Next — Today I Learned About R

By Harshvardhan

A short and sweet curated collection of R-related works. Five stories. Four packages. Three jargons. Two tweets. One Meme. List of all packages covered in past issues:

A short and sweet curated collection of R-related works. Five stories. Four packages. Three jargons. Two tweets. One Meme.

List of all packages covered in past issues:

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What is the sound of Facebook’s value crashing? | Next - Issue #55

When I met my boyfriend, I sometimes felt a tinge of regret that we never got to make an adorable meet-cute story, despite living in the same city for five years and attending the same university. Our story isn’t unique from many couples in 2020- in a trough …


Five Data Science + R People | Next - Issue #54

Vicky Boykis is a machine learning engineer at Duo. Her blog posts are a mixture of intelligent technical rants about data science in production and what implications these technologies have. Following her blog for a long time, I've always enjoyed going back …


Association Mining in R | Next - Issue #53

Association mining is a rule-based machine-learning technique that can identify interesting relationships in data. For example, it can identify itemsets: items that occur together and rules like If This Then That (IFTT). In R, you can do that using packages l…


Daylight Saving Time | Next - Issue #52

Did you get an extra hour of sleep or an hour less?


Joy of Functional Programming | Next - Issue #51

Whether you like it or hate it, RStudio is now Posit.


Collaborate on R Markdown with Google Drive | Next - Issue #50

RStudio is hosting the 2022 Table Contest, where you can submit your fancy tables for RStudio and Posit swaggers and other brownie points


Coffee vs Tea | Next - Issue #49

What is China censoring from The Big Bang Theory?


R Markdown Tips | Next - Issue #48

What makes internet awesome?


What happened in the last two months? | Next - Issue #47

Have you ever thought of creating music with R? I once tried but wasn’t very successful in creating soothing music. Here is a cool project which creates sounds based on different waveforms. It is actually quite simple.There are independent functions like sine…


GitHub Copilot | Next - Issue #46

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer. It is brilliant in predicting the codes you will write next and saves you a tonne of time. For example, here's me trying some analysis in Jupyter Notebook with Copilot enabled.


3D plots with rayshader | Next - Issue #45

3D plots, deep learning, an easy way to create annotated maps and a journey through the past ten years of memes.


Where We Find Meaning in the Everyday? | Next - Issue #44

Tech startup Sanas offers real-time accent removal for businesses. On its website, visitors can hear an Indian accent neutralized to be nondescript, a literal code switch.


What's new with shiny apps | Next - Issue #43

In today's letter, I will discuss some exciting developments with Shiny apps, a keynote on Tidymodels and some Quarto extensions.


Books on Data Science | Next - Issue #42

Ani Adhikari's book details simple topics like the basics of probability to critical ones like the bias-variance tradeoff. It is aimed at people who're new to data science and want to create a strong foundation in probability and mathematical statistics.My fa…


Moore's Law for Everything | Next - Issue #41

Altman's thesis: like the way electronic chips got much more powerful while getting significantly cheaper, the A.I. would make everything better while being cheaper.We are at a cusp of a revolution, commonly touted as the fourth industrial revolution. In this…


How to Speak to Executives? | Next - Issue #40

1. Quarto in Two HoursTom Mock, RStudio


Creating music with R | Next - Issue #39

Last week was rstudio::rconf(2022), and my Twitter didn't stop buzzing. Two news caught up everyone's attention: RStudio changed its corporate name to Posit, and Quatro got the new-kid-in-town badge.What is Quatro? Imagine Jupyter Notebook or R Markdown but w…


Quarto, Github and Twitter Networks | Next - Issue #38

A reader responded to me


What happened in the last two months? | Next - Issue #37

Street maps of cities are beautiful — even though we never actually use them these days. They are an excellent gift to your friend moving to a new city. This tutorial teaches you how to build such maps using ggplot2. You can include highways, streets and even…


Micromorts | Next - Issue #36

A peril of statistics is that it makes probabilistic estimates sound deterministic. How do we communicate uncertainty? Put in other words, how do we convince ourselves that our results are "true" and not a fluke?Effect size is one such measure. They are gener…