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Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #8

Healing Circles Newsletter
Healing Circles Newsletter
It’s said that “healing yourself is connected with healing with others”. While all of our journeys are different, having a community to be vulnerable with is powerful.

A Tweet to Take With You
Dr. Thema
When you arrive in a new space, know that the moments before this moment prepared you. You are worthy.

Do not shrink, hide, dilute, or apologize for your presence. Your voice is needed in that space. Be all that you are.
Holistic Services Department Update
A common question we get asked is, “Do you have a chat or forum where survivors can connect outside of our healing circles?”.
Now, the answer is yes! We hope this discord will become a safe place where survivors can expand the chat outside of our healing circles, ask/answer questions, share your art/writing and build community.
If you are familiar with discord please quick access our server invite here! If you are not, please feel free to use our step by step guide.
Healing Practice of the Week
5-Minute Self Love Meditation
5-Minute Self Love Meditation
Wellbeing Resources
16 Mental Health Resources to Support the LGBTQ+ Community
Good Reads
Manage stress: Strengthen your support network
Self-Talk | Psychology Today
Journal Prompt for the Soul
Being a part of a community can be intimidating. It takes vulnerability to truly connect with others. This week write about something you’d like people in your life to know and how it feels to see those words on paper.
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Healing Circles Newsletter
Healing Circles Newsletter

Healing Circles Newsletter

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