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An Instruction Manual For Managers
I came across an article a while ago about a manager who had written a README for new staff. It was designed to help people engage with and understand them better. As a manager, you know your staff - mostly - from their CV and how they work, from one-to-ones and other forums, but do they really know you?
The manager README or user guide is document (could be a deck, or a word doc - anything really) which your staff can read to understand how to work with you.
It might contain the goals and metrics your measured by, whether you’re a morning or evening person, some personal details, how you prefer to be contacted, when you’d like to have meetings and “what to do if…” playbooks for working with you.
There’s even an app for that: https://managerreadme.com/
I think this is a great idea. It sets some ground rules and boundaries that both parties know to stick to. It also forces you, as a manager, to really consider your constraints, boundaries and ideal methods of engaging with and being engaged by your staff.
Here’s a few examples from senior leaders in tech - you don’t have to be a tech manager to take advantage of this idea though.
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