Hearing Voices - Issue #30, or "My best voice productivity hack yet"

"The telephone will be used to inform people that a telegram has been sent."- Alexander Graham Bell"T

Hearing Voices

September 20 · Issue #30 · View online
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“The telephone will be used to inform people that a telegram has been sent.”
- Alexander Graham Bell
“This email will be used to inform you that an SMS has been sent.”
- Me, referring to my new SMS channel for premium members

Hey everyone,
Hope your week is going great. I’ve got some really fun new stuff to share this week.
New: Premium Hearing Voices Membership
Want to be a founding member of Hearing Voices? Members get more detail & analysis on what I’m learning in voice, as well as additional content (this week it will be an amazing audio-powered productivity hack that saves me a ton of time). And it’s delivered via SMS so we can can text directly to discuss. I’ll always be respectful of your inbox. 
Membership is $18/mo and is limited to 130 people. So now you know how much my rent is. It’s about the cost of one New York City lunch. But it’s lunch for your *MIND*.
Ok thanks. Now, onto this week's links:
To Try:
> Recipe Remix@koopstakov launched this Alexa skill that’s part cooking guide, part entertaining voice app.
> Mad Libs for Alexa - exactly what it sounds like. pun intended.
> Home Wifi - want to be able to ask alexa for your wi-fi password? Neal Shyam tweeted that his new Alexa skill is now live.
To Listen To:
> This Week In Voice – I was a guest on voicefirst.fm’s This Week In Voice podcast. Give it a listen! 
For Devz:
> How We Built Astrobot Voice - I’ve been playing with Astrobot voice to listen to my email. It’s not perfect, but definitely gets the job done. This is a post about their development stack.
Not all Voice Users are created Equal: Is your Voice App inspiring consistent usage - Voicelabs shares some interesting data on Alexa usage. 31% of Alexa skills have only one review (this came up on the podcast interview also). But retention is up from 3% (horrible) to 6% (only very bad). I’ll be including my take on this data in my purple channel.
For Members:
> My best voice productivity hack yet: I found my best productivity hack and it involves audio and saves me a ton of time each day. I’ll be sharing that and more with members of my Hearing Voices SMS channel on Purple, so please sign up.
That’s it, have a great week everyone!
- Matt hrt.mn
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