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Health #47 - MD burnout👩‍⚕️, fundraising💰, and Mark Cuban 🐎

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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare!

Welcome back to Health Digest! This is the 45th iteration of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy this quick in-look into the crazy world of healthcare.
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As always, we’ll follow a 5️⃣ - 1️⃣ - 1️⃣ format. Reach out with any comments, questions, or feedback. You can find me @dan_cimaglia.

5️⃣ articles
Medicine’s great resignation? 1 in 5 doctors plan exit in 2 years
SoftBank leads Alto Pharmacy's $200M series E as prescription delivery unicorn doubles annual revenue
Cigna study: Virtual care can reduce unnecessary ER, urgent care visits by 19%
Mark Cuban's drug company launches pharmacy, promising striking savings on generic drugs
Change Healthcare May Sell Assets to Prepare for UHG Merger
1️⃣ podcast
Hiding in Plain Sight: What's Missing in Health Equity | Keri Norris | TEDxEmory
I decided to go with this really powerful YouTube video this week in lieu of a podcast. I wanted to share Kerri Norris’ Tedx talk on a very important issue in American healthcare - health equity.
Kerri argues (and she’s 100% correct) that giving everyone health insurance, for example, isn’t enough to achieve true equality. There is much more that goes into a person’s health - access to nutritious food, life stressors (even those starting in the womb), transportation, quality housing, and much more.
1️⃣ quote
“For many of our customers, virtual care continues to be the best way to meet their needs in a cost-effective manner.”
Shawna Dodds, VP of Product Development at Cigna (article linked above)
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