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Hearing Voices - Issue #22, or "Patrón on Alexa allows you to easily find and make tequila cocktails from the comfort of home."

"In my opinion, no single design is apt to be optimal for everyone." - Don Norman"In my opinion, my n

Hearing Voices

May 19 · Issue #22 · View online
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In my opinion, no single design is apt to be optimal for everyone.” 
- Don Norman
“In my opinion, my newsletter is optimal for everyone. So please forward it.”
- Not me. (just kidding, me.)

BOSCH: A Detective’s Case – a promotional skill for the show Bosch. Note that the developer is listed as “Amazon Prime Video.” 
Patrón Tequila – another promotional skill, but the description is *amazing* (except for the split infinitive…): “Patrón on Alexa allows you to easily find and make tequila cocktails from the comfort of home.” 
> Medium Membership – Not exactly a skill, but per one of the articles below, you can now become a member of Medium and get spoken editions of the top Medium articles. 
Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show – our friend @chrismessina wrote an interesting piece on the Echo Show.
> Alexa Calling & Messaging – Your echo is now a phone. This is a big deal.
> Medium now offers audio versions of its stories for members – I’ve been hacking this for a while with Instapaper’s audio feature. Cool to see this powered by Spoken Layer (a betaworks voicecamp company)
Voice Communications Solidifying Role in Institutional Trading – This article is funny because I originally thought it was going to be about the role of voice apps in trading but it was actually about how *despite* algorithmic trading, some people still talk on phone. Interesting article, thanks @zaraklaff for pointing me to this one.
Amazon invested millions in the startup Nucleus — then cloned its product for the new Echo – After the Echo Look came out there were some rumblings about relationships with strategic investors. thanks @peterrojas for sending this one over.
Microsoft Cortana (VoiceLabs) – Here is how Scripps and Food Network plugged VoiceLabs into its lambda running the Microsoft BotBuilder SDK.
IBM Watson enables voice commands in Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew virtual reality game – I mean, just cool.
> And finally, a tweet about Alexa’s recent moves regarding ads: “Not surprising, but the prospect of Alexa skills with ads in them isn’t going over very well. ” Thanks @sarthakgh for directing me to this.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
- Matt

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