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Creators Take the Spotlight and The Callisto Protocol Has Us Pacing in Anticipation

Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto
Greetings, Haunters!
Can you believe it’s August? We’re only a few weeks away from being able to pop into any store and ogle that glorious sea of Halloween merchandise. Maybe we’re just a little excited for the spooky season this year, seeing as how it will be Haunted Pixel Society’s FIRST Halloween in action.
But more on that later this month!
Before we get to the meat of Chronicle Issue # 5, we wanted to thank everyone that’s been engaging us on all social platforms. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, occasionally forgetting to engage the outside world, so it’s nice to see our notification counter pretty much always active.
This month, we’re adding two new recurring sections: What We’re Playing and one section dedicated to a game or paranormal-themed event that we’re really excited about.
So, I’ve chatted your ear off enough. Let’s get to it!
- Mark

Seeking More 'Most Haunted...' Video Submissions!
We received a round of videos for our “Most Haunted…” video compilation, but we’re always looking for more! HPS has reached out to several streamers and content creators, who graciously agreed to participate in this fun little project. However, just because you didn’t hear from us doesn’t mean we don’t want your input!
Everyone in the gaming or paranormal spaces is encouraged to submit a video.
All we’re looking for is a 30-45 second vid describing the most haunted location in your hometown or state. Don’t worry about quality! This isn’t a visually-driven project.
If you want to participate, just email us @ with your video or just a quick note to let us know you’re interested. As always, we welcome any questions.
Content Creators of the Month
BillyTime! Games
If you’ve been paying close attention to the retro gaming scene over the past few months, you may have seen this name pop up a few times. We couldn’t resist featuring BillyTime! Games not because they’re active in the horror gaming space but because of the work they’ve put into modding the Sega Ghostbusters game.
Released in 1990, Ghostbusters had a glaring error - it was completely missing Winston Zeddemore. BillyTime! is rectifying this with Ghostbusters: Special Edition, a mod that ad Winston as a playable character and change up a few aspects of the 32-year-old game.
This is far from the first time BillyTime! has altered a classic, as they’ve been behind hacks and mods for Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Splatterhouse 2, Taz in Escape from Mars, and more.
Be sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with the progress on Ghostbusters: Special Edition.
Ghostbusters - Special Edition WIP# 3 - SRAM Save Feature!
Ghostbusters - Special Edition WIP# 3 - SRAM Save Feature!
Poltergeist OD
Remember how Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff came out with “A Nightmare on My Street” and essentially created one of the best (and likely the only) horrorcore raps of the 80s?
Well, think of Poltergeist OD as the 21st-century version of that perfect storm of musical horror weirdness. If you thought you’d never hear a rap about Scream’s Ghostface, think again!
Poltergeist OD - Ghostface
Poltergeist OD - Ghostface
Poltergeist OD takes our favorite horror series, from Halloween to Sleepaway Camp, and turns them into some pretty hard-hitting raps. These tracks are filled with references - and pinpointing them is part of the fun.
Check out Poltergeist OD’s library on YouTube and be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up to date on future tracks.
Poltergeist OD’s Links:
The House Of Cthulhu
When we stumbled upon The House of Cthulhu, our love of Eldritch horror made it impossible not to follow immediately. It was a decision we didn’t regret, as the duo behind the channel are charismatic and a joy to watch.
And watch you can as the Keeper and the Countess remain active on Twitch in between piecing together their inaugural YouTube video (seen below) and running a growing Discord channel. Sneaking in the occasional game about a cat, the Twitch stream is a varied mix of horror and lighter entertainment
The Keeper of Stories and Secrets
The Keeper of Stories and Secrets
If you love the macabre - and if you’re subscribed to us, you probably should - The House of Cthulhu’s many outlets are full of surprises sure to drive you to the brink of madness.
Which is a lot more fun than it sounds.
The House of Cthulhu Links:
My strong aversion to sharks aside, LonelyShark is a gamer after our own hearts. What drew us in was one brief sentence in their bio: “In Search of the Scariest Game Ever.”
Us too, LonelyShark! Us too.
Some personalities are only good in small doses. But LonelyShark can keep a sizable chat engaged for hours - and he absolutely does with each stream. LonelyShark is dedicated to their craft, and you can bet if you sit down to watch a broadcast, you’ll easily get sucked into their shark-filled world and lose track of the day.
Normally, that may be a bad thing. But LonelyShark’s attention to their audience and enjoyment of the games they play are worth losing a day over.
LonelyShark’s Links:
'The Callisto Protocol' Continues to Grab Our Attention
The Callisto Protocol - Schofield Cut Extended Trailer Reveal
The Callisto Protocol - Schofield Cut Extended Trailer Reveal
Dead Space was one of those games that only further solidified our love for horror. Don’t get us wrong, 1996 was the year that sucked us in, but with each Survival Horror launch, our love for the genre was emboldened.
We firmly believe The Callisto Protocol will have the same effect.
Are we bothered that it looks so similar to Dead Space? Absolutely not! That can only play up to its strengths, and we’re certainly not going to question Schofield’s style after the success he brought to Isaac Clarke’s misadventures.
The Callisto Protocol is slated for a December 2, 2022 release date, and we’re hard at work deciding how we want to handle the launch. Will there be a virtual launch party?
The chances are likely.
What We're Playing
Starting with this HPS Chronicle, we will reserve a space to just show off what we’re playing. This way, our readers can ask us questions, give us tips, or see if we’re up for a night of multiplayer!
Weird West - Reveal Trailer
Weird West - Reveal Trailer
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Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto @hauntedpixsoc

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