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Smash Cut To: S2 E2 - The Wavy Path

Smash Cut To:
Hello! I’m Hari, and this is Smash Cut To, my weekly newsletter about my adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.
As part of my pandemic re-invention, I applied to do a part-time filmmaking course from the Autumn. I had my interview this week, and prepared for all the usual questions — but in the end, we spent most of the time talking about a question I wasn’t expecting: is this course the right one for you?
In the end, we decided that maybe it wasn’t. (Long story short: it’s more general and theoretical than what I probably need.)
I appreciated the honest and open chat, but I felt a bit lost afterwards — because doing the course was part of the plan, and I’m the kind of person that feels very uncomfortable when I don’t have a plan.
But I guess it’s better to endure a little discomfort than stick to doing the wrong thing comfortably. So I’ve started looking at some alternative courses, and hopefully I’ll find one that works for me! 🥳
How’s your week been?

✍🏾 This Week's Blog
The Wavy Path
🤓 Interesting Things
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Thread: Falling in love with Ted Lasso
In other news, the submission window for this year’s 4Screenwriting course has been announced: Sept 14th to Oct 1st!
Are you planning on submitting anything this year?
🤔 Final Thought
If you’re ever feeling like it’s too late…
Rodolfo Rosini ☕️✨
I am never going to get tired of reading about Walt Disney’s concerns that 1923 was too late to get into animation business.
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(Blog cover photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash)
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Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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