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Smash Cut To:
Hello! I’m Hari, and this is Smash Cut To, my weekly newsletter about my adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.
I know it’s good practice to avoid repeating words when writing prose, but unfortunately, there aren’t many good synonyms for the word ‘week’.
So apologies in advance, but: it’s been a rare week when I’ve been at work all week, so I haven’t done much writing this week. But hopefully, I should have some time before the weekend is over…
Phew. How’s your week been?

✍🏾 This Week's (ugh) Blog
The Things We Can't Control
🤓 Interesting Things
Short: Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps!
Thread: Advice for Writers
Event: Sex Education – In Conversation with the Cast and Crew
🍿 Film & TV Log
I’m still enjoying Ted Lasso. In Film Crit Hulk’s recap of this week’s episode (which contains spoilers), he writes about Jamie’s “same kit” line – and the power of under-playing big emotional moments:
So often you see these sorts of moments in television. One where you’re playing a big moment of catharsis and some writers have the instinct to write the line as big as the emotion itself… [But that line] strikes us so hard because the emotion is already playing it at 10, and by playing the line at a 4 or a 5? You make it hit so much harder.
I also re-watched the ‘Dinner Party’ episode of The Office (US), and it’s still an absolute masterpiece. It’s making me think about what makes some sitcom episodes so good you can watch them over and over again, even when you know all the jokes – and how we could capture that magical quality in our own scripts. (I still have absolutely no idea, so please reply and let me know if you have any thoughts on this!)
🤔 Final Thought
Anyone else looking forward to The Kissing Booth 3 this week??
Blue Skies Ahead
I held down a full-time job while writing in my spare time for over a decade. Had no industry friends/family/contacts. Had no film school background. But I did have determination and hustle. Now my name is on the Billboard on Sunset!! Hell yeah I’m gonna celebrate this one.
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(Blog cover photo by Agni B on Unsplash)
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Hari Kanth
Hari Kanth @harihkanth

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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