Smash Cut To: S2 E3 - Reading Scripts



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Smash Cut To:
Hello! I’m Hari, and this is Smash Cut To, my weekly newsletter about my adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.
This week, I attended Lucy V. Hay’s amazing Submissions Secrets course, about something I haven’t really thought about: the best way to send our scripts out to production companies and agents.
I love self-learning, but I’ll always be limited by my unknown unknowns – or “the things you never knew, you never knew”, as Pocahontas once put it. And the course definitely had a fair few of them 😬
I’m not sure when Lucy will next run it, but you can find information on all her courses here. (And of course, I’ll share my own plan once I’ve made it!)
Have you learned anything cool this week?

✍🏾 This Week's Blog
Reading Scripts
Relatedly: I’m going to sharing script breakdowns for my favourite scripts! The first one is for the pilot of Community by Dan Harmon.
🤓 Interesting Things
Blog: Rethinking motivation
Thread: Pitching Story
Note: I found the blog post through John August’s Inneresting newsletter, which is definitely worth subscribing to!
Also: James Cary (from Sitcom Geeks) is running a webinar called Write A Sitcom In A Day (or more specifically: “You Obviously Can’t Write A Sitcom In A Day, But You Can Spend A Day Learning How And Making A Plan”). It’s focused on designing sitcoms, which is something I still need to improve…
🤔 Final Thought
A new contender for one of my favourite tweets of all time:
Mathematics be like :
log(😅) =💧log(😄)
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(Blog cover photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash)
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Hari Kanth
Hari Kanth @harihkanth

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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