The #people post

By Mike Pearce

The #people post

The #people post

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#30 - How do I know they're working?

I wrote a long article (too long for this newsletter!) and published it on Medium. The intro is here and a link to read it for free is available at the bottom.How do I know my staff are working if they’re all remote? Won’t my team slack off if they work from …


📫 #29 - On Being a Therapist

One of the many, many things I didn't expect I'd have to do get good at when I became a manager of people, was being a therapist.


📫 #28 - How do you screen?

It's been eight months since I last sent a People Post. Sorry for being so lax about providing you with the quality HR content you deserve!


📫 Can we jump on a call? (Not really!)

"Can we jump on a call?" to some, those six words strike fear into their hearts, others don't give a monkeys. Whatever your reaction to that sentence, this is what you should do about them.


📫 3 Reasons Why

Sometimes, people do, or say, really horrible, hurtful or just stupid things. Your immediate response is a flash of anger, or of disgust, perhaps it’s one of frustration or annoyance. Perhaps you vocalise those feelings; “You idiot!”, “What the hell did you d…


📫 Innovation, is it the secret sauce? 🌭

💯 InnovationOne of the things that really gets up my nose in the fancy pants world of business is how people think about, and action, the idea of innovation.People seem to treat innovation as this golden god, a holy grail, the secret sauce of how to be succes…


📫 Clarity is Kindness

We’ve had a pile of new subscribers (not sure what the collective term for people people is), so welcome to you all! I’d love to know how you heard about us, drop me a reply and let me know! Also, if there’s any topics you want to hear about in this newslette…


📫 Am I accountable or responsible?

I've just got back from some time with family and I feel like I've either been driving, eating or drinking! (not all at the same time!), so I thought I'd start the first in a new series of "Mike wrestled with this idea for a bit, so now he's teaching you as t…


📫 When is it OK to ask R U OK?

This newsletter is a little less fun than others; it talks about depression, anxiety, stress and the consequences, including suicide. I can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant topic, but it is essential to talk about, especially in the situation we currently f…


📫 Off-boarding Followup

Just about getting over the jet lag now we're back in the UK. Had a bunch of work to catch up on and Marmite to eat, so haven't had enough time for the newsletter. But, now I'm back and ready to resume normal service! Well, kind of normal.This weeks letter is…


📫 Offboarding

Reading time: 3mins_👂 Listen to this newsletter as a podcast. 🎧Also, leave me a message (if you like: idea of off-boarding (or, #alighting) isn't particularly new: negotiate an exit, communicate the exit, cancel us…


📫 Unlimited Vacation?!

🍾 Bottomless Prosecco! 🍨 Boundless Ice Cream! 🥗 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet! ☀ Unlimited Paid Time Off!One of those things strikes fear into people professionals and business owners alike (well, maybe two, depends on your policy on alcohol with lunch 🍻🍷). But, is …


📫 Got Knowledge?

📖 Reading time: 5minsNew! 👂Listen to this newsletter as a podcast.🎧Also, leave me a message (if you like).Knowledge management is a field that most of us take for granted. Any organisation will generate and store massive quantities of knowledge during a long …


📫 Hiring In A Temporarily Remote World

Hiring is hard at the best of times. Hiring now, during a pandemic, is even harder.


📫 Why Remote Work Shouldn't Be The New Normal

I don't like the new normal. I prefer it to the old normal, but I believe the future should be different still.


📫 Behavioural Interviews And The STAR Method

Interviewing candidates is hard - how do you know you're making the right decision? Behavioural questions are the best way to understand whether someone will shine at your company.


📫 How To Set Useful Goals That Actually Mean Something

An example in OKRs


📫 Do You Have A Human Instruction Manual?

A README on engaging with, or being engaged by your staff.


📫 Inclusion and Diversity

How diverse is your company? Oh, really? Great! What about your HR department?


📫 COVID19 Links

(Hat tip to some of the folks in the #people community posting these)Policies and useful templatesCOVID-19: Policies, Planning, and Communication Templates“In the spirit of helping the broader community, I'm sharing the COVID-19 policy communication templates…