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Healing Circles Newsletter
Healing Circles Newsletter
Did you know that the way we heal is different for everyone? Some benefit from verbal expression. Others use mediums like music, art, journaling and movement. This week, our resources are focused on exploring these mediums and giving yourself grace on your journey.

A Tweet to Take With You
billy chapata.
you’ve worked on yourself for too long and you’ve come way too far to let self doubt come along and whisper lies in your ear now. your steps, no matter how small or short, are not insignificant. trust in the progress you’ve made this far.
Holistic Services Department Update
Reminder our Femme Healing Circle for ages 18-25 is starting very soon! Sign up here, while we still have availability. See below for more info or reach out if you have any questions healingcircles@leda.co.
Team Member Highlight
Healing Practice of the Week
Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Stress 😌
Guided Meditation for Anxiety & Stress 😌
Wellbeing Resources
It’s Hard to Search for a Therapist of Color... These Websites Want to Change That | The New York Times
Good Reads
Music Therapy Can Be a Life-Changer | Psychology Today
Dance Therapy: Definition, Techniques, and Efficacy | VeryWellMind
Journal Prompt for the Soul
We all deserve to feel safe. While we can’t ensure this feeling all the time, knowing how to connect to that feeling is a powerful tool for coping and healing. This week, write about what safe feels like to you as well as the activities, places, people or even pets that connect you to this feeling.
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Healing Circles Newsletter
Healing Circles Newsletter

Healing Circles Newsletter

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