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Evil Dead the Game Launches, HPS Changes Scenery, & Horror Gaming News

Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto
May has been quite the month.
On Friday the 13th, Saber Interactive launched Evil Dead the Game. To celebrate, Haunted Pixel Society hosted a launch party at Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum. We had a great turnout, and everyone had their turn at enjoying some Deadite slaying!
Thank you to everyone for coming out and showing your support! The event has guaranteed that we will continue hosting launch parties - with the next big one being Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. However, keep your eyes peeled on the official Haunted Pixel Society website and Twitter account for other events.
With that said, let’s get down to what’s been happening this month and why things may look a little different this issue.

Haunted Pixel Society's Change of Scenery
Haunted Pixel Society needed a change, and so we’ve made the move across town to a more suitable space. As with any move, it drained much of the month, making it difficult to keep up on our Gaming Hour News Roundups.
Not wanting to deprive our readers of the month’s news, we’re going to provide the biggest headlines you may have missed! We did get the opportunity to put together a full Evil Dead the Game review and a quick guide on surviving the multiplayer experience. You’ll find both of those later in the newsletter.
We appreciate everyone’s patience as we settle into our new space, which will help us churn out even more content!
Content Creator of the Month
After randomly happening upon their channel a month or so back, we’ve had an eye on the delightful content produced by the Gaming Gramma. As their Twitch bio explains, the Gaming Gramma was there for the dawning of the gaming industry - when consoles like Atari were churning out heavily pixelated entertainment and E.T. was the worst thing to happen to gaming.
They’re one of many “elder gamers” that have taken to Twitch, and we firmly believe the platform needs more like Gramma.
We’ve been watching Gramma from the shadows of their Twitch, and thoroughly delight in their personality and engagement with their growing community. You can catch Gramma nearly every day, as she boasts a full schedule of streaming Monday through Friday. The links are as follows:
If you’re looking for a new variety streamer (with a bit of a focus on horror) to follow, they’re definitely one we’d recommend supporting.
May's Biggest Horror News Headlines
IllFonic Reveals Tobin, New Spirit from Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed
Destroy All Humans! Remake Receives “Clone Carnage” Multiplayer DLC
Scorn Developer Update Features Weapon Artwork, New Trailer
Phasmophobia to Undergo More Changes, Receive New Map & Ghost
Game Informer Reveals New The Callisto Protocol Images in Digital issue
The Quarry Trailer Showcases the Weight of Player Choice
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Twitter Page Shows Off Maps Based on Movie
More Resident Evil Content Coming to Dead by Daylight
Sam Lake, Remedy Discusses Alan Wake 2, Switch Remaster, and TV Series
Dead Space Remake Slapped with January 27, 2023 Release Date
Tournaments Abound
After some careful consideration, Haunted Pixel Society has decided it will move forward with Phasmophobia and Evil Dead the Game tournaments. We’re still working out the details, but expect to see some announcements regarding one or both in the coming weeks!
What we can divulge is that both will be 100% free to enter, and there will be a sweet little prize at the end for the winner.
May's Reviews and Featured Articles
Basic Tips for Surviving 'Evil Dead the Game' | Gamers
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