Hearing Voices - Issue #25, or "there are two kinds of people"

"There are two types of people, those who need closure."- Microsoft Cortanta Joke"There are two types

Hearing Voices

June 23 · Issue #25 · View online
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“There are two types of people, those who need closure.”
- Microsoft Cortanta Joke
“There are two types of people, subscribe to my newsletter”
- Schmicrosoft Schmortana Joke

> Audioburst for developers - Add on-demand audio content to your applications, personalizing each user’s listening experience.
> “Alexa and Google Home Owners Wouldn’t Go Back to Life Without Them” - 65% of smart speaker owners wouldn’t want to go back to life without them, according to Edison Research
Spotify Introduces Group Playlists for Messenger - Users can now create a Group Playlist, share it with their friends, and add songs to it directly within the Messenger app using the Spotify Chat Extension
No one is building the smart speaker we actually want - According to The Verge, consumers want high-quality audio, links with other smart speakers, music from all the major streaming services, voice control, and affordability. You can get any three of those five in a smart speaker on the market today, but you’ll never be more than 60% satisfied.
and just for fun…
> Stand-Up Comedy Using Only Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home - This Comedian (and Wired writer) took a data-driven approach to measure which smart speaker is the funniest.

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