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Most Haunted Locations, Ghostbusters Reveals, a Summer of Horror, & More!

Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto
Pardon us while our eyes adjust. We’ve been playing way too much Evil Dead the Game and revisiting classics like Haunting (Starring Polterguy). We even tried our hand at V Rising, but haven’t had the opportunity to really sink our teeth into it.
“Why,” you ask?
Because we’ve been quite busy planning and scheming! We have some cool stuff ahead for our followers, so always keep your eyes on our Twitter.
Until then, let’s see what’s been going on in the Haunted Pixel offices!

Haunted Pixel Society's Proton Pack!
Let’s kick things off with some really good news.
Thanks to the team at IllFonic, the developer bringing the Ghostbusters to the small screen with Spirits Unleasehed, we are the proud owners of a Deluxe Proton Pack!
We participated in some haunted trivia to snag this replica. From what we hear, more giveaways are coming in the future!
'Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed' Debuts Specters and New Map
And speaking of Ghostbusters, a Game Informer preview gave us a glimpse at some gameplay and the first map, Rock Island Prison.
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Exclusive First Look At Prison Level
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Exclusive First Look At Prison Level
While an Epic Games showcase during the Summer Game Fest detailed the first ghost class - the Ectoplast. Slimer falls into this category, as well as that purple menace we see floating about Rock Island.
Ectoplast Showcase - Epic Games Store Summer Showcase
Ectoplast Showcase - Epic Games Store Summer Showcase
Content Creators of the Month
Now that we’ve geeked out for a bit - let’s get down to shining the proverbial spotlight on some wonderful content creators! We decided that moving forward, we want to showcase multiple creators. There are just so many out there!
So, without further adieu:
Ever come across one of those cool dioramas made with action figures and wondered who’s behind them? That would be creators like former US Army Ranger and cinematic photographer, Rob of FigureBattles!
We came across Rob’s work in the Evil Dead the Game Discord and knew we had to feature it this month. Especially since he did an Evil Dead/Ghostbusters mashup!
Rukus may teeter on the edge of variety streaming, with a video library consisting of The Walking Dead Collection, Dying Light 2, Sea of Thieves, Phasmophobia, and Dead by Daylight.
There’s a delightful glimmer in his eye when he plays, and that joy carries over to when he’s just chatting with the room.
Chaotic Jinxie
Jinxie appears to be a sort of “Jill of All Trades,” with a bio that boasts “Author. Editor. Critic. Artist. Geek. Gamer. Amazon.” Her Twitch channel may not put much of an emphasis on horror, but Jinxie is a frequent supporter of several creators on this list and, therefore, very clearly a friend of the society.
You will find that she dabbles in the genre with her writing, specifically her book Dusk of Death.
For someone that hates being scared, Eric sure does subject himself to quite an array of horror games. Of course, there’s nothing better than watching an unwilling gamer push on through games like Bigfoot and Phasmophobia.
Eric is part of the Midnight Society, a band of horror-loving streamers that you should absolutely keep an eye on.
Calling All Content Creators for Your City/State's Most Haunted
The Haunted Pixel Society wants to hear from streamers and content creators!
We’re putting together a compilation of clips where YOU tell us about your city or state’s most haunted location. This multiplatform multimedia project allows us to explore the supernatural in a space we’re most comfortable - with the gamers we engage with daily.
If you’d like to participate or have any questions, email us at
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