Smash Cut To: S2 E6 - What Were They Thinking?



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Smash Cut To:
Hello! I’m Hari, and this is Smash Cut To, my weekly newsletter about my adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.
There’s no new blog this week, as I’ve been focusing on finishing the latest draft of the comedy pilot I’ve been working on.
The reason: one of the things I learned from that Submissions Secrets course is that September is a good time for sending out scripts into the industry void – so I’m trying to get it as polished as I can by then 🥳
There are also a few competition deadlines coming up, which seem like they’re worth entering: Shore Scripts (Aug 31st), Screencraft (Sept 30th) and the Channel 4 Screenwriting Course (Oct 1st).
Are there any deadlines you’re working towards at the moment?

🤓 Interesting Things
Essay: Why Cinematic Success Often Relies on "Interiority & Information"
Essay: The First Five to Ten Pages
Workshop: Getting into Directing
🍿 Film & TV Log
  • Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+) I nearly didn’t watch this due to mixed reviews, but we genuinely had to stop and rewind the second episode at least three times to catch the lines we missed from laughing too hard. I also love the theatrical aesthetic.
  • Also: Ghosts (BBC iPlayer) and Ted Lasso (Apple TV+).
And as promised, I’ve uploaded my script breakdown for The Good Place.
🤔 Final Thought
There are a lot of life lessons in this two-minute video:
Spence, Todd
Will Smith talking about how he passed on playing Neo in THE MATRIX because the Wachowski's pitch was awful
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Hari Kanth
Hari Kanth @harihkanth

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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