Next — Today I Learned About R

By Harshvardhan

A short and sweet curated collection of R-related works. Five stories. Four packages. Three jargons. Two tweets. One Meme. Personal website:

A short and sweet curated collection of R-related works. Five stories. Four packages. Three jargons. Two tweets. One Meme.

Personal website:

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What happened in last two months? | Next — Issue #9

Did you paint this using R?aRtistry, drawing artwork using R, is pacing up fast as a hobby and part-time profession. In the first edition, I talked about @djnavarro's guide on how to make these artworks. She describes the mechanics of drawing mathematics.In e…


Uncommon geom_ and R Markdown Tricks | Next — Issue #8

Exploring Other {ggplot2} geomsR's most prized possession has to be its community of developers and users. Over the years, many developers created new visualization tools, and, incredibly, all of them are available for everyone for free. Little do we know abo…


When Not to Use Machine Learning? | Next — Issue #7

When Not to Use Machine Learning?Zillow is a real estate company buying and selling houses. Around eight months ago, they started a new programme: Zillow Offers. The premise was simple. Zillow would use available information and apply artificial intelligence …


Dialogues from The Office and more | Next — Issue #6

Characters and Dialogues in The OfficeThe Office is one of the greatest television shows of all time. The characters are fun, the dialogues are amusing, and the show is funnier. Danilo De Rosa decided to explore the exchanges from all the nine seasons of the …


Simulating Squid Game in R — Next, Issue #5

What's the Most American of American Films?Years ago, Hollywood meant American cinema, and the stories were genuinely American. With the rise of the internet and the Squid Game, these boundaries between American cinema and international viewership have melted…


Next is one month old! — Next Issue #4

Organising Your ProjectsWhen you start an analysis, you have two files: an input dataset and a code.R. However, the project directory quickly populates with tens of processing files, code versions, and one codes-final-final-final.R.Draw me a project is a writ…


Twitter with R | Next — Issue #3

First, Tweet Your FindingsTwitter is the primary medium how people discover news these days. More so for Data Science or #rstats. In fact, Oscar Baruffa, Veerle van Son wrote a fantastic guidebook on how to find Data Science-y people on Twitter. I also run a …


Can you spot it? | Next — Issue #2

First steps for geocoding in RWhen I started dabbling with geocoding in R and dealing with raster files, I was limited by my knowledge of rasters and rasters-related packages. Jesse Saddler’s blog on Geocoding with R is an excellent get-started guide on using…


Did you paint this using R?

First, Are We Alone in the Universe?How lucky we are to be alive while so much is happening around in the world. But ever since Pentagon declassified videos of UFO-like objects flying around, we haven't stopped pondering. This wonderful article by Saúl Buente…