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By Matt Hartman

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This week's news about voice computing apps, delivered directly to your inbox.

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Hearing Voices - Issue #82, or "TLDR Daily is back!"

Big News: I just launched a New Season of TLDR Daily with Matt & Co: A 5-min daily podcast where someone smart gives me the "TLDR" on an article they read. Last week, I talked with:> Hunter Walk on The Lottery & Shadow Economies> Caitlin Strandb…


Hearing Voices - Issue #81, Ooops! Confirming: Sept 27th is the correct date

Last month, we did our first Hearing Voices in-person event. It was at Betaworks with 200+ people and really drove home for me how many people are excited about the next wave of audio. Thanks to everyone who came! We had people from big companies like Spotify…


Hearing Voices - Issue #80, or "Voice Phishing"

Hi Everyone,Dont forget to check out our VERY FIRST Hearing Voices event in New York City on Sept 29th. It's part of a series of intimate (~100-200) person events at Betaworks where we go deep on a specific topic. We'll cover airpods/ smart headphones as a pl…


Hearing Voices - Issue #79

Hey everyone,This is an extra special edition of Hearing Voices because I'm announcing HearingVoicesCon! Well, sort of. We're going to do a summit on Audio 3.0 at Betaworks in NYC on Sept 27th. The summit will be called HearingVoices. You can use this link to…


Hearing Voices - Issue #78

> Audio 3.0 Chat: People are starting to float product ideas that fall into the third wave of audio that I laid out in the last newsletter. Here's an idea shared on twitter for a product called Stations that would be an Audio Twitch / New Radio. This remin…


Hearing Voices - Issue #77, or "The Third Wave of Audio"

Hi everyone,This week I'm sharing my current POV on the third wave of audio. The first wave was RSS feeds + people in their garages + iPods. The second wave was powered by audio streaming, driven by improvements in cell coverage and battery life, the connecte…


Hearing Voices - Issue #76, or massive VCs are thinking about the Podcast space

> check out the Third Annual Podcast Ad Revenue Study by IAB and PwC Reports Significant Growth. Interesting stats are that ad revenue has grown 15% CAGR since 2015 and YoY growth 2017 to 2018 was 53%. It's mostly back-end ads vs programmatic (only 1.3%...…


Hearing Voices - Issue #75

Happy almost Memorial Day. I'm away this week so just sending this very quick update:


Hearing Voices - Issue #74

What's Up In Voice:> listen to Pandaily's podcast about podcasting in China> read the HBR article ("HBR-ticle"?) - Using Smart Speakers to Engage with Your Customers. The most important point of the article, which I think is only glanced over versus foc…


Hearing Voices - Issue #73, or "AI death metal"

> Read about Podfund's launch. This is one of the more interesting newcomers to the podcast industry. Today, if you want to finance your podcast, you either pre-sell ads (which typically means you've already got an audience), or you pitch your show to a WN…


Hearing Voices - Issue #72, or "Happy Meal Time Travel"

> read about Spotify's $100m paying users> Try the Alexa Skill Happy Meal Time Travel Challenge. It's produced by Gimlet Media and if it's half as good as Chompers, it's worth trying. Update: I'm sitting next to my Alexa so just tried it. It's a true or…


Hearing Voices - Issue #71, or "Illuminating Luminary"

> Try the Luminary app -- The big news in voice this week was that Luminary launched. Luminary is probably the most visible attempt yet at what everyone has been describing as "Netflix for Podcasts." It's a monthly subscription and has paid podcasts, altho…


Hearing Voices - Issue #70, or "Podcasts about Podcasting

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Hearing Voices - Issue #69, or Performative Workaholism

> read about how Warner Music Group signed an Algorithm to a Record Deal. "“Our whole idea is making soundscapes that are real-time and adaptive. But [Warner Music Group was] like, ‘Yeah, but can you still make albums?’ So we did it as an experiment."> …


Hearing Voices - Issue #68, or "The Great Podcasting Rush Has Only Begun"

> On the Cover of New York Magazine: The Great Podcasting Rush Has Only Begun> Try out TwoTone, which turns data into sound. I just listened to data from honey production communicated as if it were a piano...what a world we live in.> Read how The wor…


Hearing Voices - Issue #67

*Lots* of news in voice, and not just that my 5-min daily podcast TLDRdaily is back (ps subscribe on Apple, Anchor, Breaker, or Pocketcasts or use this RSS link: http://bit.ly/dybpodcast_rss)


Hearing Voices - Issue #66, or "Spotify. It's not just for music anymore."

Spotify broke the Internet Wednesday when it announced its acquisitions of both Anchor and Gimlet. A few years ago, this would have been niche podcast news, but in 2019, it was covered literally everywhere. In addition to the usual suspects Techcrunch, Ventur…


Hearing Voices - Issue #65, or "How Can You Pick Just One...NLP Idea of 2018"

Good morning! Ok so I was nominated for this Venture Fuel "Visionary" award thing, and while I feel a little funny telling you about it, it's an open vote, so if you, loyal reader, want to vote for me, you can do so here. Now that that's out of the way, here'…


Hearing Voices - Issue #64, or "Woow there are some weird games out there"

> I almost mis-typed "in voice" as "invoice." > scan Amazon says 100m Alexa devices sold - usage figures "remain a mystery"> read Fifteen Unconventional Uses of Voice Technology, from a heartbroken Google Home to talking plants. These mostly awesome …


Hearing Voices - Issue #63, or "get it?"

Hey all -- Short week in voice:> Amazon working on Alexa newscaster voice for reading the news> Your friend Alexa, in an antique telephone. (thanks Jared)> You're going to *love* playing with Mikutap. You're welcome.Have a great weekend!— Matt Hrt.mn…