelling device was the episode where a journalist is trying to get into a Kinko’s to call back to homebase to share some information. In a normal story, the journalist wouldn’t be a character, they would just focus on the information. But because of the podcasting style – and arguably due to the fact that it’s audio – that component of the story could be used to build suspense and become *part* of the storytelling. File under: audio’s uniqueness as a medium.
Have a great weekend
- Matt

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