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Hearing Voices - Issue #19 or "Retention Do's and Dont's for Voice"

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." -- Isaac Asimov "I do not fear people forwarding

Hearing Voices

April 7 · Issue #19 · View online
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“I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.”
– Isaac Asimov
“I do not fear people forwarding this newsletter to their friends. I fear the lack of those friends subscribing to it [by going to].”
– me*

To Try:
> Shhhh…..Okay everyone, I made an Alexa skill and I want to give all of you amazing subscribers a preview. Check it out at Wiffy and then please respond to this email with your feedback. I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks! Please don’t share it out yet. I’ll send a dedicated email next week when it’s time but I want to make sure there are no major bugs or UX issues first. Thank you in advance!
> just launched Anchor Interviews - This is really cool. On Anchor, normally you can broadcast your own voice. You can now also create an interview to add to your station by connecting your contacts and then making the call from within anchor. I’m currently trying to test this but I’m on the west coast and everyone I know back on EST is asleep. You can follow me on Anchor here, where I do an audio version of hearing voices.
this is very well done
this is very well done
For Developerz:
> Retention Do’s and Don'ts - If you read one thing this week, it should be voicelabs’ awesome interview with Sean Fisher, author of “over five” live skills in the Alexa app store (not sure why they couldn’t just say the exact number, since you don’t need to round down to, like, the nearest five). That aside, it’s got some pretty great insights on retention, for example “Before and after actually reading the content in several of my skills, Alexa will say, ‘here’s your daily reading…’ or 'That’s it for today, check back tomorrow!’ Having short reminders will help users build a habit by increasing your skill’s mind-share.”
> Voice Labs announces “Sponsored Messages” - VoiceLabs just announced they’re accepting more developers into their “Sponsored Messages” program. They’ve partnered with name brands (they haven’t shared who yet), to get high CPMs (they haven’t shared how much yet), for Alexa-specific skills. This is a great first step in helping developers monetize. If they’re really making it an experience native to Alexa, then they’ll eventually be able to add libraries that allow for interactive ads, which I could imagine ask you for things like whether you’d like to learn more or share your contact info with the advertiser. Note that I’m pasting this link from the VoiceLabs newsletter, which I subscribe to, so please don’t update my subscription preferences ;) 
Other Newz: 
Amazon puts Alexa inside its main iPhone app - Starting next week, you’ll be able to talk to Alexa from within Amazon’s app (unless you have Android, in which case you can do it this week). At first, this felt like a gimmick. But then I realized that I am (and a whole lot of others are) using voice search when using Google on mobile. So likely people will also prefer to do their Amazon searches with voice instead of typing. 
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
- Matt**

*yes, I included square brackets to edit my own direct quote
**just did a quick refresh of my website, lmk what you think
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