Healing Circles Newsletter

Healing Circles Newsletter

Healing Circles Newsletter

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Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #24

We are devastated over the recent overturn of our reproductive rights. It's so important to us to acknowledge what a scary and disheartening time this is, and thus how crucial it is to try and give ourselves time and space for self-care during such trying tim…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #23

Only a few spots left! ⭐ Sign up for our July Healing Circle Today ⭐What's a Healing Circle Like? It's an 8 week journey of healing, connection, and community in a judgement-free, sex positive space led by a trauma expert. You'll discuss topics like boundarie…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #22

Community Healing Workshop Recap: This week, Mili helped us explore concepts like psychological safety and introduced the idea of emotional justice. It was a warm space with deeply vulnerable discussion about creating counter narratives for our trauma. Sign u…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #21

We will be offering an explorative healing circle that starts on July 2nd! Meeting times are Saturdays from 12:00-1:30pm EST, once a week. If you are interested please sign up here. If you have filled out our intake form before, it is a much faster process!Ha…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #20

Starting in June, Leda will be offering FREE monthly healing workshops open to those who have experienced harm and allies who are doing similar work.Join us next month for a conversation on Emotional Justice with one of our lead healing circles facilitators, …


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #19

Our free Transformational Yoga event has passed, but there’s still time to sign up for our SAAM expressive art workshop Friday, April 29th at 5pm EST! Open to allies, advocates, and anyone looking to heal from harm. Sign up here, while spots last!


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #18

For SAAM, Leda is holding a free community healing event open to all people who've experienced sexual harm and allies, led by trauma and healing-informed facilitators and held in a brave space over zoom.They will be held the last two Fridays of April at 2pm E…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #17

We have an Explorative Healing Circle starting April 16th! If you would like more information, please reach out to us at healingcircles@leda.co.To learn more about our explorative and creative healing circles click here.


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #16

Think about someone in your life who has made you feel grounded and calm in times of uncertainty. Which attributes or methods did this person use that made you feel grounded? Is it possible to apply those methods to yourself? If so, write how you will commit …


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #15

Habits are the small decisions we make each and every day. In our busy lives, sometimes we don’t even notice them, we just do them. Take a moment to breathe. Then write about the habits in your life. Do they serve you?


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #14

Self-reflection is an important aspect of black history month. While it can be uncomfortable, it creates pathways to growth and healing. This week ask yourself, “How can I be a voice for anti-racism and liberation in my own community? Write about your experie…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #13

Exciting News! We will be offering a Free Art Circle for people in the United States is starting soon.This circle is a collaboration between Leda Health and NYU Art Therapy with facilitators Becca Singer and Dr. Ikuko. Full art supplies kits are covered by us…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #12

When engaging in empowering work with our communities, we tend to become so invested that we start to pour from empty cups. What's one way you could help fill others cups, while making sure yours is full too?


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #11

For our last journal prompt of the year, brainstorm and write out 10 words or phrases that encompass your journey through 2021. Then, cross out anything you hope to leave behind and circle anything you hope to continue to cultivate.


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #10

We know our bodies needs rest, but sometimes it's hard to allow ourselves to be still and really honor that time. This week write about how you can relax and end the entry with the affirmation, "I do not need permission to rest."


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #9

Interested in having your voice heard? The Leda product team is looking to speak with people who’ve experienced sexual harm to better understand their actions, needs and feelings after an assault. This will help us make the Leda product and experience better …


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #8

A common question we get asked is, "Do you have a chat or forum where survivors can connect outside of our healing circles?".Now, the answer is yes! We hope this discord will become a safe place where survivors can expand the chat outside of our healing circl…


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #7

There is still time to join our upcoming Movement Healing Circle which begins November 4th! If you are interested in committing, please use this link to sign up. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at healingcircles@leda.co!


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #6

Reminder our Femme Healing Circle for ages 18-25 is starting very soon! Sign up here, while we still have availability. See below for more info or reach out if you have any questions healingcircles@leda.co.


Healing Circles Newsletter - Issue #5

Great news! We have two healing circles starting soon. If you are interested in joining, but have never signed up for a healing circle, please click here to sign up. If you have been in a circle and want to join again, please email healingcircles@leda.co to l…