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Hearing Voices - Issue #20, or "no $$$ more problems"

"O.K. Google, what is the Whopper burger?" -- TV ad Burger King ran. It worked on people's Google Hom

Hearing Voices

April 27 · Issue #20 · View online
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“O.K. Google, what is the Whopper burger?”
– TV ad Burger King ran. It worked on people’s Google Homes.
“O.K. Google, find me a gif from clueless.”
– Me. It did not work.

Sorry for the two week delay! Usually send this out on Fridays but I’m releasing today because…wait for Alexa skill is on ProductHunt. Please give it a quick upvote!
Seriously. Please click that. I’ll Wait.
Okay, Thanks! Now onto voice news. Lots going on, especially around voice & audio monetization, so this edition is all about the $$$. The main takeaway for me is that the monetization layer is still very unstable – Amazon is blocking any skills from serving ads, Burger King purposely used “OK Google” in a TV ad to wake up devices, and ABC and Huffington Post are looking at how to insert audio ads on the Echo & Google Home. 
Breaking Newz -- or, all about the $$$
> Amazon’s new Alexa developer policy now bans all ads except in music and flash briefings - The developer agreement used to prohibit skills that used the Alexa app home cards as advertising. Now the agreement simply bans skills that contain “Any advertising for third-party products or services.“ This is a big deal.
Burger King ‘O.K. Google’ Ad Doesn’t Seem O.K. With Google - the advertisement intended to prompt voice-activated smart speakers from Google into describing its burgers. 
ABC Partners HuffPost To Explore Audio Ads On Amazon Echo And Google Home - more people asking how do we make money with voice
Products & Verbal A
About the Investment $$$:
> Betaworks’ Voicecamp began last week – At Betaworks, we began voicecamp last week. Unless you’ve been living under an Amazon Echo, you know that voicecamp is an accelerator for 8 companies all leveraging verbal computing. Lightspeed, GGV, & Launch Capital invested alongside betaworks into each company.
Products & Verbal Apps
> Wiffy - Did I mention my Alexa skill is on Product Hunt today? 
Lyrebird claims it can recreate any voice using just one minute of sample audio - OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Click that link and then come back here and hit “reply” so you can send me an email about how awesome this is and how it’s going to change humanity as we know it.
Alexa WTF Just Happened – An Amazon Alexa skill for What The F**k Just Happened Today.
> The Magic Door – An Alexa-powered interactive adventure
> Oprah Magazine – “Alexa, Ask Oprah for my O to go”
> Home Advisor – “Alexa, launch home advisor and find me an electrician.”
24: Legacy Daily Mission – This one’s a promo for the new 24 TV series. Note here the emergence of skills-as-advertising. 24 is advertising its show with the skill. It’s not actually the service (i.e., it’s reminding you to consume the thing they’re advertising). This is distinct from HomeAdvisor, which is taking its core service and porting it to Alexa.
> Amazon takes on fashion with its new Echo look – Can’t actually buy this yet, but looks like it’s worth keeping an eye on…I’m still trying to understand the use case for this one as I am not Cher from Clueless.
GUI for the new Echo Look?
GUI for the new Echo Look?
For Developerz:
Thanks for reading and have a great week!
- Matt
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