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Hearing Voices - Issue #15, or "the SXSW edition, sort of"

"Mr. Thomas A. Edison recently came into this office, placed a little machine on our desk, turned a c

Hearing Voices

March 10 · Issue #15 · View online
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“Mr. Thomas A. Edison recently came into this office, placed a little machine on our desk, turned a crank, and the machine enquired as to our health, asked how we liked the phonograph, informed us that it was well, and bid us a cordial good night. ”
- Alfred Beach, editor of Scientific American

So I guess this idea of voice assistants has been around for a bit…

Welcome to Hearing Voices, SXSW edition (meaning I’m writing this from Austin but this will go out before the weekend gets started). If you’re here, check out the panel: Voice: The Invisible UI Nobody Speaks About. (spoiler alert: I’m going to crash it)
Appz To Try:
> launched its 2.0 version - I also launched an station which is a sort of daily audio edition of this subscription
Voice Metrics - “how’s business? just ask” voice metrics gives you your business metrics, delivered by voice 
> Voice Dream - want text read out loud? thanks to @schwiepit for directing me to this one. anyone can use it to have text read out loud, originally developed for students and adults with reading disabilities. pretty cool

For Developerz:
Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge (from Devpost) - a competition to create the best skills for Alexa
Playing Audio With Alexa: Bespoken Tools - it’s a bit more complicated than one would incorporate mp3 / other audio into your alexa skill. here’s a podcast that walks through use cases for SSML. Idea: could be cool to use other voice generation tools to give Alexa different voices?

Good Readz:
Why voice assistants will become the center of home entertainment - radio and then TV created a congregation point in the living room. do voice assistants live in the kitchen and potentially move that center point? worthwhile ready by @JajaLiao
Alexa, Please Send This To My Screen, by Jan König - some call this continuous computing, others are calling it seamless computing. regardless, it’s a worthwhile read. thanks @borthwick for pointing me to this one
The Conversational Economy: Voice and the New Era of Multi-Modal Computing - or, you could call it “multi-modal computing.” I like that one also. Here’s a great post from @saranormous 
Echo isn’t out to replace anything the revolution is in what happens next… - post by @nicholassheriff which *I think* is arguing that amazon isn’t focused on hardware, which I agree with. But…The Amazon Tax is an (older) in-depth piece by @benthompson that analyzes the rise of AWS and compares and predicts where Echo and Alexa could go
Thanks so much for reading, and putting up with me adding z’s to all the headings. If you’d like to forward this, please do. If you’re going to tweet, perhaps say something like:

Have a great weekend!

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