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Hearing Voices - Issue #35, or "do android phones dream of electric cases"

"Rather than spending 18/mo on @MattHartman's HearingVoices, i spent 18 on a cocktail so he could hea

Hearing Voices

November 10 · Issue #35 · View online
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“Rather than spending 18/mo on @MattHartman’s HearingVoices, i spent 18 on a cocktail so he could hear my voice.”
- @megabcross (picture below)

No fake quote from me this week since I can’t top that. But please forward this email to one person who would want to enable their google sheets with a voice UI (per #1 below).

Some fun stuff this week!
To Try:
> OMG Voice-enabled Google sheets - created by voice metrics. Disclosure: I haven’t tried yet. But. WANT. 
> Captioned - an app to turn audio into shareable videos with GIFs. Great developer release note: “NEW FEED BABY. Way better, way chiller. Also bugfixes.”
> BBC’s “Pick The Plot” Radio Drama - Chat to (“with” for you American english speakers) your Amazon echo with BBC’s new choose your own adventure skill.  “The Inspection Chamber” is the story of an Earth-stranded alien who’s being interrogated by a team of scientists – and an AI bot called Dave…
> Re:scam - Wow this is great and I hadn’t seen. An artificially intelligent email bot designed to waste scammers time. The website is worth checking out.
To Read:
> Nieman Lab - If podcasts and radio move to smart speakers, who will be directing us what to listen to? Hot pod’s take on podcast discovery.
> Astro blog reports that the #3 most requested feature in Astro was to improve the ability to listen to email. I’m not the only one, just sayin’
> acquired for ~800m. Interesting trend graph of interest in the app over time which indicates most of their user base was acquired in first two years and growth has slowed.
That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!
- Matt
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